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While we eagerly wait for the games to be rescheduled so we can plan on how to destroy them, we need to deal with the reason for them! Arsenal, Chelsea, Everton, Liverpool, Man Utd, West Ham, West Brom, Watford, Palace and Sunderland will all be missing out and this week we find our how much carnage has occurred in our FPL teams…

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1. How’s your team looking for this week? Any donut shops opening up?

Baysie. Currently got 7 playing but have 2 transfers to use, so I should have 9. Not a donut shop, maybe a stall at the markets! I’m ok with this though as they’ll repay me in the future.

Matt. Maybe… I was all set until Arsenal won their FA Cup rematch! I’m looking at at least one without taking a hit unless Taggart plays. I’ve been setting myself up to get through this week, currently formatting a 4-2-3. I’m not usually one to have 8 attackers capable of starting, but with double gameweek galore to come having guys like Lennon/Antonio as 5th midfielders seems wise!

Liam. 11 on the field in a 4-3-3 formation, before trades which is quite nice. Question marks over Payet (2 blanks in the next 6) and Arnautovic (not consistent) in midfield.

Bio. Not for me haha, I’ll have a nice 4-3-3 to field.

Harrison. Should just escape the donuts thanks to my two trade ins of the season last week, Williams and Siggy, all be it playing a 4-3-3. Banking the transfer this week to start stacking the team for DGW 34.

2. Is it worth taking one or more hits to cover blanks, or is it ok to accept some knowing the DGWs are coming?

Baysie. If you can deal with a few red arrows on your rankings board for a week then it’s all good. They’ll play their games later. That said, Man City and Newcastle have a game owing them so if you fancy any of their assets then a points hit could nearly be worthwhile.

Matt. No, take them. A donut here means a double gameweek to come, so only trade unless you’re improving your team and significantly boosting your scoring potential this week. It’s a trade you’ll probably just reverse in a couple of weeks time…

Liam. It wouldn’t be worth taking a hit to just bring a player in for a single week (unless you’re close to wildcarding). Which could be the case, start thinking about the second wildcard if you still have it and how to put your three chips into play.

Bio. One blank is definitely OK. Two is a bit more problematic but a hit has to make sense beyond this next game week

Harrison. It really depends on how you’re approaching the whole DGW situation. If you’re planning to use the wildcard between GW31 and 34 then it might be alright to take a hit or two knowing you will have your team back in order very shortly. Again it depends on who you’re trading out, no point getting rid of a gun like Payet just because he doesn’t play GW30.

3. Anyone fancy a gamble against Man City’s garbage away form and rotation, and going with more than just Aguero? If so, who’s a good shout?

Baysie. It’s that time of the season where some risks can be forgiven, it’s just so hard with City to have any confidence in who’s going to play from week to week.  They’ve got Dynamo Kyiv midweek at home in the Champions League, in a game where they lead 3-1, so it’s not necessarily a “must win at all costs” type of fixture. Their away game against a crap Norwich which will put them third if they win however, probably is… They’ve then got international fixtures after GW31 at which stage we should know about rescheduled games and wildcards. So yeah, welcome aboard Yaya!

Matt. I’m not a fan of any Man City players to be honest. Not only are they unpredictable, so are there team sheets. Kompany is tempting, but they’ve hardly been solid at the back. Their midfield seems to change every second week and so do their full backs. Yaya is going to be tempting come their double though…

Liam. I got him in at the wrong time and missed his goal last week. Yaya Toure is worth a look, so too David Silva apparently he’s fit again. They have come off a busy schedule though so be warned.

Bio. Good point to raise, City’s away form has been far from stellar. I’m happy with Aguero only right now. The real question for me this week is whether or not I captain him.

Harrison. If I’m struggling to have faith in Aguero away from home then there’s absolutely no way I’m remotely close to considering any other city players


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    • baysietoff Post Author

      I don’t reckon it’s worth it, unless you have your wildcard still. Everton already have 2 games to make up, if they win in the Cup it’ll be 3 (but with another blank of course).

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