Studs Up Skippers GW14


You couldn’t go wrong with last week’s picks really. Kane and Lukaku are officially the in-form strikers right now. What a better time for king Aguero to return and claim back his throne? Prepare for the showdown! Continue reading


Full Time GW 13

Britain Soccer Premier League

It was well and truly a week for the regulars this time out, with the likes of Mahrez, Ozil, Kane and Lukaku all firing. It gave me what I thought was a pretty good score of 64 but only some very small green arrows, which has brought a theme to this week’s article; PODS. It seems to me that after a very crazy start to the season people have slowly adjusted to having a team they can be happy with. However, this has created a lot more ‘template’ teams with people a little less comfortable branching out and bringing in those POD’s ( roughly <5% ownership). I think I speak on behalf on a few of us when I say I have plateaued in recent weeks. I personally have floated between a high of 65k in gameweek 8 and a low of 96k after last week. Continue reading

The Stock Market – GW12


Sick and tired of international breaks? Worry no more. Last weekend will be the final time we have to endure no EPL action until 2016! Over the next month and a half there will be 8 gameweeks, including everyone’s favourite Christmas Premier League bonanza. So what did happen 2 weeks ago? Not much to be honest. Butland and Coutinho were the only players owned by 5% of the competition to score above 10, signalling it was a tough gameweek for most. Here’s a rundown of how the popular transfer movers are going… Continue reading

Studs Up Skippers GW13



A week of international break is usually a week of boredom for us lovers of the EPL/FPL. However this break was a chance to see something beautiful happen in a football stadium, that goes beyond two teams playing each other for the win. As a mourning Parisian, watching the English supporters sing the Marseillaise almost broke me to tears. If you were one of them and you are reading my post now, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Of course if you knew someone or knew someone who knew someone, who got killed in these attacks (or the one in Beirut, the Russian plane…), I’m grieving with you. Back to Fantasy Football now. Continue reading

Full Time – GW12


It was a very odd week with a mixed bag of performances from the popular picks in our teams. This inevitably led to what appeared to be a pretty vast range of scores, with the captain choice being a distinguishing factor. Surprisingly a score of 50 pushed me back in the rankings from 85k to 95k. Let’s see who did us proud and who let us down. Continue reading

Studs Up Skippers – GW12


Another disappointing game week for those of us who captained poll’s favorite Kevin De Bruyne. He did score an assist but we expect more from him at home to Norwich. In my article I had mentioned the main risk I saw in captaining the little Belgian: in the absence of Aguero and Silva , City just has too many players capable of scoring!
On the other hand, those of you who gave the armband to last week’s punt, Romelu Lukaku, were highly rewarded. To be honest they deserve it, captaining the Toffee is always a big risk, but he does like himself a double figure haul on a good day! Good call!

Alright, let’s have a look at this week’s contender…there’s quite a lot!

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