The “DGW Destroyer” Presser

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There’s only one real question on anyone’s minds right now, and that’s how best to navigate through the remaining fixtures and their mixture of double gameweeks and byes! I’m putting my head above the parapet and letting you all know how I’ll be tackling them. Spoiler alert, I’m going at them hard…


Matt did a great spiel on his DGW ideas earlier and be found here. But read that later…

I’m in the fortunate position of having a Wildcard, Bench Boost and Triple Captain chips remaining and plan on making the absolute most out of all three! And this is how it’s all going to go down…

The first piece of the plan will be as soon as this gameweek kicks off I’ll be handing in my Wildcard and start chasing some cash! From the gist of the FPL community, my general plan seems to be quite a common one so there could be some 0.2m price increases that might come in handy!

Hopefully by the time GW33 rolls around I’d have made some cash, but even if not I’ll need to finalise a team to destroy these potential DGW gifts that have been handed to us. The team I end up with for GW33 is still a work in progress but the idea is to have 10 players from any of Arsenal, Man City, Liverpool, Newcastle and West Brom. These teams all have a DGW34, but no bye during GW35 so I can field a full team (using my 1 free trade to top up) during that bye riddled round. I will put an emphasis on Liverpool players, as they aren’t burdened with any byes hanging over their head, but still have a further game in hand to be made up during DGW37.

The remaining 5 players in my Wildcard team will come from Man Utd, Everton, West Ham, Watford or Palace who also have a DGW34, but as I don’t need them to play the following week it’s ok that they have a bye during GW35… Everton and Palace’s DGW33 did put a slight spanner in the works, but all it means is that I will consider going with an extra from those teams (i.e. Everton) than I may have thought previously… If this all goes to plan, I’ll have 15 players all playing twice during GW34 and the Bench Boost comes into play. I’ll have 32 opportunities to score points!

Looking forward then to DGW37… I’ll have two free trades to use prior to this round so, depending on how many Liverpool and Everton players I’ll have left, I could have up to 9 players in my squad playing twice! This is when the Triple Captain chip gets tossed in. Another 25 opportunities to score…

In total, compared to a baseline of 84 opportunities to score in a normal 7 GW period (7 rounds x 11 players + 1 captain per round), I’ll be rolling with 117!

I fully understand the risks involved in all this so don’t waste your time… I’m hoping the FPL Gods decide to smile on me (for once) and that there won’t be many injuries or rotations but chances are there will be, so I’ll need to hold my breath and navigate through that minefield but with +33 points scoring opportunities I can probably deal with 1 or 2. Plus, some of the fixtures involving these teams aren’t the most conducive to scoring big points… Plus, it means getting rid of the likes of Kane, Mahrez, etc, who I won’t see again this season.

But you know what? I don’t care. I ain’t winning the big prize so why not have a crack?!

Anyone else have the courage to follow a similar path?

22 comments on “The “DGW Destroyer” Presser

  1. ed24f1

    I’ve used my wildcard for this week (so I have the chance to use Triple Captain on Lukaku in 33 if I want), and so I have 2 free trades for 34.

    By my planning I’ll have 4 DGW in 33, 12 in 34, only 4 blanks in 35 (one per position) and 5 in 37 – but that’s even before I trade which can improve the final two of those.

  2. tanveer

    why dont u post r wc team .. it will be very helpful for us .. who wants to wc this gw and a bit clueless right now ?

    • baysietoff Post Author

      Pretty tough to post it any time soon as there’s so much time before GW33 but one draft is looking like; Gomes, Darley; Gabriel, Dawson, Flanagan, Ake, Monreal; Coutinho, Barkley, Payet, Firmino, Ozil; Aguero, Lukaku, Mitrovic.

  3. bioedenhazard

    Cheers Baysie, both you and Matt have done a terrific job with you articles on the DGW conundrum. I’m not completely sold on getting rid of in form players like Kane and Mahrez to make way for players of the lower ranked teams like Newcastle or West Brom…but still got a week to figure it out!

  4. boges11

    Excellent work Baysie and Matt.
    One quick question. I was under the impression you can’t play your WC and a chip in the same week. Is this right? I am in the same boat as you with the 2 chips and WC to play.

  5. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    Was planning to play all out attack this week, cant when the wildcard is active :/.
    Team stands as: Hennesey, Ruddy; Bellerin, Gabriel, Rojo, Ake, Moreno; Ozil, Coutinho, Mata, Payet, Barkley; Lukaku, Aguero & (don’t know yet). Last striker spot is killing me, been trying to decide all weekend, Mitrovic actually looks kind of tempting now lol.

      • NiqQ45 4R3 k1nG5

        That woulf be it, but it has changed slightly since than. Only 6 missing from GW35 now and hopefully with trades I can take that down to just 4 and keep the rest. So far no triple captains are shouting out at me, so Im thinking bench boost GW35, and possibly look at the triple captain later on as well.

  6. G

    WC team – any good?

    Mignolet Robles

    Smalling Bellerin Gabriel Sakho Fuchs

    Sanchez Coutinho Payet Lennon Bolaise

    Mitrovic Lukaku Aguero

    • baysietoff Post Author

      Very similar to where mine is at the moment so it must be decent! From memory you’ve got 6 (?) players on GW35 byes which is manageable if you trade properly. 4 DGW players this week which is good. Only 14 DGW34 players makes me think you don’t have your Bench Boost left or don’t like anyone enough to trade out Fuchs? And, 8 (?) players in DGW37 which is great. The only worry I’d have is doubling up on Liverpool’s defence. They’re still crap down back. I’m keeping a midfield spot open assuming/hoping Firmino gets up to go with Mignolet and Coutinho from them.

      • G

        Thanks Baysie

        I’ve made slight tweaks since I posted…basically changed out Fuchs for Simpson and Gabriel for Clichy.

        I might look to even change that and leave out Sakho so I can change out Bolaise for a Liverpool mid in GW34.

        Great work with this site.

  7. Tekkerslovakia

    No Love for De Bruyne? first name on the team sheet since he has returned and has not disappointed and played well in the CL as well.

    But is there a chance he could be rested?

    • baysietoff Post Author

      I just don’t trust Man City. It was him or Sanchez and I’ve gone the latter. He should play every game and he is way overdue for some big points.

  8. Tekkerslovakia

    My wild card team is

    Gomes Robles

    Darmian Mbemba Monreal Simpsom Ake

    Payet Barkley De Bruyne Coutinho Lanzini

    Mitro!!! Aguero Lukaku

    any feedback appreciated.
    I have all my chips to play as well and as im leading a few of my leagues already im hoping this pays off! It didnt last season haha

    • baysietoff Post Author

      Looks fine. You’ve got 8 players on the GW35 bye however but I assume you’ll use the All Out Attack to help cover that along with some trades?

      • Tekkerslovakia

        Thats the idea but doesn’t leave me much room for injuries and rotation ect. PLaying a dangerous games we are lol

        Im a massive fan of Lanzini whos a massive POD and i really think of all the teams West Ham are really gonna push for the CL spot

        • baysietoff Post Author

          Yeah but the risk-reward is huge! If this comes off we’ll be flying, if it doesn’t I don’t think we will have lost much… I do agree with you about Lanzini and the Hammers in general. Their fate is in their own hands and they’ve got the tools to put up some good point scoring games.

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