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Thanks to Harrison White for stepping in!

Hey lads, first time writing for the site, helping fill in for Joel. I’m going to do the article by going through each game, whilst trying to stay pretty true to the original format for the article, with the likes and dislikes feature as well as the weekly awards.

It was raining goals this week and that always makes for an interesting GW from an fpl perspective, so let’s jump straight into it!

Tottenham v Man City

Likes; Tottenham finally standing up to Man City after copping consecutive beatings over previous seasons. Despite conceding a goal it appears Pochettino is establishing the stability at the back that he became renowned for at Southampton. Alderweireld(5.0) and Dier(5.1) are certainly staking there claims as fixture proof selections at the back. Despite 4 goals we need to see more consistency from their attacking assets before bringing them in. One positive for City is the form of De Bruyne, however I’m waiting to see how he plays alongside Silva.

Dislikes; Kolarov’s back to back doughnuts and Aguero the sleeping giant, he’s got to come good, surely. I feel it’s a similar case to Sanchez, with his good underlying stats, or maybe that’s me being overly optimistic. Three tasty home fixtures in the next 4 gives us plenty of reason to hold strong.

Man United v Sunderland

Likes; As a united fan, it’s lovely to see some fluid attacking play albeit against an average Sunderland side. I’m well and truly on board the Martial train and it has also helped Rooney’s game. Although I wouldn’t advise bringing in Rooney(10.3), I think he is certainly helping the fpl prospects of Depay(8.3) and more notably Mata(8.8). Once Man Utd’s fixtures improve from gw 11 onwards, managers may be forced to having at least one of these two in their sides.

Dislikes; Sunderland in general, heading straight for the Championship at this rate and their fpl players are just about as promising.

West Ham v Norwich

Likes; Both Norwich and West Ham have had promising starts to the season, playing entertaining football, particularly the latter who are joint top goal scorers (15) this season. Payet(7.9) and Sahko(6.6) look the pick of the bunch, especially with great fixtures to come.

Dislikes; Despite Norwich’s strong go forward, Alex Neil’s rotation policy is making it difficult to back players like Redmond(5.7) and Hoolahan(5.1) with any confidence.

Bournemouth v Stoke

Likes; Wilson’s injury, it’s a terrible thing to say and I apologise to 30% of fpl managers. Actually I don’t really, you all know that feeling when a reluctance to bring in a certain player has burned you for a few weeks straight and then one week he burns everyone else, feels good doesn’t it? Other than that not a great deal to take from this game from an fpl perspective, except perhaps Diouf’s continual ability to score goals.

Dislikes; Shaqiri’s injury was a shame as I am excited to see what he’s capable of in the premier league, looks like we’ll have to wait a little longer.

Leicester City V Arsenal

Likes; The game in general, arguably the best watch of the season. It was almost as good as watching my faith in Sanchez pay off with a massive 20 points that saved my week. Despite letting in 5 goals, Leicester are looking great going forward under Rainieri. Mahrez(6.5) is a must and as a result of Gomis failing me, combined with Leicester’s good upcoming fixtures, I’ve even doubled up on their attack, bringing in Vardy(6.5).

Dislikes; Arsene Wenger tempting us with Walcott (8.5), again! 3 consecutive starts and 2 goals, how much longer will it take before you guys are willing to take the punt?

Liverpool v Aston Villa

Likes; It appears there’s a Liverpool with Sturridge(10.5) and one without, it’s pretty obvious which one is better. We all know what this boy can do and if he stays injury free he could become a must have very quickly. Special mention to Coutinho(8.1) who also seemed to benefit from the extra space created by Sturridge. Gestede almost made my day with 2 goals that made Liverpool fans very nervous in a game they should have won by more.

Dislikes; Aston Villa are playing decent football but I just don’t see any fpl relevant players here even despite Gestede’s double.

Southampton V Swansea

Likes; Southampton look to be getting in a bit of a groove, meaning players like Mane(7.8) and Pelle(8.0) should be firmly on our watch lists. They are no longer the defensive unit of days gone by and thus I’d avoid that area for now.

Dislikes; Gomis getting subbed at half time. There’s a long list of managers who have no regard for our fpl teams and Gary Monk just joined that blacklist. Those with Swansea assets like myself should be concerned with their seemingly unexplainable dip in form.

Newcastle v Chelsea

Likes; Chelsea dropping more points is always a nice way to round off the Saturday games. Playing with 2 up front, Newcastle looked a lot more promising but we all need to see a lot more consistency from Newcastle before their players attract our attention.

Dislikes; As much as I enjoy watching Chelsea suffer, their promising performance against Arsenal led many of us into thinking they might be back and this week just caused more uncertainty. Given the high price of most of their players I’m waiting on more consistency before bringing them into my team.

Watford v Crystal Palace

Likes; Really not much to take from this game to be honest. Watford continue to employ defensive tactics and a decent Palace side needed a spot kick to break them down.

Dislikes; A lack of uncertainty around game time continues for the midfield trio of Bolasie, Zaha and Sako, making it hard to find a way in to a Palace side that has good attacking potential.

