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Welcome to the bargain basement, each week I’ll be taking a look those little gems that make all the difference. Forget Aguero, Sanchez and co. We all know the likes of Mahrez and Alli were last years saving graces.

The Goalkeeper

The butterfly effect, where the simple act of a harmless butterfly fluttering its tiny little wings in China, consequently causing a tornado in Texas. I always believed it was a myth… That was until a collective sigh from Ben Foster owners in Australia when they awoke on Sunday morning caused a gargantuan typhoon in my home town in England.

At 4.5 (for how much longer?) with an upcoming run of ‘Boro, Bournemouth, West Ham, Stoke and Sunderland to come, he’s undoubtedly going to rise in price and be a top scoring ‘keeper in the first couple of months at least. We all know Tony Pulis runs a tight ship, limiting teams to long range shots, perfect for a few cheap saves. Get him in and start him, my Mums roof needs fixing.

The Defender

When putting together this bargain list, I was focusing on defenders under 5.0m, I tried and tried but one name kept ticking all my boxes.

  • Upcoming fixtures against West Brom, Stoke, Sunderland, ‘Boro, Bournemouth and Palace
  • HUGE potential  to be playing in a more advanced position due to a new managers 3 at the back preference
  • Priced at 5.5m he’s certainly a bargain for what he can bring
  • A historical fantasy BEAST

Yep, Everton’s Leighton Baines is someone who could make or break a season. I chickened out of having him in my team and I’m regretting it already, sure, he may not have penalty duties anymore but he’s a threat going forward, and Everton will be much more organised at the back under Koeman.

The Midfielder

Earlier this week fellow writer @liambednarski talked up Etienne Capoue, and I’m calling shotgun on his bandwagon. Ignoring the 10 points he gained in Gameweek 1, the advanced role he had in a 3-5-2 is massive, and priced at only 4.5m, he could easily be the bargain of the year.

I’d read a lot about Watford pre-season and knew they would have a midfielder with a license so made sure I brought one in.. Unfortunately for me I went with Ben Watson over Capoue, yeah, really. Luckily he was benched but I’ll consider it a lesson learnt. The only concern was his one shot for one goal, but he’s a work horse and a line-breaker, and I’ll be bringing him in this week for his mate, the shambolic ginger mess I chose ahead of him.

The Forward

I always like to have a proven goal scorer at EPL level in my team; however I can’t have all of Lukaku, Aguero, Kane, Costa or even Rooney.

That leaves a handful of older hands lead by Jermain Defoe, at 7m he’s an ideal price for what he’s capable of. With the exception of a trip to former club, Spurs, his next 8 games could see a handy return, and that starts with a tasty home fixture against ‘Boro this weekend. He’s the focal point of Sunderlands moves forward and above all else, scores goals. A great rotation option for many, owned by just 7.2% of the competition he’s a great point of difference.


Not the greatest of starts for me, with just 43 points. Mostly due to dropping Foster and sticking with Lukaku.. his bench replacement was Monreal for a lovely duck. Above all though, I’m happy with most of my team and its structure, and bloody happy footy is back – Note: I’m English and “soccer” is a swear word.

My main focus this week is to ensure there are no violent gusts of wind in England, and a ginger bastard is removed from my team.

9 comments on “Bargain Basement

  1. bioedenhazard

    Welcome to the writers team mate! Great first article…also gutted to have gone Fletcher over Capoue for my 4.5 mid

  2. Zac

    New to this site and wish i had discovered it before the season! Anyone know how long lukaku is out for? thinking lukaku to defoe might be worth it

    • Chris Jones Post Author

      Welcome Zac. I’ve read that he’s come through a full training session well, that’s great, BUT it’s the only training session he’s had in a few weeks. I’d imagine he’ll be in the squad and probably come of the bench.

      I have Lukaku too, feel your pain, but I brought him in for a reason, and have to back that choice. Defoe would be great to cover him for a week or two, but use the left over cash wisely!

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