The Stock Market – GW35

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And we’re back again! There’s not much time to think on the back of such a long double gameweek, so let’s browse the options ahead of blank gameweek 35!

On The Rise

Sanchez – Wow… This summarises my season perfectly. All year I have been pumping up Alexis as a 20 goal scorer, I started him and even took a punt on him returning from injury over an in-form Ozil. Of course that burnt me completely and I reckon you can guess the week I switched back. Since then he hasn’t failed to gain attacking returns, scoring in his last 4 appearances and smashing out 25 points in the double gameweek. Meanwhile I triple captained Ozil… Goodbye world. Alexis looks back to his best.

Alli – How dare us doubt Alli because he wasn’t playing twice. He has now reached double figures for goals and assists (10G 12A) and looks a brilliant option ahead of a home game against West Brom. Gun.

Lloris – The Spurs keeper is my prefferred trade if you’re looking to drop De Gea. Speaking of De Gea, that short term move worked perfectly!

Firmino – They always say it doesn’t matter how you get them, and a rebound finish from 3 yards was enough to get Firmino 14 points this week. As an owner I was stoked, but rotation is still a concern ahead of Liverpool’s European commitments… Same story for Coutinho.

Kane – Boom! Sometimes holding is the best option, and Kane repaid our faith in spades. If he’s not your captain this week you’re a brave man, Spurs are on fire!

Sturridge – We definitely missed a trick here. Lukaku seemed like an absolute no brainer ahead of consecutive doubles, unfortunately we didn’t take into account the fact that Everton are woeful. I’m looking to get him in this week, it’s risky but could gain you huge ground!

Gomes – Go and buy yourself a lotto ticket! Incredible…


Ozil – Prick. He’s gone for me after Gw35, not doing enough to justify selection over any player with a DGW 37.

Barkley – Ba bow. Sometimes you’ve just gotta take a risk, but taking a risk on a bloke with 1 goal in his last 20 appearances is pushing your luck! Strangely he’s still considered a certain player for England at the Euro’sNot sure why.

Payet – Incredibly Dimitri Payet is the second most traded out midfielder this week, why? He has another double in 2 weeks time and still managed an assist. I’m holding.

Vardy – The Vardy party has ended, this hurts those people who held him because he didn’t have a blank in GW 35… Forget the fact he lost 3 points for the red card! Should it have been a red card? Perhaps not, but I reckon it was a dive. Forget about it now.

Lukaku – Sigh. I didn’t see Everton play much so I can’t really tell you what’s gone wrong, but it’s hard to hold any of their players during this blank. Ugly stuff, thanks for your early season service Romelu! Don’t let the door hit you on the way out…

Player of the Week

Aguero – I raffled it up between Sanchez and Aguero, but Kun was simply superb this week. I was tossing up between Kun and Ozil as my triple captain, and how wrong did I get it! Newcastle was always going to be a good chance for him to score, but it was Chelsea who he tore apart completely. When he’s in form it’s hard to stop him, don’t write him out of the golden boot race just yet!!!

Good luck for the weekend, hopefully we all have 11 players fielded!

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