Season 2016/17 Kick Off + RMT

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If you have missed the news, let me fill you in. FPL is back baby! As you may have heard I’m jetting off to Europe to let off some steam before enjoying the first month of Premier League action. It’s lucky that I’m over in England because you’ve got to be pretty dedicated to cop this Optus bullshit over in Australia! Of course I’ll be doing what I can to get access to the streaming coverage, but I doubt it will ever be the same. Damn those Broadband bastards (No offence to those who can now catch a game on free to air!!!)… ANYWAY.

I’m busy putting together my Yearly Predicted XI line-ups to go up daily while I’m away. You’ll have to forgive me if some of them are out of date by the time they go live, but they should be close enough! I’ll also post my early structure thoughts and let you guys know who’s on my radar sometime over the next 48 hours!

I should also mention that I didn’t really close off last season. The last couple of months became a real struggle, partly due to my final semester of Uni and partly due to a lack of interest in FPL last year. I think there was just too many bargains, the template team really won the day. Hopefully things are different this year!

I’ll try and get some articles up for you guys when I’m away, but we have to wave goodbye to our beloved Baysie! No he hasn’t retired from FPL and I’m sure will still pop his head in and comment his thoughts, but unfortunately we’re down to just 2 weekly writers. It may make running the site full time a tough gig, so if any of you want to share your weekly thoughts then email us!!! ([email protected]) I love the community we have built here and have come too far to just quit now. But we do need your help… Looking forward to hearing from some of you!

Now then, get drafting! Let’s kick off some RMT discussion in the comments, it’s time to get excited! The FPL pre-season has just begun.

45 comments on “Season 2016/17 Kick Off + RMT

  1. kingcolesy

    yeow new season!

    I’ll start off a RMT, with intentions of wilcarding after game week 3 starts.

    0 ITB
    Mandana (Mannone)
    Shaw, Rangel, Taylor (McAuley, Evans)
    De Bruyne, Tadic, Sigurdsson, Townsend (Fletcher)
    Aguero, Ibrahimovic, Austin

    CPL, SWA, WBA look good for some budget options, mixed with premium MUN, MCI attacking options.

    Good to see a new article on the site!

    • Liam

      I wouldn’t expect Rangel to be a certain starter anymore.

      Doubling up on WBA is a risk even with kind fixtures to start the season.

      Townsend is likely to face rotation as Crystal Palace have some quite excellent wingers.

      Good first draft though impressive read first up.

      Is that Darren Fletcher on the bench? (Hope not)

      • kingcolesy

        I’m a risk taker 🙂 yeah traded out rangel(but for naughton)

        Townsend might but he seemed to be best player in their first preseason game. Fischer from Middlesbrough could be a goer instead?

        WBA and MID are defensive minded teams. Not fussed on doubling up in defence. Could easily navigate a few fixtures using all 4.5 players, even without Shaw. You could squeeze gk/def to valdes/juk MID/SWA/SWA/WBA/WBA as a fixture friendly 31m gk/combo.

        • Liam

          Fischer looks good from the limited profiling I have done on him so far.

          I think they bought Townsend in to compete / start over Bolasie & Zaha + additional cover from when one of those are injured.

          He is a good option at the right price because Palace attack heavily on the wings. Whether that is his current price I have not yet decided.

  2. brandonpietie

    The LONG awaited post… i cant believe it is FINALLY here.

    I’ll RMT 2nd then.

    Also thinking of WC early.

    So here is 1st draft team:

    Foster (Valdes)
    Fuchs, Kolarov, Walker (Naughton, Lenlhan)
    Townsend, Mkhitaryan Mahrez, Ayew (Ibe)
    Batshuayi, Ibrahimovic(C), Long

    • kingcolesy

      looking good, the crowd will go with Aguero round 1 tho. Hopefully Bats is going to be 90minutes, have to wait and see. I like the Mahrez pick, could be capt for gw1!

  3. rostie

    Hello guys.
    No team yet, but getting excited about the season ahead. Hoping Liverpool can make big inroads this season.

    Still debating what to do with Optus. iinet has been causing me troubles so may be worth the switch!

    • Liam

      I had to get a new phone and went with Optus. No issues with coverage, PL included at no extra cost, website looks slick.

      The big unknown is whether Optus’s servers / website / set up can handle the high load it is set to experience when the games start.

      I think it might crash on the first weekend.

