Addicts Presser – GW27

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Aaaand we’re back! Little bit late this “game fortnight” I know, but it was nice to have a week off to regroup. It’s the final stretch now and with some big decisions to make it will be a crucial last couple of months. This is what we think is going on…


1. How much longer should we wait for Alexis Sanchez to find some point scoring form? Or should we be happy with just Ozil?

Baysie. I’ve got both and to be honest Sanchez has one more week to show me something, anything! There’s no doubt in my mind he’s got a couple of big games in him before the end of the season but 11.0m is a lot of dead money and will be handy to use during an impending wildcard.

Matt. At the moment I say be happy with Ozil. That’s coming from a frustrated Sanchez owner. He just doesn’t look like it at the moment, as you would have read in the Stock Market. I’ve tried to get both, but that was a stretch too far for my budget. Not worth 11.0 right now.

Bio. Until Alexis starts really (= more than one game) delivering, I’m waiting for sure. Ozil scored 18 points in the last 2 games, I’m perfectly happy with him as my Arsenal attacking coverage.

Liam. Stick with Ozil. I’m still excited about his ball to Welbeck. On Alexis, he just isn’t himself at the moment. It’s his first lengthy injury in his career, allow him to find form before picking him up.

2. Is anyone looking at Chelsea players with their recent upturn in form? Maybe Costa?

Baysie. Nope. Most of my efforts will be channelled towards these double game weeks. I’ve kept my triple captain and bench boost chips for a reason! For everyone else though, it’s not a bad idea. Azpi is a good shout for your defence if you can afford him but their attack is a little too hit and miss. I don’t believe Costa is really worth it considering the other options out there, but is probably the most consistent.

Matt. I have Azpilicueta, but I feel as though he is always on the chopping block when I need cash. As far as Chelsea’s forwards and mids are concerned, I’m happy with my Leicester/Man City/Arsenal coverage thank you very much.

Bio. I actually had Costa in my team these last few game weeks but I had to trade him out to make room for Vardy. That’s the problem with Chelsea I guess; although they have clearly improved, there are better options in most positions at the moment.

Liam. Chelsea have been rather sensational but it seems to be getting tossed aside on our fantasy radars. Not offering consistent clean sheets but still banking a few. Diego Costa in great form but an expensive option compared to others.

3. For those that jumped off Leicester… should they jump back on? Vardy, Mahrez AND Huth/Schmeichel perhaps?

Baysie. I’m happy to admit I stuffed up in trading out Mahrez when I did a few games back, but I won’t be getting him back in and I won’t be finally getting in Vardy either… It’s not that I don’t think Leicester will keep doing well, I think they will. But I think their goals will dry up a little as they tighten up to hold their advantage. There’s too much at stake. My striker plan for the rest of the season will be Aguero, Kane and Lukaku, or even a sneaky punt on Sturridge, so there’s no room for Vardy. I will however be rolling with Huth AND Simpson in defence as their fixtures are great for cleanies. I’m not going for a third at this point in time.

Matt. Vardy, tick. Mahrez, tick. Schmeichel/Fuchs/Huth TICK! I love watching them play and I love having coverage in my squad. Get on.

Bio. I definitely want to have both Mahrez and Vardy for the next few weeks. They are in form and their respective ownership is just too high to ignore. Leicester’s defence has been pretty good too lately and the fixtures look great. I wouldn’t do anything crazy (eg. mess with my team structure, get a -4…) to get a Fox defender in though. You never know with clean sheets, especially in that title race context.

Liam. Get 3 Leicester boys in and whatever you do don’t bench the two attacking players. Let’s see if they can do something extraordinary.

4. Everton and Liverpool’s upcoming double byes, and double double game weeks present a unique situation! Thoughts?

Baysie. This will tempt in a lot of us and history suggests will probably spit most of us back out the other end! It won’t stop me having a fair old crack at it though… If all of these byes are rescheduled after GW31 then I’ll be going hard with Robles, Barkley and Lukaku from my boys, and Firmino, Coutinho and possibly Sturridge from the other mob. We’re in a holding pattern right now however until those fixtures are rescheduled. If they’re waiting for the results of the Champions League games to possibly give them some free spots in the calendar (?!?) then it will more than likely be after GW30 at the least.

Matt. I spoke on this topic in the Stock Market (definitely check it out…), it’s impossible to make a proper judgement until we have the confirmed dates for the re-scheduled games! It shouldn’t be long, perhaps I’ll have a better answer for you next week. My philosophy for this week is NO HITS for a player I want long term. Even if that means taking a zero. It’s not worth it.

Bio. I haven’t started looking into that one yet to be honest..

Liam. Planning is key. Lukaku is carrying a back injury and isn’t at his best so I will be looking to Vardy. The doubles will be interesting they can make or break a season. It’s a good idea to consider them a few weeks ahead and plan a second wildcard.


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