Worth it, Or a Flash in the Pan?

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*Thanks to James for starting up this article, awesome stuff! The Stock Market will be out later today!

I’ve always had a keen eye – and often an itchy trade finger – to bring in the guys who have smashed out massive point hauls on a Monday or Tuesday… or even during the game!

Each week I’m going to cover those guys in each position who have smashed it with point hauls capable of swinging match ups and consider one question: Worth It or Flash in the Pan?

This is my first article for the site so any feedback would be great!


FLASH IN THE PAN: Don’t let his 7 points phase you into a quick trade. You should be happy with 6-7 points a week from your Keeper and wasting a trade for 2-3 points extra isn’t worth it. De Gea played Sunderland, who couldn’t score against Heidelberg at the moment (lost 5-0 to Melbourne City this week) and who my mates indoor soccer team could probably hold to a 0-0 draw. Add Arsenal, Everton and Manchester City as the next 3 games to the equation and it’s a big, fat no. United conceded 9 goals in 6 meetings to the aforementioned 3 opponents, with no clean sheets in 2014/15. If anything, the United defence is more shaky this time around with their focus on attacking football.

WORTH IT: Owned by only 4.5% of teams, Spurs keeper Hugo Lloris earns my attention. If you have nothing else to do with your team and would like a strong shotstopper in a team who seem to have found their defensive identity, Lloris is your man. Swansea, Liverpool, Bournemouth and Villa on the horizon = clean sheet-ability. 1 goal conceded in 360 minutes of football? Yes sir.


FLASH IN THE PAN: Ahh Southampton, what has happened to you? The identity of a mini Arsenal has been adopted too closely with an inability to keep clean sheets. Virgil Van Dijk, however popped up with a goal (6 points) on the weekend and provides value at 5.5 right? Nope. For that price you could invest in the City (favourable run coming up), Spurs or Hammers backline. With the rotation already of Cedric Soares and Matt Targett and only scoring 9 goals in 76 games for Celtic, job security and point supply isn’t looking good.

WORTH IT: Every time I hear this guy’s name, I think of one of those sharp commentators saying “OUT OF THIS WORLD!”. Then I wake up and realise they’re saying “AL – DER – WEI – RELD”. Before you comment, no I am not a Spurs fan but young Toby’s form has been hard to overlook. Not only clean sheets, but a maraudering runner with 7.5% ownership and an eye for attracting the bonus points. Stuttering Swans up next may be annoying for those persisting with Gomis though!

Wow how I was pissed off going out after watching 60 odd minutes of West Brom v Everton. Not only did Barkely (who I have) do crap all, but my opponent had Lukaku (who went ballistic) and I had this boy: Jonny Evans. Mate, firstly it’s either John or Johnny. Secondly, WHAT WERE YOU DOING BACK THERE?! Oh but it gets better you say?I traded him in for a reason you say? Well, you’re right. Palace, Sunderland, Norwich and Leicester up next for a player with only 0.9% ownership and a team coming off 6 ½ clean sheets in a row. Oh and only 4.8 as well. Get him in.


FLASH IN THE PAN: Before someone posts 4 or 5 links to articles saying that Eric Lamela has turned the corner and is finally delivering on his ‘potential’ with his assist, goal and call up to the Argentina squad to replace Messi, consider this. Harry Kane scored a goal. Is Kane back? Are Tottenham going to go undefeated for the rest of the season? Is Lamela going to do that every week? No. Kane may well be back in form, pushing Lamela back into a support role if he decides to get going. Spurs have the Korean, Son and N’Jie nipping at his heels. My main worry is his physicality. I counted 4 or 5 times that I winced at his tackling v City and that yellow card could have easily been duplicated had the party not been well underway at White Hart Lane before he stepped up. City’s defence is depleted and his balls won’t be put away like that every week. Oh and two words: Willy Cabellero.

WORTH IT: Former Everton youngster Dan Gosling could finally reap the rewards of an unfortnate injury to forward Callum Wilson. Following Wilson’s injury on the weekend, Gosling popped up in midfield and roamed across the middle of the park against Stoke having a hand in everything the Cherries did. Priced at 4.4, he may be a way to downgrade a midfield underperformer to upgrade Wilson to a stud like Aguero (if you believe) or Sturridge. He’s taken on a niche role in the team and is now an everyday starter. With Watford on the horizon, more points from a player with under 1% ownership could make all the difference. But you wouldn’t start him would you?


FLASH IN THE PAN: It’s games like these that make me ecstatic/happy/upset as a Chelsea fan that Mourinho was smart/stubborn/stupid to move superstar/ineffective/inconsistent forward Romelu Lukaku on. His performance against [insert Team here] was outstanding/terrible/Ballon D’or-worthy as he terrorised/warmed the bench/ran around like a chicken with his head cut off…

Do you get the picture?

WORTH IT: HE IS BACK. The Forwards section is all about former Chelsea players this week it seems. I’ll share something with you. Three seasons ago when I first saw this man star off the bench for Chelsea, I raced out and got ahead of the rest by buying a jersey with his name on the back. Then we sold him and I have a Sturridge Chelsea jersey hanging proudly in my room. I tried to peel the name and number off once… any reasonable offers I’ll take by the way.

But boy did he take no time to get off the mark on the weekend? He had a hand in everything Liverpool did in the attacking third, racking up 52 on the bonus points system (counting shots on target, goals, passing, clearances, blocks, interceptions etc.). Everyone is saying wait a week or two but get ahead of the game now and join the 3.2% already on board and pick him up. If you don’t, it could be a case of being on a rocketship to the Sun rather than the Moon (Simpsons reference)

Wow. Did I go a bit over the top? I don’t know but I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments. Not sure if I’ll be back but it was a pleasure getting away from Uni stuff to write this up.

Up the Eagles on the weekend and don’t remind me about Chelsea…



6 comments on “Worth it, Or a Flash in the Pan?

  1. Bio Eden Hazard

    Nice article mate, I like the concept! I’ve also got my eyes on Sturridge, the terrible fixtures just convinced me to go for De Bruyne instead (and a cheap forward that is)

    • James

      Gosling played 90 minutes. Sturridge almost scored twice in the first half but Everton’s Funes Mori (new defensive signing) marked him well. We can’t all get them right!

      On the plus side, I got Lamela spot on. Also, Gosling was only an option to downgrade to to get money to upgrade to a Sturridge, De Bruyne or Aguero.

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