Studs Up Skippers GW20



Hope you all had a merry Christmas! We are now halfway through the season…but it’s no time to take a break! Let’s have a look at captain options for the upcoming game week. Continue reading


Gw 16/17 Wrap


Apologies lads for the absence, I have and still am travelling through North America. I’m writing this whilst I sit in Boston airport en route to Canada. So Merry Christmas to you all, here’s your Christmas treat! It’s better than underwear at least, I will provide with you a little wrap of the last two weeks and a preview for what’s ahead. Continue reading

Studs Up Skippers GW 18



Merry Christmas boys and girls! Boxing day has got to be one of my favorite things in the world: while we are still recovering from stuffing ourselves with turkey, foie gras, chocolate…those EPL boys are working for our enjoyment!! It is also the start of a crazy, messy period of 3-games in one week, that may see some of us make a spectacular come back…or lose it all. Continue reading

The Big Question: Leicester City


The player of the moment, the team of the moment ‘everything is coming up Millhouse’ for Leicester City.

It has stirred the interest of the great Sir Alex Ferguson who made these insightful comments:

“The Vitality…Speed…Energy…they are currently the best team in the league without doubt…have they the resources to continue this throughout the season?”

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