Addict’s Presser – GW26

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It’s been a while since the brains trust sat around the camp fire and discussed the big issues! Enjoy…


1. The Southampton defence! 5 cleanies in a row since Forster’s come back into the team! Should we all be getting on?

Baysie. I think so. I brought Cedric in last week and may even plump for another if Targett gets himself fit and playing consistently. Their next 5 games are all legit shouts for more clean sheets with only Chelsea being a real test, but that’s at home. I’m thinking the “new” 5 man defence has been a success so far and may have caught the EPL by surprise a tad? They will figure it out and find a way through it, but then they have to face a Forster who’s in the form of his life?!

Matt. Yes! Don’t ignore the trends, and they’re all pointing towards a Southampton rejuvenation. I wouldn’t have thought Forster could make that much of a difference, but the evidence doesn’t lie… Forster is in for me this week. I think their defence is fairly priced so there are no bargains, if only Targett could get consistent games!

Bio. I think we should. Their fixtures are ok-ish and their recent track record has been impressive to say the least. Targett (3.9!) is the cheap option but he comes with a serious rotation risk. Forster (4.9) is another interesting candidate; he’s been on fire lately and seems
to have earned his spot. Finally, Cedric (at 4.8) could be a way to strike a balance between affordability and security of starts. Forster would be my pick of the bunch. Waiting to see if Targett makes it back to the team is also an option.

Liam. Unfortunately it is similar to Stoke. What I mean by this is if you have missed out on 5 clean sheets already you are unlikely to pick up too many more. Southampton’s form has been bobbing up and down all season and I don’t see any reason why it would become more consistent. Does Charlie Austin make that much of a difference?

2. Is Firmino nearly a must have after his bye?

Baysie. Yes. The extra game he’ll be playing for you is merely the cherry on top. He’s seems to have found his feet in Liverpool, he’s filling the False 9 position he played so well at Hoffenheim, and he’s playing under a gaffer who knows him very well from his own time in Germany. There are just too many positives to what’s going on here and presents too much value at 8.2m to ignore. The concern is that there are players coming back from injury, but his main competition for the striker spot in Sturridge and Benteke are either cooked or aren’t the gaffer’s type of strikers, or both? I’d be surprised if they’re both at the club next season.

Matt. Nope, there’s a lot of inform players going around at the minute. I grabbed him after his haul against Norwich and gave him until their blank to impress me. He has certainly managed that. One player that I do believe is a must have for his price now is Alli (late, I know). I’ve had to drop Payet to get him! Firmino is still fighting for his place, make no mistake about that… Great option though! Hint: He’s my captain this week.

Bio. Hard to say. To be honest, not having him hurt me quite a lot… but now is the worse time to get him in your team. He has a blank in GW27 plus Sturridge, Origi and Coutinho are coming back, leaving a question mark on his role. Furthermore there are a lot of midfielders performing well right now (and I’m keeping a slot for Sanchez when he does come back). I would wait.

Liam. Out of position (OOP) and at a decent price. I thought he was too inconsistent to be considered but he did bag the goals in Germany. Now that he has settled under Klopp he is a genuine option at a good price.

3. Do we need more convincing that the Siggy of old is back? Is he worth a punt?

Baysie. Meh. I’m a big fan of Siggy but this isn’t a great Swansea outfit anymore and he’s not getting a great deal of help out there. He may well put the club on his back and drag them to EPL safety, and I hope he does, but I like my midfield the way it is at the moment and would like to save my trades for the upcoming DGWs and fixing up my defence!

Matt. I do. Having transferred him in at the start of the season and picking him in the draft, I can tell you he’s climbing up a bloody big hill back to redemption. Most importantly, I’m still not convinced by Swansea. He is in great form, but I’m personally not willing to punt on it. They still lack a quality striker, Siggy hasn’t been the same value since Bony left for City imo. Not enough/no assists to maintain his form; he’d have to score a goal a game!

Bio. With many popular choices (Mahrez, Alli, Firmino…) firing on all cylinders plus Sanchez coming back in form soon I’m not certain, I just don’t see how I could find a spot for him. 7.0 is a bit of an awkward price too…

Liam. Siggy is a player who players really well under new management. Some players are just really good at putting on a top quality show for a period of time and he’s one of them. Penalties and free kicks in his locker don’t hurt. He’s at an awkward price and it’s a little bit like Southampton’s defence, are you chasing points?

4. FPL aside… Norwich, Sunderland and Villa are sitting in the bottom 3. Will it stay like that? If not, who’ll come in and out of the chase to the Championship?

Baysie. And to think I got grief preseason for saying Villa were crap! Despite the smallest of revivals over recent weeks they’ve got too much ground to make up. The final two teams will be Norwich and Bournemouth. Historically it’s getting to the point of the season that newly promoted teams start to feel the pinch and I don’t see this season being any different.

Matt. Very interesting… I honestly believe it’s between any of the bottom 7 teams. I do think Newcastle now has the quality to remain in the division. Whether they have the nerve is another matter. West Brom, Bournemouth and Swansea are all struggling for goals so I think they’re still in danger. Even so Villa, Sunderland and Norwich are favourites for mine, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Bournemouth slip into the mixer as well.

Bio. These 3 teams do look particularly weak. I wouldn’t say Newcastle is safe though!

Liam. I have faith in Big Sam, he’s a quality manager regardless of what the wider media say. Very strong in the transfer market he has brought in two centre backs and a strong attacking midfielder, all for low fees. As for the other two, Villa are as good as gone and Norwich are showing all the signs that they will join them back in the championship. The third and final spot is always the hardest to predict I am not going to pass judgment on that final spot. Go Big Sam!

If you’ve got your own questions, lob them below and we’ll get to them too!

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