Studs Up Skippers GW27

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A week without Aguero means that we finally have some interesting captain choices to make…especially after the crazy Sunday we had last week. Leicester, Arsenal and Spurs are the strongest contenders for the title right now, a lot of pressure is thus on their shoulders. And don’t write off City just yet: they sit 4th, 6 points away from the Foxes. This is going to be epic!

The Top 3

1.    Jamie Vardy

The boy is back! He, who carried Leicester on his back (along with Mahrez)… is back! He scored 4 goals in the last 4 games and he’s playing Norwich at home. Sorry to say but the Canaries have been the weakest team in the league in 2016 with 18 goals conceded in the last 6 games! Unsurprisingly he’s leading most captain polls.

The pros: great form, consistency, great fixture at home
The cons: will the Foxes recover from their frustrating loss to Arsenal or fold under the pressure?

2.     Harry Kane

With 5 goals and 1 assist in the last 5, he’s also showing very good form at the moment. Furthermore, last week’s away victory to City may give some extra motivation to the Spurs as they now have a good shot at the title. A home game to Swansea is a good chance to keep the momentum going. The Swans are not terrible defensively: they have a tendency to concede once in almost every game (especially away) but they don’t get destroyed (unlike Norwich for example :)). They haven’t recorded a single clean sheet away in 2016 (3 games) though.

The pros: great form, consistency, possible moral boost after victory to City
The cons: the Swans have conceded more than 1 goal away only 4 times this season

3.        Dimitri Payet

We were getting worried about Dimitri Payet after he blanked 4 times in a row. But he finally delivered last week against Norwich, bagging 1 goal, 1 assist and 3 bonus points. The Hammers are now playing Sunderland at home and they can still aim for a UEFA qualifying spot by the way (is that a motivation factor these days?). Interestingly, despite their second to last ranking, Sunderland have only conceded 4 goals in the last 3 games… although they played City, United and Liverpool!

The pros: good fixture at home, key play maker for West Ham
The cons: not as consistent as he used to be in the first half of the season

The punt.

Riyad Mahrez

You can go for Mahrez if you’re feeling punty, but keep in mind he’s not as dominant as he used to be. He only scored 1 goal in the last 9 games (but he grabbed 3 assists in the last 3 ). On a good day he can still wreak havoc.

The pros: explosive on a good day, great fixture at home
The cons: not as dominant as he used to be, subbed after less than one hour in the last game (generally had a tendency not to finish games lately)

Thanks guys. Hope this has helped!

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  1. NiqQ45 4R3 k1nG5

    “Sorry to say but the Canaries have been the worst team in the league in 2016…!” Music to my ears! Vardy it shall be, best striker in the league 😉

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