  4. Luke

    First draft

    Butland (Jakupovic)

    Otamendi,Shaw,Creswell (Nyom,Mcauley)

    Hazard,Mkhitaryan,Ayew,Shaqiri (Feghouli)



    • Liam

      Nice. Feghouli is quality but will face severe rotation risk. Defenders I would consider a top 4 side over Creswell his good getting forward but West Ham have not impressed in the market therefore I can’t see them increasing there clean sheet performance over a richer side (Chelsea, Arsenal even Liverpool with Klopp).

  5. Scott

    Hazard’s a notoriously slow starter (9 months last season!) and Chelsea may take a while to adapt to the new manager/system so not sure I’d have him in GW1.

    • Anthony

      I disagree. Conte will have Chelsea raring to go come Gameweek 1 as he will want to capitalise on the relatively kind early fixtures. Hazard will be looking to prove himself to the Chelsea faithful and the football community after his dismal displays last season. This means goals and assists! No European football will help Chelsea a lot this season too.

      • Liam

        Without penalties potentially and a different formation / role change I won’t be starting with him but without European competition Chelsea assets will be much sort after this season.

  6. George

    Cech (Jakupovic)
    Sagna, Terry, Evans (Jagielka, Friend)
    Hazard, Silva, Barkley, Townsend, Feghouli
    Ibrahimovic, Lukaku (C.Wilson)


    • Liam

      A good starting squad but uncertainty over some players being guaranteed starters as your key defenders. (Sagna & Terry unlikely to play 30+ matches)

  7. templetontherat

    My first go at a team:
    Forster (Konstantopoulos)
    A. Williams, Dann, Coleman, Bertrand (Friend)
    Willian, Payet, Ozil, Boyd (Shaqiri)
    Rhodes, Agueroooooooo (Defoe)

    Mind I did this without looking at the early fixtures, so I am interested to see the article analyzing the first 3-5 fixtures and adjust based on that. It now hits me that Villa is not there anymore because there are none of their players to pick ;( ;( ;(

    • Liam

      Consider a premium defender to ‘lock in’ for the season from one of the rich clubs you don’t want to be rotating all of the time in defence you will rely on sensational judgement (and luck) to maximise defensive points.

          • templetontherat

            Ah forgot about that, might still be worth getting him though? Or just trade him in round 2?

          • Liam

            Its a tough call, his currently got an injury and has been prone in the past. The value option at United is Luke Shaw but his also been ravaged by injuries and might be the threat of rotation.

            I am leaning towards Shaw at this point over Smalling.

  8. greenninja15

    Heaton / Foster
    Dawson, Dann, Shaw / Ayala, Lenihan
    Erikson, Mkhi, Firmino, Cabaye, Payet
    Kane, Gray / Carroll
    $0.0 ITB
    Gonna play 3/5/2

    Carroll > Wilson, Algredo
    Ayala > Stones, Williams, Baines
    Lenihan > any 4.0 that presents

  9. MCWizards

    Looking forward to a new season!
    Foster (Valdes)
    Baines, Bailly, Walker (Fry, Fenihan)
    Payet, Ozil, Townsend, Ayew (Ibe)
    Aguero, Lukaku, Wickham
    0m left, still tossing up those last two midfield spots and Fenihan as well.

    • Liam

      Baines is an interesting selection he is someone I will have to review in the pre season. Everton’s defence was horrid last season they really need some depth in this area.

      Bailly not sure if he is a guaranteed starter but a good option I like the selection if his going to play all of the time.

      I wouldn’t select Wickham but who knows he could have an explosive start, he is a streaky player and its good to go with your gut calls.

    • greenninja15

      Baines could be great value if he can recapture form of 2-3 years ago, remember when he was $7.0??? If new gaffer can tighten things up then could be awesome
      Palace have great fixtures to start so Wickham could be a great POD…or first trade of season

      • Liam

        Baines used to score big when he was on penalties and they haven’t added significantly to the squad (only a goalkeeper).

        If he is on penalties he is an option if not it depends on their recruiting.

        I am not confident making a decision either way on him at this early stage.

        • MCWizards

          Baines is in for now, no additions that will make him a definite no for deas ball duties just yet but if it does happen, Colemans the man on the other flank who could be an option.

          Wickham does seem like a boom or bust option, Palace led the league in crosses last year and Im hoping with consistent game time, the addition of Townsend and a full pre season at Palace it could translate to a better return. Palace do have fairly good fixtures to start off as well, Ive toyed with the idea of Townsend and even Souarè at 4.5m as options on their lines.

