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That was another… Interesting gameweek. Our usually reliable premiums are still struggling to make an impact, and as such the midpricers continue to dominate. From my experience, it seems that things are already starting to turn around for those who had a slow start (and those who were quick out of the blocks). It’s time to wrap up the winners and losers from GW6!

On the Rise

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West Brom – We know there are more than 3 certainties in life. However you’d be hard pressed to find a safer three than death, taxes and Tony Pulis clean sheets! You simply need to have some West Brom defensive coverage. Myhill continues to get the job done for me, however I’m still strong on advising you to avoid him now. He remains a short term option. Jonny Evans is priced at 4.8 and looks a sure starter, he is my pick of the bunch. His 2 bonus points this week were very handy, great option!

Zouma – Zouma looks to be Mourinho’s first choice centre back at the moment, and if Chelsea can get their act together defensively 5.4 could provide a bargain. I’m not willing to call that Chelsea are back just yet, especially considering that disgusting performance from Diego Costa. On a side note, here’s to hoping he gets his deserved 3 match ban. Prick.

Mahrez – This man is an absolute joke shop. 5 double figure hauls in 6 gameweeks… That’s Suarez material. Just how good is he? One thing is for sure, it became blatantly obvious after GW2 that he was a must have. If you don’t have him, start questioning what you’re doing here!

Mane – Saido Mane has 4 assists in his last 2 starts, and it’s hard to explain how he hasn’t scored yet. De Gea is a big reason for it! Southampton look good going forward and 7.8 represents real value. I’d definitely give him strong consideration if you’re shopping in this price bracket. Great POD!

De Bruyne – He was going to be the player of the week before Martial’s performance. Many thought De Bruyne was over rated after just one season of real quality, however from what I saw on Saturday night, look out! He was absolutely sensational, when City get both him and Silva in the same team they will have the two best creative forces in the Premier League. I wonder if then Aguero might be capable of scoring a goal? De Bruyne is a serious goal threat and could have had 4 or 5 assists quite easily from what I’ve seen. Considering how flimsy Silva is, De Bruyne could be the man! He is the real deal.

Ighalo – It looks like Ighalo is going to win the battle between himself and Deeney! They are forming a great strike partnership, with Deeney provide the target and bringing the ball down for Ighalo to finish. If you’re a Deeney owner like myself, I think the smart move is to go straight to Ighalo. He is playing slightly further up the pitch and gets more chances to score. He should score a solid 13-14 goals this season, which is a bargain at 5.1!


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Gomez – It was bound to happen, and happen it did. Joe Gomez got dropped for Liverpool, not that it helped (or mattered)! I’m not sure how this one will pan out, he may return for the midweek Capital one Cup fixture and find himself on the outter in the PL. I’m leaning towards trading him, however I will wait to see who starts midweek. If it’s Gomez, he’s out! He could very well fight his way back into the team, I just like to have certain starters in my team.

Darmian – Most will have taken the easy option and brought in Darmian as a straight swap for Shaw. Whoops! Not only did Man United concede another 2 goals (Their third game without a clean sheet) Darmian was dragged at half time!!! Van Gaal’s line-up seems to chop and change every week, even more so without his starting left back. I’m not sure Darmian represents great value, if you really want United defensive coverage then De Gea is probably your man.

Gabriel – Gabriel has been absolutely fantastic since Mertesacker fell ill, being Arsenal’s best defender by some margin over the past few weeks. During the first 45 minutes on the weekend, this pattern continued. He kept Costa quiet and make some great challenges to prevent Chelsea from scoring. Unfortunately, Costa sucked him in. Somehow, referee Mike Dean deemed a flick back to be a straight red. Just as he was finding his feet, this is a massive set back for Gabriel. Mertesacker will likely come back in, and I’m not sure if Gabriel can find his way back in the near future. It’s a shame, I really like him and Koscielny as a partnership! He was a potential FPL bargain…

Silva – Oh Dave… Mr Plasticine was at it again! This time he pulled up stiff in the warm-up thanks to a kick in the calf. Those owners who decided to hold him will have felt like they were stabbed straight through the heart. Just to make things worse, his direct competitor in FPL scored. It’s a difficult decision whether to hold or fold, I don’t think it’s a serious injury. If he is set to be named this weekend, I don’t think it’s worth a trade (or a hit) to dump him just yet.

Depay – If you wouldn’t mind Memphis, a goal sometime this season would be handy. He somehow contrived to miss another 2 or 3 golden opportunities against Southampton, luckily getting an assist after hitting the post when he surely should have scored. The positive signs are there, but how long do we persevere? I just know he will score when I trade him out, I’m backing in my judgement. I’m not sure he’s worth rushing out, but if you have the luxury there is probably better options going around. Not urgent.

Sanchez – Another case of a lot of promise for little… NO reward. Mike Dean ended Sanchez’s chances of scoring on the weekend, but once again he wasn’t at his sharpest. He had another glorious chance to open his account for the season, but scuffed his shot into the ground when Begovic was stranded. I still think he’s capable of 15+ goals and he therefore sits comfortably in my team long term. If you go chasing points now, he is more likely to pump out a month of double figure scores! Especially while other premiums are also faltering…

Benteke – Yikes. One week he is the most transferred in forward ahead of two superb looking fixtures. The next he is subbed at half time under an injury cloud, Sturridge is back in the equation and he is the most transferred out forward! Crazy stuff. This is why I avoid short term trading. If you’re stuck in the cycle, Martial is the obvious option.

