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In preparation for GW10, it’s time to take a look at how the FPL stock market sits after the international break!

On The Rise

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Bellerin – I hope you’ve all been following the stock market, because if you have then you’ll definitely own one of Monreal or Bellerin! I honestly rate Bellerin as the best right back in the league right now, particularly going forward. Ramsey is constantly cutting in, allowing Bellerin the freedom to bomb forward up the right. He made his second assist in three games on the weekend, adding to his growing tally of bonus points (6). To make things even better, Arsenal’s defence is looking rock solid. Bellerin has picked up 5 clean sheets in just 8 starts. Get on board!

Payet – It’s a no brainer. If there’s room for Payet in your team, you just have to get him in. He has gained attacking returns in 7 of his 9 appearances, and is currently the leading overall scorer in FPL. You can’t argue with those stats! The guy is pure class, his poacher instinct makes him an even better asset.

Sterling – It took until GW9 for Sterling to find his feet at Man City, but when he did boy did he make it count! With Silva and Aguero both out it was Sterling who stepped up, which makes perfect sense. He dominated in pre-season, and it should be noted that Aguero took no part. Perhaps he will enjoy the freedom to roam through the middle with Aguero out, he’s definitely one to consider at 8.8, soon to be rising quickly! It makes a lot of sense to grab him now having fallen in value since the start of the campaign, I had rated him highly and I still do.

Ozil – One bloke I didn’t think was capable of such high returns is Ozil. He has scored 12 and 13 respectively over the past 2 weeks, and looms as a great POD at just 8.5. He has shown glimpses like this before, however his game style doesn’t always end up with rewards in FPL. I’m firmly against Ozil, especially since I consider Sanchez a must have. For the record I wouldn’t risk getting Walcott.

Sanchez – Remember what we said about Sanchez? When he gets on the scoresheet, he will go on a streak. 3 weeks, 6 goals and 46 points later, I think you get the idea. Get him in.

Vardy – I see it, but I don’t believe it. Jamie Vardy has scored in 6 consecutive appearances (8 goals), and has failed to score or assist just once all season. If you don’t have him, I’m going to have to seriously question your reasons for playing FPL. No brainer.

Costa – Last week, the question was to go for Sturridge or Costa. I think we got an emphatic answer. For the record I’m firmly against Costa as an option in FPL. He doesn’t get many bonus points, in fact he probably gets more yellow and red cards. He doesn’t assist at all, and I just don’t think he’s worth the price tag. HOWEVER, with a lack of alternatives and Aguero out injured, suddenly he’s up against 2 men. One happens to be running around like he’s 50, the other is made of plasticine. Unfortunately last week I didn’t even bother to check who Chelsea were playing, thank god Costa got on the scoresheet against that rabble. This week will be a good test. West Ham won’t give it to him easy, however I get the feeling that’s the way he likes it…


during the International Champions Cup 2014 at Yankee Stadium on July 30, 2014 in the Bronx borough of New York City.

Krul – Poor Krul and poor Newcastle. He has done his ACL and looks to be out for the remainder of the season. This does mean that Elliot should be the number one keeper (Until January at least), priced at 4.0. However I’m not convinced Newcastle will keep another clean sheet this season. Get him for bench cover, but don’t bother considering him as a rotation option. Look at how they defended against Norwich…

Kolarov – Last weeks international break was a complete and utter disaster, especially for Man City. Kolarov missed last weekends thumping of Bournemouth with a hamstring injury, but returned off the bench midweek against Sevilla. He should be a certainty to start this weekend, congratulations to those who held him. Things will get interesting once Clichy returns!

Hazard – Mourinho put Hazard firmly into the furnace by singling out his poor defensive workrate. Maybe his axing also had something to do with the fact he was doing absolute bollocks going forward! I honestly have no idea whether he will return this week, considering that Chelsea did win comfortably and gain a rare clean sheet. Willian’s surprising form and Pedro’s… Defensive workrate (?) may keep him out of the side, but Pedro is also walking on thin ice. Expect Hazard to return soon, I still think he’ll become relevant again this season. Just not yet.

