Studs Up Skippers GW2

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Hello, hello boys and girls! After missing the first week (apologies to my fans haha) I’m finally back with the weekly captain article! Hopefully work will leave me enough time off to be back for good.  Just one thing before I get on with discussing captain options: even though Liam and Matt are doing an amazing job… we need more writers!! I see a lot of sensible and smart comments after each article, you guys definitely have what it takes to participate. Come join us, it’s painless and it’s fun!

The Contenders

It’s so early in the season that we’ll have to go with our guts. That being said I will prefer to bet on players who are not new to the Premier League at this stage. I will also keep an eye on captain polls to make sure I don’t take too many risks going against the crowd.

The Top 3

1.        Sergio Aguero

Talking about a known quantity in the EPL…look no further than Sergio Aguero! Although Pep probably needs some time to bring the best out of his team, the Argentinian striker just made a killing scoring once in the first GW and 3 times against Bucarest in the ECL qualifiers (despite missing 2 penalties!). He’s playing Stoke (away) which is not a bad fixture.

The pros: we all know what he’s capable of, started the season with a bang
The cons: Pep’s City is still a work in progress, will be the third game in a week

2.     Zlatan Ibrahimovic

As a Paris Saint Germain fan, I’m quite familiar with United’s new striker. And let me tell you one thing: stats will be meaningless with this guy! He can be useless for 89 minutes and still end up with a brace. It’s just the kind of player he is: very frustrating at times but gets the job done. That being said, I’m curious to see how he adapts to the Premier League. He was playing for a very dominant team in a weaker league before so it’s hard to tell. With a home game against Southampton and a good performance from United last GW he’s unsurprisingly tailing Aguero in captain polls.

The pros: started scoring for United from the start, home fixture
The cons: new to the EPL, may be a bit tired after the Euro (although it didn’t last very long for him)

3.     Eden Hazard

Very nice to see this guy (seemingly) coming back to FPL relevance. After a great end of last season (unlike the beginning and the middle) + a good Euro, he came back to the EPL scoring in the first GW! He’s looking hungry and influential again, therefore he gets the third spot in my top 3. He’s playing Watford away by the way…

The pros: seems to be back…if it’s true we all know what it could mean!
The cons: Chelsea looks like it needs time to adapt to Conte’s style, more risky than Aguero and Ibrahimovic

The punt

Sadio Mane

After the sensational win against Arsenal, I had to pick a Liverpool player. It’s hard to pick the right one though. Coutinho impressed against the Gunners but he’s got such a history of inconsistency that I wouldn’t dare to give him the armband. Based on last season, Firmino seems the most consistent of the bunch but he found a way not to even register an assist despite his team scoring 4 goals at the Emirates (don’t start selling though!). That leaves us with Mane…who looks in the form of his life despite not being famous for having the best track record in terms of consistency either…Against Burnley away, I’m giving you the Punt status Sadio, don’t let me down!

The pros: looked superb last week in a very attacking team
The cons: not famous for consistency, lots of strong attacking players within the Reds’ team

Thanks guys. Hope this has helped!

22 comments on “Studs Up Skippers GW2

  1. Holly


    Can someone give me some advice for my team. I tried to go on the rate my team link but most of these seem to be out of date?

    I’m thinking of taking Redmond out for this week and wondering who you guys would pick for this coming game week from the following:

    Fer/Routledge, Rodwell/Januzaj, Ramirez

    Or do I take a hit & stick Valencia up top as I think they might do better v Bournemouth?

    Any help much appreciated.

    • Holly

      Lol yeah I don’t expect him to have a good game week v Utd can’t see him scoring against them

      The others I have right now are Coutinho, Hazard, Barkley, Silva, Ibra & Vardy. Reckon I should leave it b for now?

        • Holly

          Haha, ok how about keeping Redmond 😉 But taking out Silva & putting in Sigurdsson & Valencia(West Ham)? Feel like Swansea & West Ham could do well this weekend?

          • BioEdenHazard

            Dude how about having more of a long term approach? Football is unpredictable, it’s too risky to bet on single gameweeks

          • Liam

            I look at the next 3 weeks for fixtures when making transfer decisions but generally the quality of the player is more important. Trades are best used to fix things in this game selecting Redmond was a good decision. I would hold off trading this week if it is your biggest issue he could perform well at Old Trafford.

          • Holly

            Thanks guys. I’ve made my changes though, you’re right, I should probably have thought twice about changing a winning team and look further into the future! Next time 😉

          • Holly

            Cheers, I ended up sticking Llorente & Ramirez in & kept Redmond. I hadn’t planned too far ahead but think that lot should do me well in the coming weeks :). I’m thinking of subbing Schmeichel too & putting in Valdes. Do you think he’ll continue to be first choice after his nervy start?

            Thanks for the top tips 🙂

          • Liam

            Good decisions there they are all good fantasy options. Time will tell if they pay off or not.

            The free kick was actually very good. I thought he made a mistake but I read an excellent article by SEBSB (google him extremely good writer) which talked about why it was such a good free kick.

            I had a ‘scout’ watching the match and he told me that Valdes performed very well moving off his line to clear the ball as well as making important saves. He may have made a slight mistake on the free kick but he had to hedge his bets and unfortunately came up just short.

            I would hold him for now, see how he performs over a series of games. Goalkeepers are an especially fickle trade, generally you get one of your starting two right which is enough until a wildcard.

          • Holly

            Nice one, cheers. Gutted when I saw Valdes was injured. Should’ve kept the faith in Schmeichel v Arsenal last weekend. Doh!

          • Liam

            The big fixtures are extremely hard to predict. I advise starting premium defenders in those fixtures. Leicester is a funny one but with 5.0 invested in your goalkeeper and Huth returning to the side I would start him most weeks.

  2. mattcraigdt

    Great to have you back Ben! Aguero for me this week, still not sure who I can trust. Mane has had a shoulder problem and whilst it’s not serious I probably wouldn’t captain him… Andy Carroll in West Ham’s first home game is my sneaky shout!

    • BioEdenHazard

      Yep Mane is quite…. A punt! 🙂 in all honesty I was gonna have firmino as the punt but thought I would choose Mane instead for a laugh (and given his excellent game GW1)

  3. Chris Jones

    At this I’m logging in every hour and changing it from Hazard to Aguero… Firmino has had it three times this week and even Andy Carroll had a go. I’d had a few beers at that point

  4. MCWizards

    Im gone for a few days and Ive missed three articles and almost missed the skippers article today! This is freat stuff guys, very much appreciated. Lots of articles that are all at high quality, Im loving it!
    As for my captain, I just left it on Aguero and he matched Ibra thankfully. This season is looking to be tighter than last season, if its a ything like the AFL season, we’ll be spoilt!

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