Musings of a Manager: Manchester City


Manchester City’s inability to challenge for the Premier League has been but a side story in this remarkable season. The opportunity is now upon them to take centre stage. Will they seize this glistening chance to boost our FPL squads?

The Sky Blues provide us with an intriguing pair of fixtures for the double gameweek (DGW). Travelling to struggling Newcastle and Chelsea after a tense and ultimately successful UEFA Champions League quarter final against PSG.

Aguero (13.5) is always front and centre of ones fantasy thinking. He comes with the highest price tag and is the most accomplished striker in the Premier League. One must be extremely brave to go into a double game week without his services. His explosive ability is unmatched.

Kevin De Bruyne’s (10.3) transfer broke the Premier League record and it is easy to see why. With an impressive 5.8 PPG (points per game) the Belgian has been a stand out performer. Unfortunately like so many exciting fantasy assets injury has blighted his season.

He has been carefully managed to ensure his appearance in the UEFA Champions League. Having crashed the net to secure City’s progression this morning we have seen exactly why. It doesn’t leave us fantasy managers with an easy decision though with many going without him for the upcoming double game week (DGW).

The remainder of the City squad are littered with injuries and the inconsistencies presented by constant rotation. The performances of Alberto Moreno (4.6) & Joel Ward (4.3) over the weekend have shown us the power of the fullback. These large point hauls can make or break a DGW so one has to suggest Aleksander Kolarov (5.9).

Kolarov is a frustrating fantasy asset. His rocket left peg can result in some outstanding goals but his defensive vulnerabilities often see him rotated. With 3 goals and 3 assists from 26 appearances his certainly worthy of consideration having not departed the bench in this mornings game against PSG.

There is always Yaya Toure (8.5) to consider exploding into the scene. Although his form and future at the club are questionable he does come at a significant price cut on Kevin De Bruyne’s (10.3).

Will you be doubling up on Aguero & De Bruyne? Is Kolarov your option? Which Manchester City players do you hold? Discuss it with us in the comments section below.

Manager Musings brought to you by @liambednarski with a 10th attempt at FPL trying to consolidate a tumultuous season.


4 comments on “Musings of a Manager: Manchester City

  1. greenninja15 says:

    Kun the only player in my WC team, too many unknowns to have more

  2. ed24f1 says:

    Not taking the risk myself but I think Nasri could be a good differential for the DGW!

    • Liam says:

      Good shout his certainly got the potential to produce. Will be interesting to see how much he plays accross the two games.

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