Musings of A Manager: Monday Madness [GW33]

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With incredulous planning, astute man-management and a pinch of luck the fruitfulness of a double game week [DGW] beckoned.

A DGW to Palace & Everton saw many a wildcard come into play. As schedules were glanced and spreadsheets were made. The form of Everton needed to be raised but many took no hint as they invested in haste. The mighty Lukaku ended up toiling astray as many handed the armband his way.

Delaney or Dann many proclaimed as wily Ward made the day . It was much the same at White Heart Lane. As the faithful lads struck us with pain. Alli & Alderwiereld let go what a shame as the Evertonians let us down once again.

Monday Madness was being laid as Milner and Moreno motored away. ‘Safety Sakho’ missed the boat as I was beginning to drift afloat.

For the seasoned fantasy manager there is nothing quite like the double game week to ensure a healthy dose of ‘Monday Madness’. The emotional roller coaster ride of a season condensed into a weekend.

Four successive green arrows can not temper the splitting decisions that were made during the wildcard week. The safety of Sakho over the attacking intent of Moreno. The heading ability of Delaney over the driving width of Ward. These were not easy decisions but ones which see the team pre wildcard clearly outscoring this collected bunch of misfits.


Greed was the order of the day backing in an Everton side with little to play for in the league. The illuminating shine of 4 fixtures in two game weeks. The hope of statistical probability over form. A notion which has been taken apart over the most wild of seasons. One should have known better.

That said the dust has not settled on this game week. The nature of football itself allows us to believe. That distant hope of a Lukaku hat trick leading us out of troubled waters. That is why we love the game.

As Everton travel to Pardew’s Palace carrying the hopes and dreams of the game week one eye is already on the future. The DGW34, the minefield of GW35 and the unpresuming GW37 leave us with further opportunities to live or die by the sword.

Manager Musings brought to you by @liambednarski with a 10th attempt at FPL trying to consolidate a tumultuous season.

6 comments on “Musings of A Manager: Monday Madness [GW33]

  1. MattyZach

    Nice article, Liam! I feel your pain too. My team was structured in much the same way (but with different personnel) to take on these DGWs. But, alas, I also am struggling on 41 points waiting for the Thursday fixture to correct all!

  2. Bio Eden Hazard

    Amazing Liam! Also in the same situation. Was very excited to see how Sakho and Coutinho would do against Stoke..well…To top that, most of the guys in my league still have Alderweireld and/or Vardy

  3. boges11

    Great article Liam. I am in the same boat. Think I would have had about 70 pts if I left my team alone, sitting on 43 with the last game to go.

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