Studs Up Skippers – GW 11


Hope you followed my advice last week and gave the armband to Vardy. Although the stupid yellow card he received late in the game ruined its bonus points potential, he still did better than Sanchez. The point I’m trying to make is that form isn’t everything, you have to consider the fatigue element of a player even though he has been performing well. Wenger’s press conferences before the game were kind of hinting at that actually. Continue reading


Studs Up Skippers – GW10


Of last week’s top 3 picks, only Sanchez really lived up to the expectations. KDB did get an assist but that’s quite disappointing considering City scored 5 goals! Congrats to those who captained Costa though, as he came back with a vengeance. It’s interesting to have a retrospective look at the previous GW and it goes to show how hard it is to pick the right captain. My takeaway from this is that you should trust your instincts…while being careful when going against players like Aguero or Sanchez (remember GW 8?), who combine class and high ownership. Continue reading

Full time GW 9


Another week of pretty high scores for the addicts as things are starting to take a more normal and predictable shape. Captain choices made the difference this week and unfortunately I got it wrong with Pelle, however a score of 56 kept still kept me inside the top 100k. Let’s have a look at where the points were won and lost. Continue reading

(the New and Improved) Worth It or Flash in the Pan?

They say a week is a long time in football. But two weeks with nothing but European qualifiers on at ridiculous times of the morning and some countries who don’t deserve to qualify is hell. The Dutch missing out gave me a ripple of excitement, but recording Gibraltar when I thought it was Germany was a lowlight of my International Break. I need some football!

Continue reading