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It was a very odd week with a mixed bag of performances from the popular picks in our teams. This inevitably led to what appeared to be a pretty vast range of scores, with the captain choice being a distinguishing factor. Surprisingly a score of 50 pushed me back in the rankings from 85k to 95k. Let’s see who did us proud and who let us down.

Bournemouth v Newcastle

Likes; Bournemouth got back to playing some decent football and were unlucky to not take more points from this game. From an fpl perspective, Newcastle’s clean sheet and Rob Elliot’s (4.0) 10 point haul makes him a great option for our second keeper spot.

Dislikes; People who still talk up Winjaldum (7.0). His assist was a 2ft pass that left Ayoze to do the rest and it was his first points return over a 3 week period, which saw Newcastle play 3 bottom table sides.

Leicester v Watford

Likes; Mahrez handing the penalty to Vardy. Regardless of the fact I put the armband on Vardy this week, it really shows the connection between team harmony and success. Can he equal the great Ruud Van Nistelrooy next time out against Newcastle with 11 in a row? Over 50% of fpl owners certainly hope so.

Dislikes; When I almost had a heart attack as Vardy went down hurt. Otherwise solid game between two sides who continue to impress this season.

Man United v West Brom

Likes; A slightly more entertaining performance from United whilst remaining solid at the back. With their great fixtures coming up, investment in their defence is a must; De Gea (5.6), Smalling (6.7) and Rojo (5.5) seem the pick of the bunch. For all their inconsistency in attack, Lingard looks worth consideration as our team’s 5th mid. This also may help free up cash for Aguero’s imminent return.

Dislikes; West Brom put up a solid fight but with their fixtures taking a turn for the worst it may not be the worst idea to look elsewhere for coverage at the back. I for one traded Dawson (5.1) to Moreno (4.8) last week.

Norwich v Swansea

Likes; Norwich are back to winning ways and they unbelievably leap frogged Chelsea in the process. Alike to Chelsea nothing much fpl relevant here.

Dislikes; Swansea are in freefall and there is certainly no place for any Swans players in our sides right now.

Sunderland v Southampton

Likes; Southampton are showing some real consistency in their performances and most notably it’s at the back where they are really improving. Van Dijk (5.6) is a solid option but at 5.3 Bertrand is an interesting one with two assists since his return from injury, we all know one what Bertrand is capable of, monitor closely.

Dislikes; Despite Southampton’s recent form, their key attacking assets we had banked on over their kind run of fixtures have not delivered to the extent we expected. I’ll be keeping Pelle (8.5) for the home game against stoke after that it’s impossible to ignore the other great options out there like Kane (9.4) and even Aguero (13.0). With regards to Sunderland, new manager same old problems.

West Ham v Everton

Likes; Another game for Everton, another goal for Lukaku (8.6) and assist for Duelofeu (6.2). With their fixtures only getting better one of these two if not both should be seriously considered. Lanzini (5.3) was also involved again and is a solid budget option in midfield if you are looking to maintain West Ham coverage in Payet’s absence, fixtures suggest this may not be the best option.

Dislikes; Payet’s injury is just a general pain in the ass that my team doesn’t need right now.

Stoke V Chelsea

Likes; Stoke starting to show some signs of solidity and consistency at the back, Butland (4.6) is the obvious route in here and demonstrates the value in the cheap keeper department.

Dislikes; What the actual f*@#$% are Chelsea doing right now. Don’t get me wrong I don’t mind watching it unfold but it’s just hard to understand exactly why, is it just a case of Mourinho’s infamous 3rd season syndrome?

Aston Villa v Man City

Likes; Man City dropped points and Kolarov made amends for last week, otherwise not much to like fpl wise. Villa fans out there may be encouraged by a solid defensive performance under their new manager.

Dislikes; City’s lacklustre performance really highlights the impact that tough midweek Champions League games can have on the Weekend’s game. The imminent return of Silva (9.9) and Aguero (13.0) should however bring some creative spark to the league leaders.

Arsenal v Tottenham

Likes; Ozil’s ball for Gibbs goal put the icing on the cake that was one of the more closely contested North London Derby’s in recent times. Tottenham’s showing on the weekend proves they are the real deal and Kane looks to be the figurehead of such a showing. He and Ozil have now furthered their claim for a place in our squads.

Dislikes; That’s 3 consecutive blanks now for Sanchez (11.6) but with 4 great fixtures to come I’m willing to keep the faith, so much so that I’m more than likely going to add Ozil (8.8) on top of Sanchez to my contingent of Arsenal players for that period.

Liverpool v Crystal Palace

Likes; The second half of this game was the definition of end to end football. Dortmund under Klopp were quite often involved in many games like this so look forward for more to come. Coutinho (8.2) and Benteke (8.3) currently look the main beneficiaries of this style and should be monitored closely. Despite all this they did still lose and Crystal Palace were very impressive but have absolutely no consistency in their starting line up making it hard to find a way in.

Dislikes; When you take a hit to bring in Moreno and he misses a good chance then fails to keep a clean sheet at home to a team who had scored 1 goal in their previous 3.



Darren Rudolph Award; Heurelho Gomes made a simple pick up look difficult, not sure what happened there.

Ryan Bennet Award; Kieran Gibbs can’t get a start at left back but can come on at left wing and grab an equaliser, go figure.

Jonjo Shelvey Award; Johhny Howson is owned by 0.1% of fantasy managers for a reason, in fact I’d love to know who those 0.1% are.

Jamie Vardy Award; No standout candidates this week so I will just say if Vardy scores next week I will rename this award in honour of that. Who’s going to put their hand up for such a prestigious award?

A few big decisions to make at the moment. Who plans to bring in Aguero? What about the likes of Kane (if you have him what about Lukaku too?) and Ozil? Who comes in for Payet? As always it’s good to hear your likes and dislikes.



7 comments on “Full Time – GW12

  1. dickieray

    When Payet went down, I decided to double up with Sanchez and Ozil. I have Mahrez and didn’t want to pick up Wijnaldum, Mata, Tadic or Coutinho. Ozil seems much more consistent in the price range. That’s done, but now I’m broke and still holding Bony.

  2. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    ‘Pool never had a chance against Palace! :P.

    Im thinking of going for the classoc AFL DT route and go guns and ‘rookies’. Kane, Lukaku and Benteke but you have to fit Vardy in there, but 2 of them looks so enticing but so stressful but so tempting, then theres a few midfield cheap midfielders doing well and some defences rocking it down back. Wildcard time!?

    • hwhite94 Post Author

      I think we’d all love a wildcard right now. So many great options though it’s impossible to know.

      • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

        Think I might wait till Aguero comes back to pop mine, just before the hectic December/January fixtures.

  3. bioedenhazard

    Ozil is tempting for sure and so are Man U defenders but I want to prepare my team to get Aguero back…and that means freeing up funds!

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