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I guess last week made up for all the turmoil we’ve had to face beforehand. That was awesome!!! My squad is on a serious comeback trail, but more on that later. Firstly we’ve gotta round up the long list of winners this week!

On the Rise

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 22.08.17

Gomes – Who would’ve thought that Heurelho Gomes would be on the rise! He has been fantastic in goals for Watford, and is once again proving why the best value for keepers is always in the cheaper price brackets. He is now the equal top scorer between the sticks, alongside guess who?! Another cheapie (Myhill)! They have picked up an incredible 13 bonus points between them, it’s definitely the way to go! Shoutout to Hennessey, who has come from nowhere to be the first picked in goals for Palace. Having played twice for 2 clean sheets, he should hold his spot for now! Not a starter by any means, but at 3.9 you might as well slap him on the bench.

Sanchez – What did we say last week? When Sanchez gets on a roll, there’s no stopping him! He has now scored 6 goals (And an assist) in his last 3 appearances for Arsenal, that 20 goal mark is firmly in his sights. When Sanchez goes big he leaves you in the dust if you don’t own him! He has scored 36 points in his last 2 games for god sake, I rest my case. For those counting, he has now outscored Hazard’s entire season in just 170 minutes. Get on.

De Bruyne – De Bruyne is just adding further salt to Mourinho’s wounds this season. He is easily up there in the top 3 playmakers in the PL, and his nose for goal makes him the perfect FPL asset. You’d have to say he has won the battle with Silva, even if Silva managed 2 assists last week. He has now created 5 goals in his 4 appearances (And looked fantastic on his debut blank), all aboard!

Mane – The midprice bracket is flooded with talent this year, and Mane is finally stepping up to his expectations. Southampton are a quality unit, and he’s clearly their main threat going forward. Mane has now created 7 goals (2 goals and 5 assists) in his last 4 Premier League starts, but remains priced under 8.0. That won’t last long, if you’re after a midfielder in this price range then Mane is your man!!! FPL gold.

Walcott – Who would’ve guessed it, Walcott is back! I honestly thought he was shot after his appalling start to the season, but his performance on Sunday justified why Wenger has shown so much faith in him up front. His movement is getting better, and he’s clearly growing each week as he gains confidence. Theo playing up front for Arsenal, with 12 goals in his last 14 starts and looks to have solidified his job security (for now). Incredibly, he is priced at 8.6 and is classified as a midfielder (This will be the last season!). He is a risk there’s no doubting that, and Giroud may get the nod occasionally. However as a differential it doesn’t get more dangerous for your competitors, great option!!!

Pelle – I’m not a big Pelle fan, just as I wasn’t a big Gomis fan (In FPL that is…). However I have to say he is far more dangerous. As all big strikers do, he has hot and cold patches. The trick is to get on him when he’s hot! In his last 5 games he has scored 4 and assisted 5, that’s almost 2 goals created per game! I’d suggest he’s pretty hot right now… It won’t last, but his ability to assist and well as score makes him a great asset. He gets my blessing! He is priced at 8.1 and it’s on the rise, so the ship is leaving the harbour quick.


Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 22.08.41

In such a high scoring gameweek, the losers always stand out more. These guys will be firmly on the chopping block…

Sagna – Zabaleta is back, which was always the fear. Sagna’s run has come to an end, I’d be trading him ASAP! Man City’s defence has gone down the toilet since Kompany got injured, so perhaps it’s for the best anyway. On a side note, I’d hold Kolarov. Not sure I’d get Zabaleta though…

Dier – Hope you guys all read my article last week! He was on the yellow card suspension tightrope, and it only took him 1 week to fall off! He will miss this week through suspension, but will return for Spurs’ trip to Bournemouth. I think it’s worth holding him if you’ve got him in already.

Toure – It didn’t take long for the Yaya Toure hype to die down. He hasn’t scored since the opening gameweek, and he’s now being hampered by a hamstring problem. There’s too much quality firing around him to make holding a viable option. Trade, you really should have already!

Pedro – Oh dear. Pedro has already found the bench, and Willian’s form would suggest he faces tough competition to get off it. It’s not looking such an inspired signing anymore… While Chelsea are struggling, Pedro will struggle. Personally I’ve dumped all Chelsea assets (For now) and I suggest you do something similar.

Sterling – Yikes. Sterling’s 50 million pound move looked like decent business by Man City during pre-season. There’s no denying he has talent, but he’s nowhere near that level yet. He was dragged at half time for Navas, and incredibly Navas actually changed the game! If Jesus Navas is coming on for you at half time and turning a game around, you know you’ve got some problems.

Depay – Another half time sub for the below par Memphis Depay, and it’s the last chance he will get in my team. He has been extremely disappointing, which is what I was saying could happen all pre-season. Those god damn Champions league teases… Get rid. Mata is going to be a better option at United, and Mane is actually getting involved!

Gomis – Smug level extreme. He will come good again at some point, but it’s time to cut your losses! There’s plenty of cheap alternatives such as Vardy and Ighalo, or Pelle and Lukaku if you want an upgrade. So far I’m preferring the cheaper options…

Kane – He is finding the back of the net again! Only this weekend it was the wrong net… It was a cracker of a finish to be fair to the lad. I still reckon he can re-find that scoring touch, but for now Arry still doesn’t look like it. Don’t get tempted!

Player of the Week

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 22.02.57

Agueroooooo – That’s right, HE’S BACK! The champ is here. That’s why you should never trade a player of his quality, because when he gets going 2 or 3 goals just isn’t enough. For some of us his 50 point haul alone was enough to send us catapulting up the rankings, me included! You have to have him, simple. Just don’t get angry when he doesn’t score 5 again next week.

His returns may not always match his 13+ price tag, but you have to spend your ~100m budget somehwere, and there’s enough cheap options this season to more than look after Kun in your side. Sturridge may have tempted some, but this weekend proved that he is still rusty. Let’s hope last weekend was the beginning of something special…

On a side note, boooooo to Pellegrini for denying him 6 or 7. It was heading that way.

So, after a shocking start to the season (And I mean SHOCKING) I have managed to turn it around. I’m wiping the sweat of my brow that’s for sure.

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 21.43.22

How are we all travelling? Let me know! If you have any transfer dilemmas I’ll try my best to sort them! It’s the dreaded international bye this weekend, let’s just hope for no serious injuries… Yeah, right.

15 comments on “The Stock Market – GW8

  1. hwhite94

    Great wrap this week.
    That graphic in the end looks very similair to my season and is great proof of the fact you really have to remain calm and show faith in the statistics and facts.
    Cream always rises to the top 🙂

  2. theultimateandy

    Brilliant article Matt, your scores are like a more dramatic version of mine! Never went as low as 29 but never made it as high as a whopper 114 either!! Fair play lad!

  3. Frogger

    Great read thanks Matt. Massive rankings movement this week for all those who kept the faith in the big hitters.

    Wondering what people’s thoughts are on Joe Gomez? Hold or move him for a 0.1m gain? The new gaffer situation could be interesting but maybe I should take the money and get someone more assured of the minutes. Any options?

    The international breaks make you stew on these transfers for far too long!


  4. ed24f1

    Why are you not so keen on Zabaleta – because of the rotation risk? He is great value at 5.8 I was thinking at some point of downgrading Kompany to Zab to free up some cash.

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