Studs Up Skippers GW38 – final edition

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And it has finally come…the last game week of the season. It all went so fast. Let’s go out with a bang and choose our captain wisely, one last time (before the next season!).1.      Alexis Sanchez

Almost too simple really. Sanchez is in great form (6 goals in the last 7), he’s playing the already-relegated (and absolutely terrible) Aston Villa at home…and Arsenal is one of the few teams that actually has something to play for: securing their 3rd spot (which City could, in theory, steal) or even better finishing before Spurs.

The pros: explosive form+fixture+motivation combo
The cons: …unless Wenger suddenly decides to bench him, I don’t know. Not good if you’re looking for a differential though.

2.     Sergio Aguero

Good old Sergio is never too far away when it comes to the TOP3. He also is in great form (8 goals in the last 7) and also has something to play for. He’s going to battle a surprising Swansea outfit, which just beat the crap out of Liverpool and West Ham. The Swans have a lot of injured players though (Siggy, Williams…) and I don’t see them containing the Argentinian fury.

The pros: explosive form+motivation combo
The cons: plays away to a surprising Swansea

3. Dusan Tadic

He’s been quitely building up the points lately: 2 goals and 6 assists in the last 4 games is a pretty damn good record! For their last game of the season, the Saints are entertaining Crystal Palace at Saint Mary’s. The only thing Crystal Palace has to play for is the FA cup final so rotation and/or lack of motivation are likely. On the other hand, Southampton can still clinch a European place! Sanchez is probably still a better pick, but do consider Tadic if you’re looking for a differential.

The pros: explosive form+fixture+motivation combo, differential
The cons: Sanchez probably still a better pick

The punt.

Eden Hazard

What a joy to see him back in form! Better late than never I guess… Chelsea have nothing to play for but I’m sure the Belgian midfielder will want to keep his momentum going ahead of the Euro. He’s playing the Foxes though and I don’t think the new Champions will settle for a loss on the last game of their (literally) season.

Thanks guys. Hope this has helped! It’s been a blast to write these articles. Big shout outs to Matt, Baysie and the crew for taking me in!

Before we part ways until next season, let me know what is at stake for you for this last game week. I will personally be trying to break into the top 1000! Fingers crossed!

2 comments on “Studs Up Skippers GW38 – final edition

  1. boges11

    Great stuff Bio. Massive thanks to you and all the boys for another entertaining season.
    I am 3rd and playing 1st (3pts diff) in our money league. Captaining Payet, V on Tadic, but will prob change that numerous times.

  2. MattyZach

    Thanks for your work this season mate! Has been a good run.
    Sanchez for me, even though as a Spurs man I’d like to see them flop and not challenge us for 2nd place.

    Looking to improve on my best ever finish, 35000 at the moment with previous best at about 50000.

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