Addict’s Presser – GW19

Welcome back to another week of grilling. We’ve got a week off so feel free to post any questions below you may have to help pass the time!


Is it crazy to consider trading KDB to Yaya? Seems Yaya is consistent H&A whereas KDB only scores at home?


Crazy, perhaps not. A good move, surely not. You’d think KDB hadn’t done anything for a month judging by the amount of people looking to drop him! With Sanchez on the way back that’s an option to consider, but not Yaya…


This one depends on how long you think it’ll take for Man City to get their road form back on track. Man City are notoriously poor travellers when they don’t have a settled side and much will depend on them improving that if they are to take out the choccies at the end of the season. If City get better on the road, KDB will too. That said, I reckon Yaya’s resurgence is a flash in the pan that will suck in a heap and spit them out the other side with the words “never again, never again” running through their heads while they sway back and forward in one of those tight white jackets that tie around the back… And anyway, KDB hasn’t been horrible!


Not crazy as he’s been great value for money lately. I wouldn’t do it though but it’s just me. With Yaya there’s no way to know… One thing to remember though: at the beginning of the year he seemed to be on fire yet again and it didn’t last.


Not crazy. We all know Yaya is capable of consistent big scores from a couple of years back. It seems both come with a bit of inconsistency, but if you consider Yaya is around 2 mil cheaper and now has more points, pretty legitimate move.


It’s not crazy. Yaya has been a thorn in my side since his superb season a couple of years ago. He defies the current statistical models available. He is a player with an accurate strike who stands up to create big moments.

The wildcards are here! What are you doing with your little golden ticket?


For the first season I can remember, I have no urge to rush my January (now second) wildcard. There isn’t a whole host of options performing right now… I think you have to wait until the end of January to at least see how the transfer window pans out. Considering that it’s available during the inevitable double gameweeks, that what I’m waiting for…


For the first time in a long time I had no obvious trade requirements last round so I’m definitely holding my wildcard. If there are no decent DGWs, I might try and implement a defensive strategy I’ve been looking into for years based solely on relegation battlers and rotating them with games against each other. Historically, relegation dogfights are littered with clean sheets and it’s not like I’m going to win the FPL title, so I might take a punt. Hopefully by then the Hazard’s and Sturridge’s are back to form and fitness so I can actually spend the left over money on some late season flyers.


I’m waiting for sure, too many questions marks right now: is Yaya for real? Is Payet going to get back on his early season level? Is Vardy going to continue his streak when he comes back?


Two things come to mind right now… 1. A lot has changed in the last few weeks with the likes of Chelsea performances, Leicester’s slump and the returns of Aguero and Payet. This may mean I need to really change my team soon and thus use the wildcard. Ideally I can use free transfers to adjust. 2. With the chips in play I consider using free transfers in the weeks prior to a big DGW to stack my team and then use the bench boost. Would then wildcard the week after. Still thinking of other ways I can combine the wildcard and chips, keeping in mind you can’t use both in one week.


Holding mine until an appropriate double gameweek comes around. I only just used my first one & have 3 chips in the bag.

Vardy to …?


Aguero. Costa looks to be back in form (early call) and Kane is going alright, but Aguero is a no brainer for me. I’ve had over 7 in the bank the last month, so I can’t wait to spend the cash! If you can’t reach Kun, I’d be going for a Kane/Lukaku/Ighalo partnership. There’s no point trying to be tricky up forward…


Got cash? Aguero. Only got a little bit of cash? Kane. Got no cash? My boy Ighalooooo! But to be honest Ighalo is well overdue for a downturn in form so find some cash from somewhere and upgrade.


I’m going to say Aguero, but Igahlo is a great option too if you don’t have the cash


Ighalo for me as I’ve ignored him for far too long now. It will also make getting Aguero easy if need be. Don’t know who I’d sell out of Kane or Aguero.


Ighalo. Diego Costa if you have plenty of coin.

FPL New Years’ Resolution?


Give players coming back from injury at least 2 weeks before picking them!!! I got burnt by Aguero when he first returned early in the season, and have waited patiently and successfully this time around. Sturridge is another case where jumping on early turned out to be no good. The risk outweighs the possible reward.


Find more time! The past few months I haven’t been able to devote the time to FPL and my rankings have suffered because of it.


Don’t over-trust the so-called essential players (Aguero, Sanchez, Hazard and the likes).


Without sounding bitter, there’s way too many part timers ahead of me in the rankings. Really focusing on the blanks and DGW to come, with some good planning for those you essentially pick up free points. Hopefully some of these new managers will be caught out. In general, continuing my faith in good planning and statistics to hopefully finish in top 10k, currently 68k.


To rely more on judgment then certain statistics. There is a fine balance between the two. Also to not be overly unbiased on Arsenal players, Sanchez burnt me last season and Ozil this season, why do I not pick players from my own team?

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6 comments on “Addict’s Presser – GW19

  1. ozgunners says:

    Great discussion guys!!

  2. Frogger says:

    Great article. Here’s a couple more if you find some spare time:

    Does the Vardy fitness query pose any concerns for you as groin injuries can sometimes tend to linger? What do the five of you plan to do with him?

    Who would you rate as the top 5 mids for points scored over the next month or two? I’ll have a go at it (in no particular order): Ozil, Mahrez, KDB, Willian? Alli? Payet? It’s not an easy call at the moment by any means…

  3. FreshPrince says:

    I were searching for but can’t find it. When will be the double game week in january?

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