Studs Up Skippers GW30

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Hi everyone! Quick one this time as I have to rush to the airport. Very few EPL games playing this weekend but captain choice is not that straightforward.

The Top 3

1.    Sergio Aguero

The little Argentinean has scored 9 goals in the last 9 games and he’s playing Norwich away. The downside is the Skyblues questionable away form. They also have a Champion’s League game to play next week but they’re almost qualified already anyway…I’m very tempted by the second option (see below) but going against Aguero cost me a lot last year so I’m not going to do it this time (I know, it’s not a good reason). He’s leading captain polls in case you wondered

The pros: good form, consistency, great fixture
The cons: City’s away form is average

2.     Riyad Mahrez

He’s not as consistent as he used to be in the first half of the season (especially in terms of goals) but he’s still a major threat for defences and has a high double figure haul potential. Playing Newscastle at home bodes well for the Foxes, they are getting closer to the title (who would have thought?!) but they have to keep the momentum going.

The pros: double figure haul potential, great fixture at home
The cons: not so consistent anymore in terms of goals

3.        Harry Kane

Another player who’s lost a bit in terms of consistency but still deserves a spot in your team, at least for this weekend. Two goals in the last 5 (without bonus points) is far from a great record but a game against the Villains is always a good prospect for attacking returns.

The pros: lone striker, great fixture (although away)
The cons: form and consistency seem to wind down a bit

The punt.

Gylfi Sigurdsson

Why not, he’s back in great form since the Swans have appointed a new coach: 4 goals and 1 assist in the last 7 games!

Thanks guys. Hope this has helped!

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