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Welcome back. I faced red arrows for the first time in 2 months, so I’m sure a few people who’ve had a rough few weeks must have picked up the slack! We’re straight back into it again this weekend, so let’s check out how the transfer market is looking…

On The Rise

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Butland – Jack Butland has been the League’s best keeper so far this season, and it’s finally resulting in a decent points return. Stoke’s lack of clean sheets was a major problem, but 3 shut outs in their last 4 make Butland a tasty proposition. The one thing that concerns me is Stoke’s upcoming fixtures. Their clean sheets have come against Villa, Swansea and Newcastle (Who dominated them). Butland is going to have to pull off some miraculous saves to keep out Chelsea, Southampton and City! I’m a massive fan of cheap keeper options, so Butland gets my blessing. I just don’t trust Stoke’s defence.

Koscielny – I said Koscielny was value last week, but didn’t expect 2 goals in 2 weeks! Centre backs often seem to do this, goals won’t be a regular occurrence (The goal was lucky as well) but that doesn’t mean he’s not a bargain at 5.9! Seriously, get around Arsenal’s defence.

Rojo – Rojo looks to have settled in nicely at left back, he is definitely the pick of United’s defenders. God they are awful to watch, but having a defender from the Reds makes perfect sense. They are solid at the back, and they have some soft fixtures to come. Great option at 5.4.

Ozil – I stand by the fact that I don’t believe Ozil is an FPL player, just like Fabregas last year. However he is an absolute class above everyone else at the moment. 9, yes NINE assists already! If only he could add a few goals to that tally. Either way he is involved in everything Arsenal do right at the moment, and looks a great alternative in midfield.

Vardy – Another gameweek, another Vardy goal. It’s just standard these days. Leicester don’t look like stopping for what it’s worth… Just get him in!

Benteke – Klopp has been easing Benteke back into the first team, and it’s working a treat. He has scored twice and added an assist in just 72 minutes as a super sub. You get the feeling Klopp may just get the absolute best out of Benteke, making him very tempting ahead of a home clash against Palace. He gets my blessing!

Ighalo – Ighalo just keeps getting it done! In any other season he is owned by 40% of players, there is just so much value!!! Squeezing him in around Mahrez, Payet, Vardy and others is a tough task. Perhaps there’s a valid argument to suggest that keeping some cash in the bank is a viable plan. Either way Ighalo has to stay firmly on the watchlist.

Lukaku – I said last week that Lukaku needed to start beating up on the weaker teams, and he has begun in perfect fashion! Sunderland were as woeful as Everton were brilliant, and Lukaku got amongst the massacre with a goal and 2 assists. Everton’s fixtures are golden, and if last weekend was an indicator then investment in their forwards could be the way to go!


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Darmian – For those who didn’t know, Darmian has got himself a one match suspension for his 5th yellow card of the season. Rojo is the obvious option, and in most cases the obvious replacement is the best replacement. Don’t over complicate things!

Jagielka – Jagielka is out until the new year with a knee injury, which has ramifications for Everton’s defence. I took a -4 to bring in Coleman last week, which turned out to be a huge mistake! Even against Sunderland, the Toffee’s back four was all over the place. I’ll give Everton a couple of weeks, but perhaps we should continue to avoid their defensive assets.

Barkley – I’d like to ask everyone to pray for the Barkley owners out there. A 6 goal haul and he didn’t even get a single goal or assist! That hurts. Be patient, but his recent form hasn’t been brilliant. Yes he scored against Arsenal, but that really should have been an own goal such was the deflection. That’s all he has contributed in the last 6 games! Obviously give Ross a couple more weeks, but he needs to get involved. There’s plenty of alternatives I’ll say that much!

Martial – Zzzzzzzzzzzz. How long will Van Gaal persist with Rooney up front and Martial out wide for? I think this is the last chance Martial can get in our squads, especially with Benteke and Lukaku firing!

Gomis – As an Arsenal fan, thank god for Gomis! That 1 v 1 effort was putrid. For those that missed it, he was so hesitant that Bellerin made up at least 30 metres to makes a last ditch tackle! He started as a man possessed, but Gomis is now devoid of all confidence. Ok ok, this will be his last mention this season!

Shoutout to Kolarov for missing a penalty with the last kick of the game. Really makes me feel better about holding him!

Player of the Week


Mahrez – Oh yes, it didn’t take long for Mahrez to be back! When I say that, he had actually picked up 2 assist over the last 2 games. Crazy to think people had actually traded him out. It’s good to see him back getting 90 minutes again, he is without doubt a must have. 7 goals and 5 assists in 10 games is crazy!!! What an incredible start to the season…

What are your trade plans for this week? Personally I’m considering using one of my chips. With Aguero out I’ve had a heap of cash left over, so using the bench boost is high on my agenda. The all out attack chip is also one I’m considering. Just make sure you hold onto your triple captain!!! Good luck this weekend! Let’s make in another high scoring one..L

4 comments on “The Stock Market – GW11

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      For the triple captain, yes. The all out attack shouldn’t make a difference unless you have more attackers with a double.

      The bench boost is an interesting one. It would make sense to wait until a double gameweek and use it with 3 players on your bench having a double, but that’s a perfect scenario. Couple of problems. You’ll have to re-shape your team to fit those players in, and then have to get rid of them. Seeing as I have 4.0 in the bank at the moment, it makes sense to strengthen my bench now and use it, rather than hoping it all falls into place later in the season.

  1. Brad

    I’ve jumped on Rojo really confident of him getting a game every week despite injury and UTD have been very good at the back somehow, thanks mostly to mike smalling/ I’m still unsure of Mata I want to trade but no one else really excites me that I don’t have

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      I really like Mane. Even though he didn’t score last week, he was dangerous. Then you have to weigh up whether a guy like Ighalo is even a better option (Or Lukaku/Benteke), presuming you’re playing 5 mids

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