The Stock Market – DGW37!

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So at last we arrive at the final double gameweek of season 2015/16. It’s been a long one, sorry for the lack of posts recently. Here’s everything you need to know ahead of DGW 37, including a few smokies!

On The Rise

De Gea – People are getting straight back on the De Gea train and why not. He’s clearly the best option between the sticks unless you want to gamble on Adrian, however a kind GW38 fixture makes it almost a no brainer.

Cresswell – I don’t trust West Ham’s defence in the slightest, however Cresswell’s attacking capabilities make him a worthy gamble. Definitely worth sneaking in if you have a spare trade up your sleeve (Or even a wildcard)!

Smalling – It’s clear that United have the best defensive prospects of the teams with 3 games remaining so it’s no surprise that Smalling is another popular option this week. I can’t disagree with it!

Hazard – Wow, who would’ve thought a month ago that Hazard would be a genuine double gameweek option!!! He’s back in form and looks to have just an ounce of confidence back. I’m trying to squeeze him in! Not expecting much, but at this stage of the season we might as well go for it…

Martial – Lastly Martial is a popular pick for most managers this week. I’m not so convinced, at the end of the day he has scored just 9 goals and has 3 double figure hauls to his name all season. I’d rather gamble on a team fighting for survival!


Defoe – Case and point. These 2 games mean the world to Sunderland, and as such getting on board their best player is a wise move. Once again they’ve had a miraculous turn around in-form since it has all started going on the line, don’t be surprised to see them get at least 4 points out of Everton and Chelsea. I’m strongly considering Defoe this week!

Carroll – The big man has delivered recently, it’s a shame he can’t ever stay fit! With 5 goals and an assist in his last 4 outings, he’s well worth a look this week. Why not get behind him! Once again if you have the trade up your sleeve, go for it. He’s probably a slightly better option than Defoe if I’m honest.

Lanzini – I rate this bloke so highly, and as such brought him in last week. He’s capable of a big haul and I can see him rewarding his 2.4% (Yes, 2.4%) of owners. Get on board! A straight swap in for Iwobi is logical, Alli is another option to trade.

Milner – Klopp’s crazy rotation policy makes selecting any Liverpool players a tough gig. You don’t need to tell me how frustrating it is, I’ve owned Coutinho, Firmino and Sturridge recently! Backfired big time. Milner is a left field option if you’ve ever seen one, but it could be worth a punt. He has managed 2x double figure hauls in his past 3 outings!

Lukaku – Lastly the forgotten man, Lukaku. He was meant to be a stalwart in our teams over the past few weeks, but his season has collapsed entirely. There’s still time for him to cause some damage, and with most ‘live’ teams trading him out there’s ground to gain here. Don’t write him Romelu off!


Alderweireld – A straight swap to Smalling seems logical, but it’s definitely not worth a points hit. Only get rid of him if you have a spare trade lying around, so basically hold him! It would seem over 50000 haven’t…

Alli – Here’s an easy decision! Dele is suspended for this weeks game and therefore has to be traded. Any of Liverpool’s midfielders are an option, however rotation is a major concern following their Europa win last night. Lanzini would be my pick unless you have a hidden stash of cash in the bank!

Ozil – It’s back to the Mesut Ozil of 2014. Dropping deep, not willing to take players on, slow on the ball… A completely different player to the superstar we saw earlier this season. What is it about that assist record? Forget what you’ve read about his chances created, he’s bang out of form and should be traded.

Aguero – Having been rested last week it seems logical to fire him straight away, but considering City’s exit from the UCL I can’t see him missing this weekend. They need to secure their Champions League position and Kun should be firmly locked in up front. I’m holding.

Kane – To trade or not to trade? In my opinion it’s an easy choice, hold! Spurs have some kind fixtures and will be keen to secure their spot above Arsenal. Not only that, Kane has a golden boot to secure! Currently leading Aguero by 2 goals, he’ll be keen to add to his tally in the final 2 games.

Player of the Week

Noble – Form is a funny thing. Surely 90% of the managers trading in Noble this week have no idea who he is or what role he plays?! Yes he has 4 goals and 31 points in his last 2 outings, but if he repeats that I’ll retire from FPL permanently. You heard it here first. Don’t get sucked in…

That does it from me! I’ll be back next week for a final wrap up ahead of a crucial GW38 for most managers, especially those competing for league titles!!! Good luck this week, hopefully we can crack 3 figures once again!

9 comments on “The Stock Market – DGW37!

  1. ed24f1

    I’m actually looking to trade out Milner now that they made the final.

    Was considering a Fabregas/Townsend combo to replace Milner and Ozil but your article gets me thinking that I may as well go Hazard/Lanzini instead!

  2. Graeme

    14 double players. Hazard as captain with bench boost active. Hoping to catch the 32 points I need to win my league. Defoe Caroll all sorts of POD. Highest ever ranking of 6600. Exciting weekend.

  3. Meredith

    Matt, you’re a ‘kin genius. Unfortunately I got sucked in to the Noble bandwagon before you posted. Bugger. You were spot on of course. But please don’t make threats like that again. It’s unsettling for your many fans.

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