West Brom v Everton

Likes; Everton’s ability to fight back serves as testament to their solid season so far. There fpl prospects also deserve some attention, with players like Lukaku(8.2), Barkley (6.9), a fit Coleman(6.0) and, given more game time, Deulofeu(6.2) will definitely start finding their way into our teams as their fixtures begin to improve over the coming weeks.

Dislikes; Those with a stake in West Brom’s defence, which I still think is necessary despite conceding 3 goals this week, will be disappointed as a 2-0 lead for a Pulis side seemed certain to shut up shop and get us those 4 valuable clean sheet points.


The Darren Rudolph Award Ruddy gets the award this week after getting caught in no man’s land for West Ham’s late equaliser.

The Ryan Bennett Award- Craig Dawson is probably an unlucky recipient here but a lack of viable candidates led me to select him as a means of highlighting that it took a 3-2 loss for him to rack up his first score over 6 for the season. It highlights Myhill(4.6) and Evans(4.8) are both cheaper and better routes into West Brom’s defence, thanks largely to the new BPS system.

The Jonjo Shelvey Award- Ramires pops up from time to time with these long range bombs. However, Chelsea will know more than most that you can’t be relying on efforts like this for the rest of the season.

The James Vardy Award- Ayoze. That’s the same Ayoze who played a good portion of last season at right back. He did actually look threatening alongside Mitrovic and showed us last season that he can score goals, but who the hell knows with Newcastle? Mike Ashley surely doesn’t!

A great round of games combined well with Sanchez and Payet helping me scramble to 49 points and a top 10 place in the cash league. I thoroughly enjoyed this weekend’s football, hopefully you lads did too. Some great games to come this weekend as well. Love to hear from you guys on the first article and as always your likes and dislikes.



19 comments on “Full Time – GW7

  1. Shikhar

    Captaining sanchez was the only highlight for me this week that helped me secure a massive 71. Feels so good when both faith and captain decisions pay off.

  2. Kash7

    Could anyone explain the “awards” to me? I’ve always wanted to know but just never asked and feel a bit ignorant x_x

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      They are meant to represent guys who may have put in a ‘one off’ performance that we shouldn’t take too seriously. Maybe the Jamie Vardy award could grow into something bigger considering his form lately!!!

  3. theultimateandy

    Great article! I almost captained Sanchz this week too! Ended up captaining De’Bruyne though so not a total disaster.

    What’s the Ryan Bennett Award again? Really poor defending?

  4. baysietoff

    Great stuff Harrison, welcome aboard! Great to see my traditions are still alive and kicking 😀

    Likes; Over the moon with my 66 and more green arrows. Seems a lot of people captained Sanchez, well done to us! Dawson and Payet for honourable mentions… I think I got a full book of captaincy choices this week too!!!

    Dislike; The Swansea, and Gomis, dream has run it’s course. It was great while it lasted, now it’s Pelle’s turn to get me some goals. Deulofeu not putting Barkley in for a certain goal in the dying minutes ffs :/

  5. viper086

    Loved having Sanchez, was the best thing to happen to my team this week but also loved having Craig Dawson bang one in and still get points without worrying about a clean sheet. He has been very good the last few weeks!

    Disliked forgetting to change my captain from Wilson from the week before… 🙁

    Really liked the look of Deulofeu, is it too early to get him in maybe for yaya if he is injured? Also for the Aguero owners are you keeping the faith or trading? by trading him to Vardy, Pelle, Lukaku, Martial or even Roooney it frees up so much cash. I think I am giving him one more chance to shine this week at home against Newcastle (even though last season he was better away from home).

  6. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    Really good stuff Harrison!

    Bought Sanchez in last week, and a week later he gave me a hat trick! Didnt have the balls to captain him but gave the armband to Mata who I bought in this week, so still good. Finished on 68, second week in a row Ive gine over 60 and also found myself in the top 10 in the cash league. Payet just keeps on going!

    Some negatives were Gomis, who’ll most likely become Pelle and also no one scoring higher than 2 in my defense is a bit annoying.

  7. SuperO

    Great read Harrison. Got to 60 points this week. Was lucky to I think.

    Likes-Keeping faith with Sanchez. Diouf and Redmond both scoring with less than 30 min playing time. Dier and Payet keep getting the job done. Stoke finally churning one out.

    Dislikes-Had Sanchez cap an hour before kickoff, changed it to Aguero!! Kolarov again blanking.

    Might get rid of Ayew for Cabaye this week. Palace’s fixtures look awesome for a few months. Mata also on my rader. Or maybe save the trade for next week. Or perhaps a nice pod in Erikson……….

  8. MattyZach

    Popped up with a sneaky 77 this week. Armband on Sanchez and then De Bruyne, Payet and Dawson all doing me proud. I’ve probably peaked to my highest rank ever at about 21000 now. Hopefully I can hold on for the rest of the year!

    Still some headaches in Wilson and Gomes to deal with though.

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