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Another gameweek down, and we’re still struggling to crawl past 50. Unless you nailed Sanchez as your captain, it’s unlikely you did much better! There are some names that need to be seriously looked at, both good and bad. It’s time to cover the winners and losers from GW7!

On The Rise

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Dier – Spurs defence continues to stand strong, and once again it was Dier making the headlines. I’m not sure how much his ‘OOP’ role in defensive midfield actually helps him, but you can’t argue with his scores so far. Having scored from a set piece earlier in the season, his 25 yard scorcher on the weekend has finally sent his price soaring. I like the look of the Spurs defence lately, so Dier certainly gets the nod. BEWARE. He has picked up 4 yellow cards, leaving him one off a suspension.

Payet – If for whatever reason you were still questioning if Payet was the real deal, surely it’s confirmed for you now. He picked up maximum bonus again, this time for just a single assist in a 2-2 draw. He was brilliant once again, and could have scored even more. I rate Payet’s set pieces as the best in the league, he is a creative machine. He remains great value, but the ship is slowly sailing…

Mata – I must admit I didn’t think Mata was too FPL relevant, even with his solid start to the season. Until injury time on the weekend, my opinion hadn’t changed. He finally broke through the double figure point barrier with a goal to add to his assist, now making him the third highest scorer in FPL. Mata’s performance in the UCL last night only improves his stocks, his form is white hot. United are fast becoming an attacking force, and Mata looks to be great value at 8.8 (and rising!). You only need to look at his 2012/13 season to know what he’s capable of. Great option!

Vardy – Who would’ve thought at the start of the season, we would be sitting here with Jamie Vardy leading the golden boot!!! There is value everywhere this season, and there looks to be no harm in investing in Leicester’s attacking stocks. Vardy doesn’t look like slowing up, with 5 goals in his last 4 appearances he is making Aguero look like a fool! He won’t maintain this pace, but I’m jumping on board, at least for now!

Martial – I like many others had my doubts, especially in FPL. From what we’ve seen so far, they’ve been well and truly silenced. The kid obviously had talent, but I doubted whether he could make a significant enough impact at such a young age in his first season. Once again he was United’s main threat on the weekend, and really should have had a second assist for Depay in the second half. He was again the creator last night teeing up Rooney, only for United’s captain to shamefully sky it over the bar. Martial looks in hot form right now, however I think he may drop off. Shockingly he is now owned by 30% of managers, having been transferred in by almost 1 million managers last week. That I’m not so sure about, good option but I’m happy to pass.

Sturridge – Finally we have some different striker options offering themselves as alternatives to Aguero! Sturridge looks to be back to his best with a fantastic brace on the weekend. It’s well known that Sturridge is a scoring machine, but he still hasn’t proved himself without Suarez beside him. I’m happy to give him a few weeks to put together some consistent football, however if you want to get on board before his price soars then you could do a lot worse!


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Hart – I must be sounding like a broken record, I hope none of us spent 5.7 on a goalkeeper! In the long run it’s just not worth it, as Hart is now quickly proving. City’s defence is suddenly looking shaky, and 4 other keepers have over taken Hart in the keeper ranks. City’s form shows why you should never have all your eggs in one basket, things can change quickly! Even so, keep hold of a City defender at all costs.

Gomez – It looks as if Joe Gomez’s run in the first team has come to an end. He will be back, but you can’t hold him while he isn’t starting. There aren’t many alternatives in the 4.5 price bracket, if you can reach Evans I reckon he’s your best bet. Otherwise Watford’s defence has been relatively solid and there are a few options to choose from there. Ben Davies looks to be ahead of Rose for some reason, but I’m not sure how long that will last.

Azpilicueta – If you thought the Arsenal match was going to be the turnaround for Chelsea’s defence, you were sorely mistaken. Ivanovic remains a liability, and I’m not sure why Terry isn’t starting. Azpilicueta is clearly their best defender, but conceding 2 goals per game at his price can’t last much longer. Surely Mourinho can turn it around… I say hold.

