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Tradition & folklore are the order of the day upon Merseyside but whom can secure our trust and enter our squads in GW34?

With the likes of Robles, Coleman, Barkley & Lukaku already littered throughout our squads it is time to turn our attentions to the red side of Merseyside. This comes with much trepidation as Liverpool have proved extremely frustrating to fantasy managers this season.

To understand why one must think about the best kind of fantasy player. A player who is central to the team, a goal scorer, a provider, a set piece taker whilst being a nailed on contributor. A cut priced asset entering the fore from outside the limelight. Sigurdsson, Payet & Mahrez are standout examples from this season.

Consistency in playing role, minutes, team structure and management style are vital components to the best kind of fantasy players. Liverpool have had players fly in and out of the injury ward, a change in management and a poor goalkeeper there has been little consistency.

Philippe Coutinho (8.2) has graced us with guile supplying 7 goals and 6 assists across 23 games. Having completed 90 minutes in only 11 of those matches his haul of 114 points is not to be scoffed at.

Roberto Firmino (8.1) lit up the Premier League scoring 9.4 PPG (points per game) over an 8 game run earlier in the season. With 8 goals and 8 assists across 26 matches completing the 90 in only 6 matches his total of 131 points is impressive.

Both of these players have had unsettling seasons yet both have been brilliant in the right circumstances. The best kind of fantasy player isn’t a both though. He is an outstanding architect of play leading the way. This is often an issue across the fantasy game. Look at Ozil’s points haul whilst Alexis Sanchez was out of the game.

With an Europa League campaign surrounding Liverpool’s remaining league games. As well as Sturridge (9.9) returning to the fray. The chances of rotation become ever more likely for Firmino as he returns from an injury of his own. Coutinho has been carefully handled over the last month (I expect Firmino to be handled the same way). Coutinho has appeared in 4 of the last 6 Premier League matches but with limited minutes along the way.

The Premier League & Europa League are going to require both Firmino & Coutinho to largely contribute to the cause. With doubts over there long term durability it leaves us with much to ponder. One hopes Fridays Europa League quarter final between Liverpool & Borussia Dortmund points us in the right direction.

Will you be doubling up on Firmino & Coutinho? Is Sturridge your option? Which Liverpool players do you hold? Discuss it with us in the comments section below.

Manager Musings brought to you by @liambednarski with a 10th attempt at FPL trying to consolidate a tumultuous season.

9 comments on “Musings of a Manager: Liverpool

  1. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    Had Moreno this week and I recon Ill keep him. Coutinho missing this week plus this article has me wondering whether I need either of them. Sure they are very explosive and could prove a differential but what if they dont play? Using my bench boost in the big GW34 so if Coutinho doesnt play, its not really worth it. Problem is though, not many other options screaming out in that price range. Do I just downgrade and go for Kane up front? Decisions…

    • Liam Post Author

      Excellent choice on Moreno. I believe Liverpool will go strong in Europe which may lead to rotation in the first game. Will be close to full strength for the derby against Everton.

      They are explosive but I strongly doubt either will play 180 minutes I am leaning towards one of the two but which one? Perhaps Sturridge?

      • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

        Im leaning towards him atm as we all know how deadly he can be and especially with a midfield behind that is actually doing something now it might be worth the shout, but Origi did do quite well so does Klopp keep Sturridge for the Europa league, or do they share the minutes for each of those games (EUropa & PL)?
        You are right though, dont think either will play 180 minutes and dont think Sturride will either.

    • Liam Post Author

      Covering both bases is interesting a strategy by many. It’s going to another interesting double game week.

    • Liam Post Author

      I will be monitoring Sakho’s minutes on Friday morning but will probably have to stick with him. They do have a number of CB options fit at the moment.

  2. greenninja15

    My GW33 WC team included Coutinho, Mignolet & Moreno. Even though they are not the greatest team this year the GW35 blank for many teams made me structure 3 Liv in.

    If we still have all our chips and a WC left it is difficult to squeeze them all in so as trading in fewer weeks is a must in my opinion

  3. ed24f1

    Can’t afford Firmino or Coutinho with my current structure so think I’ll have to go Milner as a mid-range option instead. Also have Sakho in defence.

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