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Six GW have passed in rapid succession since we took a look at Leicester City. It certainly hasn’t passed as hoped with missed penalties having left us to rue continued investment in Mahrez & Vardy.

On face value it appears wise to have moved on Vardy & Mahrez before Leicester’s tough fixture schedule. Even looking at the FPL points tables put together below Mahrez & Vardy are firmly at the bottom. For some perspective a couple of converted penalties would see Mahrez in the middle of the table with just about everyone else. For Vardy he would not be too far behind Lukaku and the likes of Ighalo which is nothing to sniff at given recent groin surgery.

Leicester Fixtures

Leicester Fixtures

As much as we can apply hindsight we must look ahead, unfortunately when doing so the fixtures don’t get kind for Leicester. Another tough match up against Liverpool with Manchester City to follow away only 4 days later. Arsenal to follow away from home the week after before the schedule softens with back to back home games against Norwich & West Brom after the international break.

With Vardy & Mahrez clearly propping up the bottom of the form tables patience is starting to run thin ahead of such a brutal schedule. With the complication of whether to find a spot for Sergio Aguero (13.4) in our squads dealing with Mahrez & Vardy is becoming a messy side issue.

Assessing what to do requires consideration of the team structure and budgets. Firstly there are only 3 strikers spots available to fill compared to the 5 in midfield and defence. In theory one would think this gives us more choice but looking at the striker and midfield tables tells us another story.

Midfield Points Last 6 Gameweeks

There are 21 players on the midfield list with prices between 5.3-10.7 million with 9 players scoring between 29-32 points over the last 6 weeks. With such a wide, even spread of points amongst the midfield there are plenty of options to consider. This table is quite surprising with such an even spread of points across the midfield with cheap options such as Antonio (5.3) and Alli (5.7) right near the top of the tables, allowing for cash to be spent elsewhere.


Striker Points Last 6 Gameweeks

When we look at the strikers table we see a mere 15 players with scores between 19-41 with prices between 5-13.4 million. There is a clear distinction between the top priced players and there point hauls, the 4 most expensive strikers in our 6 GW form table have the most points. With Vardy right at the bottom of this table it could be a good idea to move him on and pick him up after a tough run if his form rebounds to the early season levels.

The last 6 GW have shown it pays to put your hard earned cash into the top performing strikers taking a discount on those midfield to maximise points. It must be noted this may not be the case across a whole season but it should provide some insight into those considering what to do with Vardy, Mahrez and trying to free up cash for Aguero.

Ighalo’s double figure haul of 12 also reminds us that there is an absolutely outstanding asset available at 6.4, an outlier amongst the ranks. Watfords form has dropped of late but Ighalo was still available to put the lowly Newcastle to the sword. He has a tough couple of games against Chelsea and Tottenham. I would certainly be looking at him strongly when the out of position (OOP) Sanchez starts firing in the goals for Arsenal to reallocate cash.

I shall leave you with this closing comment:

The third striker spot has always been an extremely difficult one, one hampered by form, by cash restrictions, by the fact that better value can be found elsewhere. At the end of the day the strikers score most of the goals and offer great captain options so it is vital to maximise your squads with them when they are in top form.

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