Studs Up Skippers – GW12

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Another disappointing game week for those of us who captained poll’s favorite Kevin De Bruyne. He did score an assist but we expect more from him at home to Norwich. In my article I had mentioned the main risk I saw in captaining the little Belgian: in the absence of Aguero and Silva , City just has too many players capable of scoring!
On the other hand, those of you who gave the armband to last week’s punt, Romelu Lukaku, were highly rewarded. To be honest they deserve it, captaining the Toffee is always a big risk, but he does like himself a double figure haul on a good day! Good call!

Alright, let’s have a look at this week’s contender…there’s quite a lot!

The Contenders

After a clean sheet at home against Newcastle, Sunderland just lost a tennis set to Everton. That is a good sign for Southampton, a fairly scoring team (7th attack in the EPL). Mane and Pelle are the usual suspects here. They both are great options, especially Mane I would say, but I just think there are better players to choose from this week.

West Ham-Everton should be interesting and could very well be a high scoring game. For the Hammers, Payet has been amazing so far and very consistent too, especially deadly from spot kicks. For Everton: picking Lukaku another week in a row would be extremely ballsy given his consistency, nevertheless West Ham’s defense at home hasn’t exactly been bulletproof. Again, good options, especially Payet in my opinion, but I would stay away.

Although Chelsea plays Stoke, I am not keen given their recent form. Stoke actually kept a clean sheet in 3 of their last 4 games too (against not-so-strong opposition of course). A cheeky punt on Costa may work though I guess.

The Top 3

1.        Jamie Vardy

Mahrez is back and Vardy is…well still Vardy. Scoring goals for fun, albeit not earning a lot of bonus points in the last 2 games. A home match against Watford is a good opportunity to maintain the form. The promoted outfit has been solid defensively lately though, earning 2 clean sheets in a row. As a matter of fact you may have jumped on their defensive assets by now! I picked Vardy for his unprecedented consistency but Mahrez is a great pick too. A bit more risky if you look at the last few games, but the reward could be exceptional! Igahlo has been fantastic too, he just isn’t captain material to me yet, even if Leicester and clean sheets don’t go well together.

The pros: great form, amazing consistency , OK fixture, home game
The cons: Watford has been solid defensively, Mahrez could go bigger than him and steal the bonus points 🙂

2.     Alexis Sanchez

The most awaited game of the week end is probably the London derby. Arsenal are in red hot form (putting the Munich game aside) and Spurs are not doing bad either with 6 victories in the last 7 matches. Kane may be getting back to his level of last year but it’s too early for me to back him up. The best choices in my opinion would be among Arsenal players. Apart from the obvious Sanchez, who’s been a bit more quiet lately, Ozil is making a case for himself. Finally living up to his potential, he has scored 40 FPL points in the last 4 games! However, I’m having a hard time trusting the guy, he’s been a disappointment so many times…

The pros: basically a striker, I personally see Arsenal bouncing back and delivering a good performance, home fixture
The cons: has been more quiet lately, Spurs have been on a great run of form

3.     Christian Benteke

Is Liverpool starting to click under Klopp? Is Benteke back in form? What’s the meaning of life? Hard to answer all these questions now but they are legitimate questions. I’m going to lean towards yes (for the first two that is) and a game at home to Palace could be the right time to captain the Red striker if you own him. His ownership is already 13% but he’s kind of a differential pick compared to the other players selected here. Even better!

The pros: main man in attack, like Lukaku he can be a beast on a good day, good home fixture
The cons: he just came back and may not be in top form yet

The punt

Apart from being very boring (as he was the most “obvious” pick), captaining KDB hasn’t exactly been rewarding (low risk, low reward some may say). Nevertheless the Villains have been so weak lately (7 losses in a row…good luck Remi Garde) that picking a City player is tempting yet again. I am going to be bold for the punt and pick Wilfried Bony instead of the Belgian.He played well in their Champion’s League game and his partnership with Sterling is definitely interesting. If you are risk averse or don’t own Bony, KDB is a good pick too!  Keep in mind that Norwich last held strong against the Sky Blues last week (away from home mind you).

The pros: main man in attack in the absence of Aguero, good fixture
The cons: still finding his form, you never know who’s going to score with City, the Remi Garde effect? 🙂

Thanks guys. Hope this has helped…tough week this one, I’m still undecided!

12 comments on “Studs Up Skippers – GW12

  1. brandonpietie

    Love it.. I did the punt last week and it worked lol.

    This week I’m doing my bench boost, and as for the armband, well I’m thinking WAAAAY outside the box… (BUT am I really???)

    The dutch wonder-kid Wijnaldum gets the armband this week!!!

      • brandonpietie

        Thats right lol.

        Captain choices have been GREAT this season so far *touch wood*

        Lets see if this gamble pays off!!!

  2. mattcraigdt

    Awesome work as usual 😀 Every week I have this feeling that Leicester will bust and they never do! Playing it safe with Sanchez but Vardy or (especially) Mahrez is awfully tempting

  3. theultimateandy

    Great article as usual man, I was torn between Vardy and Mahrez before reading this… think I’ll have to flip a coin!

    Looking for a bit of advice: Payet or Ighalo this weekend? My gut says Payet but Ighalo could be a great POD.

  4. templetontherat

    Thinking of trading out Amavi and Bellerin. I am thinking of going for Alderweireld (despite the fact they’ve got Arsenal this weekend). What other defender should I go for?

  5. Carlos

    So, Payet is out for 3 months… Shame, he has been fantastic this season, great start to EPL.
    Who are you guys getting instead? (assuming the majority had him in the first place :))
    Ozil seems like the logical selection, though Barkley, Sterling, Mata and Eriksen all sound tempting too…

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