Gomis – There was plenty of smugness after Gomis’ start to the season, and rightly so. He was a fantastic shout. Luckily as a non-owner, he’s one more blank away from me giving the old “I told you so.” Those who had him from the start earned the right to enjoy the ride, they made a great pick. However the fact is he is now averaging under 5 ppg, having been in such awesome form all season. I said it before and I’ll say it again. He is a 15 goal per season striker, consistently solid but never outstanding. 20 goals is crazy talk. Add that to him not being suited to the scoring system, and you have a problem. I’m prepared to eat my words, but I’m getting more confident by the week. Don’t get caught up in my smugness though, don’t trade him after just 2 blanks!!! Just don’t get him is all.

Lukaku – After a superb start to the season, 2014/15 Lukaku is back. 4 blanks in a row isn’t acceptable, and he seriously needs a goal this weekend. I can’t comment too much on how he has been playing without seeing many Everton games, but it seems an all too familiar story. Would I trade him to Martial though? Absolutely not.

Aguero – Whatever has taken control of Aguero, the power of christ compels you! He has gone from looking like a 30+ goal striker to Danny Welbeck minus the pace. His movement has been lazy, constantly sitting on the last defender and making no effort to work over his man. He isn’t getting on the ball as often as he used to and when he does trouble the defence, his finishing has been truly awful. I want my Kun back please. I still maintain that until we get a viable alternative, we should all hold him. Captaincy though? Not a chance, at least until he returns to form!

Player of the Week


Martial – EVERYBODY PANIC. What looked to many like a complete panic buy, may actually have been complete genius by Ed Woodward. Anthony Martial is on fire, netting 3 goals in his first 81 minutes of English football. However this is fpl, let’s take a step back for a second. He is 19 years old, magnifying his achievements. However he was previously unproven, and surely can’t maintain this rate. He will be well managed by Van Gaal, and the Premier League is a long season. Finally, he was priced at 8.0! That gives him no bedding in period. Let’s just say 15 goals would be a fantastic season for him. A huge success. In FPL, it would just be a pass mark. It’s likely guys like Gomis and especially Lukaku can match that feat. He will have to go above and beyond what any young striker has ever done moving to the Premier League.

What I’m saying is don’t expect too much. He is a huge talent and looks likely to have a cracking season, but I wouldn’t go scrambling after a 19 year old at this price. Defenders will figure him out soon enough, then he will have to adapt. My word of advice is to let him go, at least until he has banged the steel vault’s door down that I’m hiding behind. Please don’t let me regret these words!

That wrap’s up the stock market for this week. Who starred for your team, and at the same time who continued to flop? Let me know your transfer thoughts and I’ll give you mine!

Cheers guys.


18 comments on “The Stock Market – GW6

  1. Bio Eden Hazard

    Great piece Matt!! It’s crazy to see the firesale list with so many of the star players from last year…I’m pretty pissed I didn’t follow my judgement on Gomis and got him in when I wildcarded. I was very happy to let him go and get Martial instead for the Sunderland game! Most likely a short term play but at least I’ll get some price increase out of it

  2. viper086

    Brought in Mahrez last week as I just couldn’t bare to see him scoring points for fun. Thought he was going to be a flash in the pan job but he is the goods!!! Yaya has two more weeks to fire before I sell him and take the cash. He has been very profitable.

    I am stuck with Oxford, Targett and Gomez at the moment who all look like they might be dropped or not get a game this week, Looking at a Watford defender on the cheap (only have 4.5 to spend), are there any other cheapies out there you could recommend. Have Sagna and Dawson already.

    Finally nailed a captain on the weekend with Wilson and gained over 800k in the rankings with a 63

  3. greenninja15

    Still dirty on Gomis Matt, I agree that he should be held if have him. Who else to go to? Pelle, Lukaku et al too inconsistent. No forward really is putting their hand up. I’m spending money in Def!

  4. SuperO

    Great article, agree with almost all of it. I started with Sanchez last year and traded him out the week he began killing it for months. He’s staying in my team! I’m staying away from Martial. De Bruyne is a must have, despite the price. So impressed. Why have an out of form Kun if old Kev creates a ton of chances, while Aguero just stands on the back line watching flat footed. Only 2.7% have the Kevmeister. Can anyone tell me how Butland got his assist this week. And can there be a game week thread on this site? Or is there a reason there isn’t? Cheers again.

  5. brandonpietie

    Nagging question in my head guys.

    With Costa suspended… who do I bring in? I really want to keep a chelsea forward against Newcastle… so question is Remy or Falcoa?

  6. baysietoff

    Good stuff Matt. Likes; Huge week with a 74, Ighaloooooo, Mahrez, my entire defence AND being in a position to be smug. Dislike; nothing, it was a good week. Trade done is Montero -> Barkley in spite of fixtures and before his price rise. Passed over Shaqiri which worries me.

  7. hwhite94

    Im not sure how regularly you guys check the fpl email but I sent one a couple of days ago as im happy to help out with the full time article.

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