  10. jhking0313

    Good to be back!!
    Here’s how my teams looking for now

    Heaton (Foster)
    Shaw, Wimmer, Friend (Francis, Kingsley)
    Hazard, Mkhi, Tadic, Townsend (Watson)
    Aguero, Lukaku, Wilson

    1m itb.

    Few things for thought. first of all, in the 6.5 striker position, there seem to be a lot of different players that could do great this season such as Long, Gray, Wilson, Berahino… Personally, I’m going with Wilson for now due to his flying start last season before his injury. He has proven that he can score goals in the pl and probably would have been around 8m this season if it wasn’t for his injury. However, should Berahino get his move to Stoke, I think I will switch to him.
    Also, I have a big dillemma between Lukaku and Vardy. Vardy’s first fixture against an injury deprived Hull side with their manager who also resigned… He may explode on the first gw, but then again Lukaku at 9m seem like such a bargain. He is only 23 and he’s only gonna get better. As Everton’s main man and with Koeman taking over Everton, he could be top 3 strikers this season. He also leaves me with 1m to spare in the bank for me to make some changes after observing the first week (eg Hazard to Sanchez/KDB).

    Any thoughts and ideas??

  11. baysietoff

    Alright lads? Yeah sorry I’ve had to call it a day. Partly because I refuse to follow the Optus model and therefore won’t be watching as many games as I’d like to offer the advise I’d like. And partly due to time. It can take a long time to write something you’re happy with and I can’t commit to that this season…

    Anyways. This is my 2nd draft team! There’s too many transfers waiting to happen which will impact my team, like Stones to City / anyone to Everton, to think this’ll be it.

    Foster (Jakupovic)
    Baines, van Dijk, Williams (Gabriel, McAuley)
    Hazard, Silva, Firmino, Barkley (Ward-Prowse)
    Sturridge, Lukaku, Rondon

    No Aguero or Ibra, I see no value and want a balanced side. I do like the look of Benteke & Berahino if they move, Depay & Sterling both offer value if they get their act together, Rodriguez could be OOP, Chelsea’s 7.5m mids. This could actually be a good season to go midprice mids? Add Siggy, Tadic, Arnau, Shaqiri to them… My only lock is Hazard. Finished off the season great and will be looking to tee up his end of season move to PSG with a huge one! 😛

    • Liam

      Couple of glass legged players (Silva, Sturridge) even Baines these days.

      Disappointed you can’t contribute Baysie the Optus model is poor I was fortunate I needed a new phone and got a good deal.

    • jhking0313

      Aguero is a must have for me. Not just because of his scoring potential, but he is an easy captain choice week in and week out. Going without him while everyone has him will cost you a lot when he does score big and everyone has him as captain

  12. brandonpietie

    So I have redrafted for like the 99th time lol.

    Here we go: (Still 0.5mil in the bank)

    Valdés (Foster)
    Fuchs, Shaw, Naughton (Dawson, Wilson)
    Townsend, Hazard, Mahrez, Ayew (Ibe)
    Batshuayi, Gray, Ibrahimovic

  13. Jason

    Hey guys,

    Could I have some thoughts on this team. 0mil itb

    Foster (Jakupovic)
    Baines, Souare, Friend (Evans, Nyom)
    Mahrez, Ayew, Barkley, Rodriquez (Bojan)
    Aguero (c), Ibra (vc), Carroll

    Ibra’s too hard to ignore for the first 3 GW’s looking at their fixtures. Ahead of the Manchester derby, I plan on downgrading Ibra to Lukaku ahead of their great fixtures and upgrading Ayew to the best performing midfielder

  14. templetontherat

    Updated my team based on some of what I read and your suggestions:

    Forster (Konstantopoulos)
    Friend, Lowton, Coleman, Bertrand (Smalling)
    Willian, Mkhitaryan, Ozil, Shaqiri (Boyd)
    Rhodes, Aguero (c) (Defoe)

    • Liam

      I like what you have done across the team it certainly looks more balanced now. Good work.

      Rhodes has question marks over him.

      Shaqiri is a guaranteed starter but inconsistent.

      Two promoted defenders are a lower chance of more then 5 clean sheets across the season then some mid table options for the same price.

      Those are some questions marks to consider moving forward whilst building your team. I hope that helps in some way, good luck with the remainder of the pre season.

  15. Holly

    Here’s mine, I’m liking the look of it so far but any help would b appreciated – Schmeichel (Valdes), Williams, Morgan, Valencia (Evans) (Davies) Silva, Barkley, Hazard, Coutinho, Walcott/Sigurdsson/Tadic, Vardy Rooney (Diomande)

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