Pedro – Since that dominating display on debut, Pedro has been… Average. And that’s being kind. He capped off a poor few weeks with a shocking miss that could have won Chelsea the game against Newcastle.  The exodus has begun, I was never really a fan in the first place. I reckon you should give your Chelsea players every chance, but if a viable alternative *Cough* Mata *Cough* puts their hand up I wouldn’t hesitate.

Silva – Silva returned from injury for City’s midweek Champion’s League clash, but was missing yet again on the weekend! Considering De Bruyne’s start and the fact that his body doesn’t break down once a month, most will have jumped off Silva. If you happen to still own him, it may be worth holding. He should be back this week, surely!

Wilson – Unfortunately Wilson made the headlines again this week, but for all the wrong reasons. He came off after appearing to have suffered a knee injury, but he still went back on to the ground. 5 minutes later, he was sniped down whilst chasing after a ball. It looks to be an ACL, basically ruling him out for the rest of the season. It’s a devastating blow for both himself and Bournemouth, who relied so desperately on his goals. As far as FPL is concerned, Vardy is the logical replacement. The Ighalo Deeney partnership remains a danger, so consider them as well.

Player of the Week

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Sanchez – HELLO! Sanchez finally came through with a hat-trick that perfectly summarised his performance. The first goal was scrappy, but once he got one in the back of the net his confidence grew. The second started from a piece of Ozil magic, and finally one of his headers ended up in the back of the net. The third was a screamer. I have pushed everyone to keep Sanchez, and finally he is looking like the 20 goal attacker I made him out to be! He tends to go on scoring runs, and continued his streak in the UCL midweek. I’d be getting on board ASAP if you don’t already have him!

So who is on the chopping block for you this week? It looks to be that most of our teams are on the upward trend, and it’s about time! Let me know your transfer issues and I’ll do my best to help out. Good luck this weekend! Let’s make it a high scoring one…

15 comments on “The Stock Market – GW7

  1. Sam Colquhoun

    Great article Matt as usual, I would like your thoughts on potentially using the all out attack chip to get ighalo on my field and one of Darmian or Bellerin off, I am really unsure when to use these chips and if this would be the right time, my team did manage 75 last week with Sanchez not C which is nice and stands as:
    Butland, Myhill
    Kolarov, Darmian, Bellerin (Taylor, Gomez)
    Silva Sanchez Pedro Mahrez Payet
    Lukaku Pelle (Ighalo)

  2. Mark

    hey Matt, great write up as usual. 2nd year of playing EPL Fantasy and doing ok but feeling as though my team could be a bit better in some areas. When is a good time to use the first wildcard from your experience? My current team is

    Butland (Ruddy)
    Azpilicueta Kolarov Francis (Bassong Oxford)
    Mahrez Hazard Sterling Richie (Redmond)
    Pelle Rooney Vardy

    Traded Wilson to Vardy this week and still have 3.1 million in the bank for next week but seem to be making one trade every week rather then saving them up. Any advice would be great:)

    • boges11

      Mark this year is a bit different in that you can only use your 1st wildcard before 28th Dec. Traditional use has been before a Double Game Week (DGW) but I don’t know when or if any will happen until after Christmas. The other times people tend to use them are weeks 2-4 to fix really crap teams and get in form players. Your team looks pretty solid so unless you are really unhappy with a few keep doing your 1/week. Really your 3rd defender and 4th and 5th mids are your real worries. (Not too sure about your def cover either, incase of an injury to the others). Sanchez needs to find a way in your team, Hazard to him is the easiest way. Hope this info helps but feel free to ignore me as i am doing absolutely rubbish this year. 😉

      • Mark

        thanks guys. Ended up going Wilson to Vardy and took the hit and Ritchie to Payet and made him Captain which paid off nicely for 60 points. Hazard, Vardy, Pelle and Butland all scored nicely for me but Sterling and Azpi are hurting me quite bad and think Sterling needs to go? Guess Mahrez hurt quite a few as well overnight so nnot just me:) Definitely need to look at my coverage as well like you’ve suggested. Thanks for the tips:)

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      Thanks mate. I wrote an article on the wildcard in pre-season. You need to use it before January (You get 1 for each half of the season). Use it if your team needs a makeover! No DGW’s to worry about yet

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