Addicts Presser – GW27

Aaaand we’re back! Little bit late this “game fortnight” I know, but it was nice to have a week off to regroup. It’s the final stretch now and with some big decisions to make it will be a crucial last couple of months. This is what we think is going on…


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The Stock Market – GW26


I decided to delay this weeks article for a couple of different reasons. Firstly, since the last round of EPL action there have been both FA Cup and Champions League fixtures played. Also there have been sardome developments with regs to the double gameweeks (and blank gameweeks) to come over the next month. So here are the names to consider ahead of GW27… Continue reading

Studs Up Skippers GW27


A week without Aguero means that we finally have some interesting captain choices to make…especially after the crazy Sunday we had last week. Leicester, Arsenal and Spurs are the strongest contenders for the title right now, a lot of pressure is thus on their shoulders. And don’t write off City just yet: they sit 4th, 6 points away from the Foxes. This is going to be epic! Continue reading

The Stock Market – GW26


Aaaaaaaaand I’m back! Massive thanks to Baysie for filling in while I was travelling! I hope you all fared better than my team since I’ve been away, it would seem I’ve missed the new ‘trends’. That means it’s a wildcard week for me! Enough of that, here are the winners and losers that you should consider up for trade in Gameweek 26… Continue reading