Addict’s Presser – GW18

I can promise we won’t be wallking out on press conferences, and we sure as hell won’t be dodging the tough questions! Welcome back to our own presser and we all wish you a great Christmas!


So now that Jose has gone, is it time to get Chelsea players back in?


Nope, there were promising signs on the weekend however I’d like to see a string of consistent performances before I even consider it. If the template teams were underperforming you could make an argument, but Mahrez/Ozil/Vardy/Lukaku/Ighalo just keep getting it done. It was good to see Ivanovic back amongst the goals.


Grab a seat. It’s time for a history lesson… This isn’t the first time Guus has helped out Abramovic. He did this back in early 2009 when Big Phil Scolari was struggling and was given the arse. Up until then their league form was very scratchy with only 4 wins from their previous 12 games (5 draws, 3 losses) and their Champions League form wasn’t great either, but they did get to the final 16. Cue Guus… Their next 13 league games produced 11 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss which is some kind of run! Their defence was already fairly good and not much changed there with 6 cleanies before and 7 after, but their attack went from a poor 1.08 goals per game to much more acceptable 1.85. their Champions League form was even more impressive. They went up against the might of Juve, and pushed them aside. Then did the same in the Quarters to a Liverpool side they lost to twice in the league under Big Phil. The Semi Final could’ve been the making of Guus’ legendary status going up against Barcelona. Unfortunately they got beat. By away goals. In the 93rd minute of the second leg. At home… Then they won the FA Cup Final or something… Now I know this is a completley different team, different circumstances, etc but you have to respect what Hiddink can do. This Chelsea team has arguably the bigger upside than the team of 2009 and Guus has more time than before to make it happen. Get on board Aussie Guus’ Chelsea!


Having personally traded in Pedro and Zouma (shattered I didn’t do Ivanovic) before the match against Sunderland I would have to say yes. Led by the high performance of Oscar, attacking returns of Ivanovic and consistent ethic of Willian the boys in blue are back in town.


When a manager comes in to a struggling team like Chelsea half way through the season, they typically start with tightening things up first. So maybe their defence is worth a punt but otherwise there is too much value everywhere else to buy Chelsea assets right now.


Well I don’t see any reason to rush. Wait and see, they’ve got a long way to go before they can be on our radars again

Is it time to trade De Gea?


It was already tough times for United, now they can’t even keep clean sheets! You’re paying a hefty price tag for a keeper who doesn’t make many saves, and normally I would say there’s no way he’s worth it. HOWEVER, I have 7.8 in the bank at the moment, so cash is hardly a problem for most of us. Gomes and Butland are the value picks, but De Gea is a safety net worth holding onto for the festive period. Keep until after GW20, and then reconsider.


I’m thinking that LVG has a big tactical decision to make very soon. Does he keep the team playing this style, finish in the Top 4, and get sacked because it’s too boring? Or take a risk in playing a more attacking, open, Man United style, probably still finishing Top 4 but importantly have a shot at keeping his job? Surely it’s the latter, and defensive solidity will take a big hit because of it. Therefore I’d be dumping their defensive assets soon. And that’s not even taking into consideration their injury crisis!


It really depends on Manchester United’s defensive injuries. For all that is being said about LVG they are currently missing a number of key defenders. (I think Ashley Young was trying to defend on the weekend…). The fixtures are favourable but the players available are not, tough call but I would move him on.


Despite a better defensive line up on paper, United did not have a fully fit and settled defence this week. Unrivalled defensive stats this season combined with fixtures should encourage you to hold for at least another week.


Man United’s defence is looking scary with all these injuries. Fixtures are a mixed bag too… I often feel like I have more pressing issues than the goalkeeper though.

Who’s your smokey team to invest in over the next couple of weeks?


With the games coming thick and fast now is the time to make some ground with a left field pick or two, especially with key players out injured! As far as a smokey team goes, Crystal Palace are sneaking under most radars. Bolasie might not be a bad shout, plus Hennessey is a perfect bench keeper. The bigger teams usually have more success in these periods, but that’s thanks to squad rotation which we hate! Catch 22. On an individual basis, I’ve said I really like the look of Ramsey at the moment. Owned by under 5% Rambo is a great differential, and he had another couple of glorious chances against City. With sou, BOU and NEW to come over the next week or so, Arsenal look a solid investment.


Chelsea. See Q1. Hiddink will give this team a lift they’ve needed for 9 months or so. They’ve looked pretty cooked playing the Jose style of footy for a while now and needed a change and Guus is the man to do it. If there was any hint of dressing room unrest then we’ll see it over the next few games with some reinvigorated performances and wins. Also, thinking about hitching my ride to West Ham. Since Payet went down their defence tightened up considerably and with him due back soon they could have the tools to put it all together.


Chelsea, there is a bit of a phenomenon where new managers can have a ‘3 game bounce’.  Players put in greatly improved performances as they are refreshed and challenged by a new manager to stay in the starting eleven. With players of high quality I expect a fast rebound in form, the toxic environment has been removed.


A few smoky strategies to consider; West Brom and Spurs look good for another run of clean sheets over their soft Christmas schedule. Aston Villa plays a West Ham team that can’t score and then have two relegation scraps. Clean sheet potential? Or really left field and get Ayew, there next Benteke? Not such a smoky team but I’m loving the look of Arsenals back to back matches against what will be the tired and noticeably weakened Newcastle and Arsenal sides. I’ll probably be bringing in Ramsey as I think between him an Ozil you should ensure you have a way into to these possible thrashings.


The inform team has to be Arsenal right now. Besides the obvious Ozil, the likes of Ramsey, Walcott and Giroud have to be on our radars. Defence is good too. The only other team I can think of is Leicester, but you already have Mahrez and Vardy anyway….

Thanks for coming! Don’t forget to hit us up on twitter and send you questions through…

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2 comments on “Addict’s Presser – GW18

  1. viper086 says:

    Think i will be bringing in giroud and walcott this week. I can see gos over christmas for the gunners

  2. kingcolesy says:

    Who would you rather play, Ighalo(che) or Alli(NOR) 😝

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