Sako – Bakary Sako has some serious talent, but occasionally he’s a bit trigger happy. The worry with Zaha and Bolasie available to Pardew is that rotation could hurt their prospects, and that seems to be the case. Unfortunately to have to dump him!

Sturridge – Hold me back… In hindsight it was stupid getting Sturridge in, but there was plenty of reason to get him ahead of Costa. Expecting him to remain fit long term is hardly realistic, but most would have been playing on a short stay until Aguero returned. He had already scored a brace since returning, and when in form he is the second best striker in the league. All good in theory. What brought him down last week? A 1v1 in training leaving him with a swollen knee… What? I guess you’re all sitting here hoping for some good news. Well unfortunately I don’t have it for you. In summary, he’s f**ked. Trade.

Player of the Week

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Wijnaldum – Wow! What a performance. You won’t see a game as open as that one all season, but fair play to Wijnaldum! So, we know what he’s capable of. The question is do we go chasing him after one crazy game? He has scored or assisted in his last 3 games, and carries Newcastle’s main attacking threat. They have some solid fixtures coming up, and he’s priced kindly at 6.9. Honestly, he ticks almost every box. The problem for me is I’d take Payet every day, and I’m happy with Mane in my squad. Mahrez will surely start again this weekend, which makes it hard to fit him in. Don’t be rash, but if you have an underperformer holding you back, Wijnaldum could be your man!

That does it! Sorry for the late article this week, assignments etc. Uni is almost over! Good luck this weekend, let’s make it a high scoring one.

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p.s How’s this for a comeback! Never give up…

17 comments on “The Stock Market – GW9

    • jamessammut1991

      I know I’m not MAtt lol but I am a Chelsea fan. I think we’ll come good, I just don’t think the constant rotations in the back 4 and holding mid will mean we do it through clean sheets. No go for me.
      Try Jonny Evans (cheap and Pulis defence) or Alderweireld (Spurs best defence in the league).

      • Brad

        Cheers James I already have spurs and brom def:
        Myhill, Butland
        Dier, Kolarov, Darmian, Bellerin, Taylor
        Payet, KDB, Sanchez, Mata, Mahrez

        I am looking to try and get a chelsea player in but will probably end up holding my trade. Chelsea did keep a cleanie midweek in the champions league and if they manage one this week i think ill pull the trigger

      • mattcraigdt Post Author

        I think Mourinho will always revert back to his tried and tested method of defence first. Evans a great pickup, but West Brom have some tough fixtures

    • bioedenhazard

      Your team is really strong mte, the only thing lacking is Vardy. I know Ighalo plays Stoke but I would still get Vardy in (that’s the trade I did actually)

  1. jamessammut1991

    I’m there at 44,841 just on your tail Matty!

    Don’t know about you, but if Mahrez isnt named, I’m spurning 4 points and going to Wijnaldum.

    Holding Sturridge too hoping he plays. Gomis and him owe me big time.

  2. jamessammut1991

    So I dumped Sturridge at the last minute and had Pelle locked. Then I thought na I’ll go Costa cos I need someone from the team I go for and we’ll swing back into form.

    Oh and Cabaye was a massive flop. Palace had a stonewall pen turned down though 🙁


    • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

      I dont think Mike Dean should exist in the Football industry after this week, been absolutely appalling all season long, aaaaaaaaaand Palace were robbed of a pen :/

      • jamessammut1991

        I don’t know how that wasn’t a penalty for Palace. Not just as a Cabaye owner. It was stonewall. Whoever it was though did a bad job of selling it. Just go down normally, not theatrically!

        • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

          As players get more confident they start to fly out of tackles, literally, Zahas no different here. Pretty filthy about it but I dont think we deserved any points out of that game, going by the way we played!

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