The Stock Market – DGW34

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With the massive Double Gameweek 34 ahead of us, here’s a brief overview of the options available to us this week!

De Gea/Cech/Mignolet – These are your main keeper choices this week. If you’re on a budget Mignolet seems the obvious option. Liverpool don’t have a blank in GW35 and have 2 DGW’s ahead. Unfortunately their defence is well below par, if you can upgrade to De Gea or Cech I would. As far as the other two are concerned, both have sublime fixtures this week. I would bet my reputation that Cech will start this weekend, he’s fully fit and simply must start. My problem was that I already had 3 Arsenal players, so De Gea is in for me. Keep in mind he won’t play in Gw35! Both should be fantastic.

Bellerin – With a goal and 3 assists in the last month Bellerin has become the flavour of the week. With Arsenal at home to Crystal Palace and West Brom this week you can understand why… I’ve had him all season so he gets the nod from me!

Moreno – Alberto came up with a goal last week, unfortunately it was 1 week early for most! I considered bringing him in but honestly I’m not sure it’s worth your time, especially for a points hit. I’ll be backing in Alderweireld, he showed last week why you shouldn’t get carried away with DGW players!

Iwobi/Lanzini – These two have been the discussion in many debates this week, and there was one deciding factor for me. Iwobi is absolute class and should start both fixtures, although 75 minutes may be the best you can hope for in each game. Lanzini however is arguably more important to West Ham, you guys should know I’ve loved his work for a while now! We must keep GW35 in mind however, and having already owned Payet and Lukaku I can’t really afford to have Lanzini as well. There’s no point having a double gameweek if you cop a donut next week! Lanzini will certainly come into my team before West Ham’s DGW 37 but for now I’m going with Iwobi. 3 starts, 2 goals, 2 assists, 26 points. You can’t argue with that.

Firmino/Coutinho – Another head to head battle that many coaches are tossing up, and I’m losing sleep over it. When one plays without the other they seem to score, but what happens when they play together?! it doesn’t happen often… Klopp is focused on the Europa League (Understandably) so we have to take that into consideration. I wouldn’t be surprised if both started 1 game each, but based off his mid-season form I’ve gone for Firmino! 

De Bruyne – If you’re after a man in-form look no further than De Bruyne. Having finally returned from injury he has been red hot, incredibly he has scored in every start since returning. City have missed him big time and you can almost guarantee attacking returns this week. If you can find the cash, don’t hesitate.

Aguero – Of course Aguero has to be high on your shopping list this week, but perhaps not the ‘must have’ we all thought he might be. With 18 goals in 25 games he has hardly been unstoppable, but we all know what happened last time he played Newcastle… A huge triple captain shout this week! I’m still tossing up between him and Ozil.

Origi/Rashford – Lastly a couple of cheap strikers to look at. Here’s my opinion… Avoid both! Rashford is quality there’s no denying that, however United don’t create anywhere near enough chances. He has to resort to individual brillance most of the time. Origi would be a great shout if you could guarantee him 2 starts this week, but you can bet your house that he will start from the subs bench at least once.  Like I said, not a fan of either…

There you have it! Sorry for the late post, exams etc. Hopefully this has helped! Good luck lads, 100 points is on the cards…

5 comments on “The Stock Market – DGW34

  1. Liam

    I ended up going Nasri over Coutinho / Firmino his not included in the UEFA Champions League squad but boy I feel like its a risky POD.

    • MattyZach

      Yep. I’ve also got wildcarder’s remorse. The only non-DGW players I kept were Huth and Mahrez.

      I’ve also got Clyne and Mignolet sitting as 0s with my bench boost currently in play. Dang it!

      • NiqQ45 4R3 k1nG5

        Pre-wildard with Aguero captain Id have 125 with Ozil & Bellerin still to play. Obviously we couldnt have seen this coming but why couldnt I have stuffed up badly earlier and been forced to use my wildcard then! 90 with 3 to play including captain isnt the worst thing I guess.

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