DGW Destroyer – Last Drinks

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Make my drink a double… It’s not supposed to be this hard? I don’t remember this many unforced rotations for many years, and they’ve decimated any big plans we had to destroy these DGWs. Not gonna stop me having one last crack though… 😉


So what have I got to work with…


My initial thoughts were to get rid of Mignolet and draft in De Gea, but I don’t believe there’s going to be a heap of clean sheets going around so I didn’t want to waste a trade or 2 on a defensive trade unless I had to… Mignolet may still play both, I mean how fatigued can keepers get for crying out loud?

Then I cringed at my defence of Bellerin, Gabriel, Dawson, Van Aanholdt and bloody Fosu-Mensah. Gabriel’s going to play so I figured Bellerin’s money could be used somewhere if I was convinced with the no cleanie policy, but still wanted Arsenal cover… Van Aanholdt and bloody Fosu-Mensah will both play tw… both have the opportunity to play twice! West Brom are cooked so Dawson is not going to help out much but isn’t worth enough to do much with.

It’s in the midfield that some tough decisions were going to be made and having the names Coutinho and Firmino in there was giving me nightmares. Klopp has turned FPL into a lottery in recent weeks and I kinda want out. But then I had other DGW’ers in the tired Barkley and the untouchable Payet, plus the one gamer in Sanchez up against a Kompany-less City…

Up top I was happy with. Aguero is tough to trade out, Lukaku is going to dominate these last three games and last weeks trade in of Defoe paid immediate dividends and plays twice!

What to do… So back to Liverpool. Screw you Klopp and your Kloppcorning. One of them midfielder’s is gotta go. And it’s Coutinho. I’ve backed in Firmino since the start of the year and he has a higher probability of scoring points, if he plays! Hazard’s return to form has been startling and I’m all in. Coutinho -> Hazard please. I’m even triple captaining him! To be honest, if you told me my end of season midfield was going to look like this I’d be chuffed. I did need to find some money from somewhere to make that trade happen and as I said earlier, to me Bellerin is expendable… But there’s not a great deal around at the 5.2m maximum I was looking at so I plumped for Valencia as a big punt. Bellerin -> Valencia. If you’d have even suggested my team would finish with this bloke even being considered I would’ve hunted you down… But it is what it is.



So there it is, my last crack at super stardom! Aguero will come in somehow, but I don’t know how just yet. The diamond Ross is up against a seriously hungover and Huth-less Leicester so anything is possible. Then Sunderland away… Sanchez maybe? I dunno. Too hard. Bloody Fosu-Mensah probably won’t play, but who the hell knows. West Brom v Bournemouth might be a nil-niller?

All Out Attack would’ve been really handy right about now. Note to self for next season… Keep all chips.

What you up to?

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  1. MattyZach

    I’ve gone hard at the DGW too:

    Mignolet (Robles)
    Rojo, Creswell, Clyne (Simpson, Dawson)
    Payet, Mahrez, Hazard, Sanchez (Iwobi)
    Lukaku, Aguero, Carrol

    Triple C on Payet. I couldn’t bring myself to trade Aguero out, let alone not play him!

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