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Fußball: Das neue Emblem von Arsenal London

And so it begins. Unsurprisingly Arsenal have numerous holes in their squad, none of which have been filled since the Euro’s began. Here’s what we can expect from the Gunners…

There’s unlikely to be any surprises when Arsenal lineup in Gameweek 1. Wenger only knows one way, 4-2-3-1 and control possession. I think there’s huge potential for Arsenal to play a 4-4-2 and employ another forward to play off Giroud (See Griezmann and France). There’s no doubt in my mind that Giroud can thrive with a partner, I guess only time will tell. Apart from that pipe dream, here’s how I expect them to line up:

Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 19.29.20

There are certain players who face no job security concerns. Koscielny, Bellerin and Monreal are certainties to be played in defence when fit. You know what you’re going to get from Arsenal’s back four, 16-18 clean sheets and a solid points haul. Gabriel is being considered by many a bargain at 5.0, but I wouldn’t rely on him. I’m almost 100% sure that Wenger will sign a centre back with Mertesacker ruled out for the first half of the season. Mustafi looks to be the guy, if he comes in at 5.5 get on board.

Xhaka will improve Arsenal’s team drastically, but from a personal sense he won’t be a good buy in FPL. He’s there to provide a strong presence in midfield and control the game, not score or rack up assists. Cazorla was so good before his injury that he will surely come back into the first team, but if he looks past it there’s a plethora of alternatives. Coquelin could come in, or Ramsey could drop deeper (He will be played forward if possible) and see a winger come on. The most likely option however is Jack Wilshere. IF. And I mean IF he stays fit, he will be the guy to play the box-to-box role next to Xhaka and it will make Arsenal’s midfield ridiculously powerful. Keep an eye on how he’s tracking.

Further forward, Ozil is sure to occupy the number 10 role. Expect similar returns to last season. He’ll have hot and cold patches, that’s the life of a creator. He remains great value at 9.5 but is unlikely to line-up GW1. Once he returns from injury Sanchez will lock up the left or right wing position. I’d love it if he got played up top with Giroud, but as I’ve mentioned that’s probably unlikely. I expect to see Ramsey resume his wing role, albeit pushing infield. When given the freedom to roam forward and create (See Wales in the Euro’s) he’s simply brilliant. If Ozil goes down expect Ramsey to play in behind the striker… Perhaps they will rotate between the centre and wing throughout matches.

Lastly, the fabled Arsenal striking position. Will we see a new addition? I bloody hope so, because Giroud is a 15 goal striker. As a support player he’s brilliant, but he isn’t fit to lead a team to the Premier League title. I’ll be shocked if another striker doesn’t come in before deadline. However for now, he is literally THE ONLY option Wenger has. Walcott is no longer relevant, and Sanogo is, well… Sanogo.

So, that covers Arsenal! An easy one first up. Look forward to more team previews shortly… we’re getting close! Just 2 weeks to go now, get tinkering.

6 comments on “Projected XI’s – Arsenal

  1. schabawss

    Nice article. What are your thoughts regarding Wilshere and Oxlade? Are they ever going to breakout or are they going down the unfulfilling path of Walcott?
    Agree completely with your thoughts on Giroud. Great player, but he isn’t going to win you the Premier League as the main striker.
    Gabriel does seem like too much of a risk, even at 5.0. I think Coquelin might get a gig a centre back in the likely event that Gabriel doesn’t perform. Or Chambers…

    First line should read ‘…Arsenal have numerous holes…’

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      I really want them too… Forgot about Jacky! Overload in midfield. If he stays fit he will certainly be the one to play next to Xhaka. Ox… Not so sure. Think he’s flashy but not the final product

    • Liam

      Wilshere not a fantasy asset. His got a glass ankle I don’t think we will see much out of him over a long run of games but one can only hope.

      Oxlade well he was the great false hope last pre season maybe he can show some of his promise this season and be more consistent. Had numerous injuries which derailed him. Would be someone to look at if he nailed down a spot / some else was injured if his price is friendly enough.

  2. The Swan and Paedo

    What do you think to Ozil as a set and forget from GW3 onwards? Or better to try and ride Sanchez for some good fixtures here and there?

    • Liam

      It depends on how you structure your forward line to what cash you have remaining to boost in midfield.

      I have been looking at the ‘Top 50’ finishes of ‘All Time’. I am not sure how many years the all time covers as they changed the database about 5 years ago.

      Anywho the top finishes tend to start the season with a set up similar to a: (11.4, 8.9, 8.3, 7.1, 5) the surprising thing I noticed was the super premium being a regular.

      Once upon a time we had the reliable options of Lampard, Gerrard even Fabregas in his original spell and of course C.Ronaldo. These players were high scoring midfielders in general play whilst also being on penalty kicks leading to automatic selections as the ‘premium midfielder’ and often your captain.

      With Hazard missing from the spot with regularly last season and other premium midfield options (De Bruyne & Sanchez) not on spot kicks it makes justifying these types of players difficult.

      De Bruyne, Sanchez & Hazard are likely to explode from time to time as the former giants of the game did but without spot kick duties it can become significantly less frequent (around 3-7 goals a season each).

      To the question. Sanchez is a wide forward and in a good season can score 20+ goals without penalties. Given he is starting his second season in a row with an injury and his actually had quite a few injuries since coming to the PL he is in a similar situation to Aguero.

      Essential when fit and firing but instantly droppable when out of the game whilst requiring significant shifting of budget to bring him back in.

      Ozil can be prone to injury too but I believe he is underpriced in the game by 0.5 at the very least and is worthy of investment. If he can put together minutes similar to last season.

      The downside to Ozil is that he not a viable captain option given his poor shooting his unlikely to score a lot of goals.

      The extra money from Sanchez carries the increased likelihood of explosive returns and therefore captain material whilst Ozil carries the mark of consistency whilst being underpriced which will benefit your team in an entirely different way.

      How much do you value a viable captain option? and do you have another one elsewhere?

      Arsenal are going to be underdone coming into the season with so many players having faced international duty with short pre seasons. My advice would be to reassess after GW3 and look at how Arsenal is shaping up once the transfer window has closed.

      If Sanchez was fit and firing for GW1 & Arsenal he would be the second name on my team sheet behind Aguero. That is not the case therefore I am debating between Ozil & Firmino for midfield spots whilst pondering the merits of Zlatan the Great.

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