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Sorry about it being a late edition this week, mid semester exams are now over! Last weekend continued this seasons trends, the midpricers continue to perform while our premiums remain let downs. Let’s take a look at the winners and losers from GW5!

On The Rise

Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 12.00.33

De Gea – De Gea fell to 5.3 on the back of his expected departure from United, but a sudden turn of events has had managers scrambling to get him in at a discount. 60000+ transfers in has seen his price already, but is he worth it? Honestly, I’m still not convinced of splashing big cash on keepers. His first appearance was standard for a premium keeper. A comfortable day with very little to do, no save points, but a late goal conceded wiped his clean sheet points. To be fair, it was a stunning bicycle kick. United have looked rock solid aside from that Swansea game, so if a premium keeper matches your budget then he is a great option! If not, I’m not sure you’ll be missing out on the top scoring keeper. Finding him will be the problem…

Myhill – Every. Damn. Time. Everyone panic sold Myhill after West Brom purchased Lindegaard on a free transfer. The thing is, you can’t drop a keeper who has kept 3 clean sheets already this season! What makes Myhill so valuable is his average score when keeping a clean sheet. For example, Joe Hart has an incredible 5 clean sheets from 5, but has only 31 points, averaging just over 6 per game. In Myhill’s 3 clean sheets, he has scored 10, 8 and 9, taking his overall season tally to 30!!! Each time West Brom keep a cleanie, it’s almost like Myhill gets 2 clean sheets, having racked up bonus in every Pulis clean sheet so far. Now I’m NOT saying trade him in. Foster isn’t far away and is likely to take the number 1 role… not sure what Lindegaard was thinking. However if you’re a Myhill owner like myself, ride the wave until he eventually gets dropped!

Kolarov – I’ll keep this brief. In my books, Kolarov is simply a must have. Clichy is out for the next month, and Kompany’s calf strain means Kolarov is your best bet. Sagna has been gold so far, but Zabaleta’s return seems imminent. Kolarov is basically a better version of Ivanovic, with even more attacking threat from open play and set pieces to boot! Get him in ASAP.

Mahrez – Praise the FPL gods! Sometimes we make this game too complicated, everyone needs Mahrez. The bloke has 4 double figure hauls from 5 games! Not only that, he has looked just as dangerous in every single game. It’s no fluke, he won’t be at Leicester next season. Get on board!!!

Barkley – Barkley has had a sensational start to the season! Consistency has always been his problem though, and I’m not convinced he can do enough to beat the likes of Payet and Ayew. Having said that, he’s great value and if he fits your structure then get him in for sure! Everton look like a great counter attacking team this season. My concern is how they will go against sides that sit deep and do the same to them. We already know they struggled against Watford. Good to see them back in form though!

Benteke – It looks like I wasn’t the only one who saw Liverpool’s next 2 fixtures. Benteke’s spectacular bicycle may have also played a part in his hype this week. Norwich and Villa at home is extremely tempting, but I’m a believer in thinking long term. Normally I would say pass on Benteke and try and bring in a premium… The problem is (Man City aside) there is sweet f**k all to choose from. This brings players like Benteke into the equation, and you could do a lot worse than bring him in this week. If it had fit my structure I certainly would have…

Vardy – Leicester can’t be stopped at the moment, and Vardy is another enjoying success at the club. Whilst guys like Sanchez, Aguero and Hazard continue to disappoint, Vardy continues to amaze. He has scored or assisted in 4 of his 5 games this season, and at 6.2 looks great value. I’ve backed in Deeney during pre-season, and it’s too late to jump ship now. If you’re not willing to back in your previous research, Vardy is an excellent alternative.


Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 11.59.28

Romero – De Gea in, Romero out. Problem solved.

Shaw – This was a sickening incident, and I feel so bad for Shaw. Just as he was getting a good run in the first team, he gets his leg broken by a rogue tackle. If you missed this news during the week, unfortunately Shaw has to go. You can look at Darmian as a straight swap, or look at someone like Bellerin. I chose the later.

Kompany – Kompany just can’t keep himself fit. He was never value when compared to Kolarov, thank god I don’t have to see half the top 1000 FPL managers captain him again! Painful. Kolarov is a no brainer, whilst Bellerin and Darmian are solid alternatives if you already have the Man City left back.

Pedro – This is how quickly hype can die down. After being hot on debut, Pedro was transferred in by over 300000 managers. Unfortunately, none of them counted towards a price rise. He then backed up by doing nothing all game, however one cross was all it took for another 150000 managers to jump on board. Still no price rise. Suddenly, just ONE blank and a minor thigh injury later, disaster has struck. One thing is for sure, he won’t be rising this week! Let’s just take a minute to calm down though. You transferred him in 2 weeks ago, now you’re already jumping overboard? He is in contention to play this weekend, and even if he doesn’t it’s not a serious injury. I’d hold.

Depay – Would Depay mind producing some of his Champions League form in the EPL? Any danger of a point?!?! He has played 3 games in Europe, for 3 goals and 2 assists. He grabbed another goal against PSV (away), and that’s nothing to be scoffed at. Time to shape up to the physicality of the EPL Memphis. My concern is the lack of viable replacements! In any other year I’d dump him, but I’m not convinced by anyone else in this price range, up forward or in midfield! Hold unless you’re pulling a genius trade to get in an uber premium.

Aguero – What are we going to do with you Kun… First of all, HE IS FIT TO PLAY THIS WEEKEND! Secondly, I suggest you all hold him. Why? Who else are you going to get? He will be the top scorer this season, I’m sure of it. For me, the only deliberation here is whether we captain a man out of form. I’ll leave that to Baysie! We do need to see something from him though… Hold, hold, HOLD!

Rooney – Sell, Sell, Sell! Rooney is no longer the 20+ goal striker he used to be. You would think he’s 35 the way he’s playing. My advice is to drop him to a cheap striker and upgrade a midfielder, I much prefer the premium options on offer there. Either De Bruyne or Silva are great shouts, plus Hazard will surely come good soon. On a side note, did anyone see his penalty midweek? My word he is out of form. Anyway, back to Rooney. Say your goodbyes.

Player of the Week

payet v2

Payet – Yes please! I held Payet after trading him in for two blanks, mainly for his dead ball expertise. I won’t lie, I didn’t see that coming! I’ll take the 16 point haul either way. Those who captained him, kudos. We seriously need to consider the armband on these midpricers! Payet is absolute FPL gold, he is this season’s Sigurdsson, only a little more expensive. With the lack of premium scoring and so much value on offer, he is well worth his 7.6 price tag. He gets my tick of approval!

That just about does it for this week. Surely this is the gameweek that our premiums step up!!! Good luck everyone.

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  1. joelharrison82

    Thanks Matt. Kompany to Darmian for me. I like the look of Man U’s next three fixtures over Arsenal’s. Need to get Payet but I don’t think it’s the week to do it with them playing Man City. Hazard, Sanchez & Aguero survive another week.

  2. Bio Eden Hazard

    I’ll probably get rid of Gomis next week. Hopefully Sturridge can be a good replacement. I’m also considering doubling on West Brom’s defense…

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