Projected XI’s – Bournemouth


Next up, AFC Bournemouth. They have been busy in the transfer market since gaining promotion to the Premier League, and are the highest spending club of last season’s bottom 10. With 37 million pounds spent so far, they will be after a huge improvement this season! Here how I expect them to line-up, and I like what I see… Continue reading


Pre-Season Watchlist


Having had time for a tinker session with my squad, I think I’ve come to a pretty settled line-up for the time being. It will certainly change! It might be a good idea to screenshot your current team immediately before you screw it all up… Without giving away my whole team, here is a few players I have firmly on my pre-season radar. Continue reading

Season 2016/17 Kick Off + RMT

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 03.02.55

If you have missed the news, let me fill you in. FPL is back baby! As you may have heard I’m jetting off to Europe to let off some steam before enjoying the first month of Premier League action. It’s lucky that I’m over in England because you’ve got to be pretty dedicated to cop this Optus bullshit over in Australia! Of course I’ll be doing what I can to get access to the streaming coverage, but I doubt it will ever be the same. Damn those Broadband bastards (No offence to those who can now catch a game on free to air!!!)… ANYWAY.

I’m busy putting together my Yearly Predicted XI line-ups to go up daily while I’m away. You’ll have to forgive me if some of them are out of date by the time they go live, but they should be close enough! I’ll also post my early structure thoughts and let you guys know who’s on my radar sometime over the next 48 hours!

I should also mention that I didn’t really close off last season. The last couple of months became a real struggle, partly due to my final semester of Uni and partly due to a lack of interest in FPL last year. I think there was just too many bargains, the template team really won the day. Hopefully things are different this year!

I’ll try and get some articles up for you guys when I’m away, but we have to wave goodbye to our beloved Baysie! No he hasn’t retired from FPL and I’m sure will still pop his head in and comment his thoughts, but unfortunately we’re down to just 2 weekly writers. It may make running the site full time a tough gig, so if any of you want to share your weekly thoughts then email us!!! ( I love the community we have built here and have come too far to just quit now. But we do need your help… Looking forward to hearing from some of you!

Now then, get drafting! Let’s kick off some RMT discussion in the comments, it’s time to get excited! The FPL pre-season has just begun.