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Last weekend was well under par in comparison to the previous month, I guess our expectations had to be lowered at some point! It’s time to see how the market is looking this week…

On The Rise

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There is a serious lack of winners this week. The highest traded in players are mostly the same names as last week, mainly because there was no stand out performers. The players that did stand up are hardly worth mentioning, but such was GW10!

Myhill – What more can I say? Thank god for Tony Pulis and thank god for Myhill. While he holds his spot, he is the best value keeper in the league. It’s incredible how West Brom just keep getting it done! I’ve been playing 2 of their defenders and it hasn’t let me down so far!

Smalling – For some odd reason, Smalling is well and truly on the rise. I agree that he has become one of the league’s best defenders, there’s no doubting that. However in FPL we aren’t after quality, rather quantity of points returned. There is no way you should pay 6.4 for Smalling, end of story. Jones looks to have nailed down a starting role, although that could be subject to change. I don’t think a United defender is completely necessary, there’s too much rotation!

Koscielny – Thanks to all the Bellerin and Monreal hype, Koscielny has flown under the radar. Priced at 5.9, he is well under his true value thanks to his set piece threat, as he proved against Everton. There is so much value is Arsenal’s defence!!! Take your pick.

Kolarov – Kolarov surprised us all by appearing in the Champions League midweek. Thankfully he returned to the starting XI to keep a clean sheet at Old Trafford. If there was any fears he may not get his left back spot back, they have been put to bed. Well done if you held him! Sagna is also a winner this week, having started over Zabaleta.

If you remember back to pre-season, Everton’s fixtures were under scrutiny. This is the week that they have finally cleared up, so investment in the Toffee’s assets may be wise business. Lukaku and Coleman are my two picks. Lukaku needs to start scoring more consistently, especially against lower opposition. Coleman is incredible value at 5.9 if Everton can re-find that defensive form from a couple of years ago. There is no doubt he will get goals and assists, so have him firmly on your watchlist. Barkley is another option, but there is so many alternatives in midfield that I’m inclined to pass.

Shoutout to Mane for firstly grabbing me a goal, then deciding to get a red card 5 minutes later. He was being completely ridiculous, but luckily he has sat out his ban during midweek. HOLD HIM!



If you thought there wasn’t many players on the rise, check out how many are on the chopping block. Long list of losers this week!

Gomis – I’m hoping everyone has dropped him by now. Seeing as he’s the highest traded out forward, it looks as though the rest of FPL has finally cottoned on to the fact he is dead average! Taking a deep breathe over this one, happy I backed in my pre-season research when he was banging them in!

Darmian – After a string of poor performances, Darmian was dropped for Valencia for what was arguably United’s biggest game of the season. That doesn’t bode well for his long term prospects, I’d be trading him personally. With a multitude of Arsenal options, Kolarov back and Coleman throwing his hat into the ring, you’re not short on alternatives.

Mata – After starting the season on fire, suddenly Mata has become Van Gaal’s whipping boy. It looks as though he will do anything to keep Rooney on the pitch. That includes substituting Mata and playing Martial wide. Having played just over 100 minutes in the past 2 weeks, he is on his last chance. Once again there are so many alternatives that holding isn’t an option, I’d definitely back in Payet and Ozil. They seem more crucial to their managers game plans.

Pedro – It’s still early days but… FLOP! He has been hopeless lately, and now sits firmly on the bench. Willian is Chelsea’s best performing player right now, meaning Pedro will need to shift Hazard if he is to get game time. Hint, not going to happen.

Depay – Wow, now this is a kick up the ass! Not only is Depay sitting on the bench, he isn’t even coming off it! Two games in a row Van Gaal has subbed on a winger, and two games in a row it has been Lingard. Depay will return to the team in the near future, but he hasn’t been up to standard so far. You can’t afford to be carrying him.

Walcott – I had Walcott in the losers list before he got injured midweek. He was subbed on 5 minutes into Arsenal’s capital one Cup match, and came off 12 minutes later with a calf problem. Having been benched against Everton, it is clear that Wenger will continue to rotate Arsenal’s strikers, completely ruining their FPL prospects. Theo’s injury brings Giroud into the frame short term, however it won’t be long enough to make him relevant. Avoid all.

Coutinho – I’ve never really rated Coutinho, and this season is capping it off. He has loads of talent, but his consistency is appalling. He does more wrong in every game than he does right. There are 50 long shots that fly wide for every one that goes in. In fact he has scored from 1 out of 43 shots this season!!! That must be up there with the worst shots to goal ratio in history. The fact that he has contributed attacking returns in just 2 out of Liverpool’s 10 games says it all. Trade.

Toure – If you searched through the FPL community, you would’ve thought the Yaya Toure of 2013/14 was back?! Proud to put another tick here, he even played in attacking midfield against United but was once again unsighted. His best days are well behind him, which is sad. He was incredible to watch in full flight, these days we only get glimpses. He will still be a beast in midfield, however his driving runs look to be less frequent. I’ll be happy to be proved wrong!!!

Martial – Martial has now blanked in 3 consecutive gameweeks and over 50000 managers have abandoned ship. This confuses me. Why did people trade him in again? It’s not like he has been poor in the last few weeks, not by a long stretch. In fact I would say he has been United’s best player. I guess Vardy’s form may have something to do with it. The player that is the real loser here is Rooney. He continues to be a fraud up front, whilst Martial is forced wide. Let’s hope Van Gaal comes to his senses sooner rather than later!

Costa – I really didn’t want to trade Costa in, however Sturridge left me no choice. Annoyingly, I completely ignored Kane! Hindsight is a wonderful thing and his form wasn’t good enough, but another classic 1 point Costa return has my trade finger itchy already. Cut the arguing (For yellow cards) Diego and get scoring! If you’re a Costa fan then definitely hold. If you were like me and forced into a trade, give Kane strong consideration.

Player of the Week

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 13.17.11

There is no denying who the player of the week was for GW10. He may not have been ‘the best player’, but his return can’t be ignored. Harry Kane was played back into form by Bournemouth, more to the point he was played in form by Artur Boruc. Was he match fixing? Who knows, but you won’t see a worse keeping performance in the Premier League. Kane won’t care, his confidence was back and a massive 17 point haul has set him in good stead for a home clash against a struggling Villa. He looks ripe for the picking this week. Only time will tell if he will get back to last seasons form, however the lack of striker options makes him a tasty prospect. I’ll be getting him in!

That does it for me this week, how are you guys faring? Despite a poor week overall, captain Vardy and my defence helped me to a respectable score of 50. The top teams have a few kind fixtures this week, it could be a high scoring one! Let’s hope so… Cheers!

15 comments on “The Stock Market – GW10

  1. hwhite94

    I need to see a lot more from kane.
    The one thing bothering me is that United sre 4th in the league and have great fixtures coming up yet it’s not at all clear how to get a way into the team.

  2. MattyZach

    I’ve got an itchy trigger finger this week! Was all set on shipping Martial off for Lukaku, but now I’ve realised I have more than enough money to get Kane in instead. However, looking at Man U’s upcoming fixtures I feel like it’d be crazy to ditch him.

    Otherwise, I could easily ditch Taylor (Swansea) for an Arsenal defender. Might be the best option since the swans have been so woeful down back. The only thing that makes me reconsider there is having 4 defenders priced over $5 million with only scope to play 3 each week!

  3. viper086

    Im going to play my all out attack wild card this week. A lot of tasty fixtures for the big guns whilst all my vheap defenders look like leaking a few goals

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      Good shout! I am considering setting my team up for the bench boost chip in a couple of weeks as I have 4.0 in the bank without Aguero! Will speak about it next week

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