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Welcome back to the second round of the stock market. Things are starting to settle down and it’s becoming more clear as to who is vital to own! Let’s take a look at the big winners and losers from the weekends action.

On The Rise

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Heaton – It was only 2 years ago that Tom Heaton burst onto the scene with a huge 2014/15 season. He managed 150 FPL points from just 10 clean sheets thanks to a huge 127 saves and 11 bonus points. Since he was last in the PL the bonus points have become more favourable to keepers, and he picked up another 3 on the weekend thanks to 5 saves. After 7 saves in round 1, he’s now the highest scoring keeper so far. At 4.5 he is incredible value and a possible partner for Forster as a rotation pairing.

Jakupovic – Cheap keepers are in stock this season! If Jakupovic continues to start priced at 4.0, he becomes a no brainer. The fact that Hull are capable of keeping clean sheets only makes things better! They had the second best Championship defence last season and won’t be easy to break down at home. Man United will be a massive test this week so a rotation pairing is vital, however he provides a genuine starting option with an easier fixture. I’m on board.

Shaw – It was a battle between Valencia and Shaw all pre-season, and it’s Shaw who has taken the early lead thanks to being fouled in the box for United’s second goal. Having gone to the game and had a first hand view at both players, I wouldn’t be too worried if I was a Valencia owner. He looked the more dangerous of the pair and probably should have had an assist if Zlatan hadn’t fluffed his header. One thing is for sure, you certainly need one of these two in your defence! United looked mighty solid.

Van Aanholt – If Sunderland could even pretend to look solid in defence then Van Aanholt would be the biggest lock in FPL history. He scored 6 goals and 4 assists last season and that was no fluke, he literally plays more like a winger than a full back. His goal on the weekend was a poachers finish in the box! Unfortunately Sunderland are tragic and clean sheets are going to be incredible scarce. He’s worth a gamble because at the very least he will get you a reasonable return of attacking points as a cheap 5.0 option, but the potential is there for so much more…

McCauley – McCauley has always been a threat from set pieces, but never has he been priced at 4.5. If you’re going cheap in defence then McCauley has to be in your team, always back in a Tony Pulis defence! Value.

Capoue – Speaking of value, I hope everyone read last weeks bargain article!!! Capoue has a more attacking role in Watford’s new 3-5-2 formation and boy is he making it count. Having scored just 1 goal in his previous 3 seasons, he now has 2 goals in 2 games! Don’t get carried away and start him, but he looks to be the 4.5 midfielder of choice. Great backup.

Nolito – I’m not sure how much we can read into this, but it does prove that we weren’t crazy for liking Nolito’s prospects during pre-season! Both goals were on the counter attack as Stoke chased the game, and his job security is far from safe.

Man City coverage is essential, and realistically owning Aguero is essential, however… If you want to double up then Sterling could be your guy. Priced at 8.0 and owned by just 3.9%, he has been in brilliant form this season and caught my eye GW1. Massive gamble, but this could be the season Sterling finally takes the next step to premium status.

Pogba – As far as debuts go, they don’t get much better than Paul Pogba’s on Friday night. He completed and insane 9 take ons, for comparison only Hazard has more in the first two games! Unfortunately he was fielded in a deep lying midfield role, and you feel that Mourinho will change his tactics depending on who and where United are playing. Mourinho mentioned in his post match interview that Pogba will “get a chance” to play further forward, whatever that means. Even from his deep role he threatened going forward, with Fellaini sitting furthest back. 8.5 could end up being great value if he maintains this form, think Yaya Toure 2012/13. The only difference is that Toure had set pieces in his locker, something I’m not sure Pogba can capitalise on… Consider him.

Augero – Kun now has 6 goals in 3 official games under Pep Guardiola. You’re crazy if you don’t own him, while he’s fit he’s a 30+ goal per season striker. At his best he can match Suarez’s returns from 2013/14. If he gets injured, you just trade him to another premium forward and upgrade elsewhere… He makes picking a captain easy. Augero is the best striker in the Prem and certainly worth the 13.0 you’re paying for his services! It was good to see him remain on penalties after 2 misses midweek, get them out of your system Kun!

Negredo – One player who changed my opinion this week was Middlesborough striker Negredo. I keep saying that but it still doesn’t sound right does it… Anyway. I wasn’t convinced by his scrappy goal last week, however he proved his quality this week, especially with the second goal. I’m a big fan of getting players from teams who look dangerous, and I’m hugely impressed by Boro. I’m also a fan of getting proven players, and Negredo ticks all boxes! 6.7 is still value, I’m on board this week!

Gray – Is he a winner or a loser this week? I was torn so I’ve stuck to what he did on the football pitch. I’m sure you’ve seen the news that Gray has been caught out with some pretty shocking tweets from 4 years ago on his OFFICIAL verified twitter account. How stupid can you be… Sadly, he is facing a ban out on the football pitch having been charged by the FA. Huth and Rio Ferdinand have both faced bans for far less abusive tweets, so we may have to look at trading Gray this week. In the long term though, we were certainly proven correct in owning him as he took Liverpool apart on the weekend and gave us a nice 10 point parting gift. He’ll become relevant again very soon, IF he does indeed get banned. It’s worth waiting to see what the FA’s punishment ends up being before transferring him out… IMPORTANT NOTE: He has until next week to respond to the Charge, thus he should be available to play this weekend.


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Stones – I’m not saying I condone this, but John Stones is currently the second most transferred out defender behind teammate Sagna. I have just one question, why? Sure Man City have conceded a couple of sloppy goals, this week to a questionable penalty decision. However they are controlling every game under Pep so far and I think a streak of clean sheets is just around the corner. Stones has started both games and unless he gets dropped when Kompany returns, you must hold him. Don’t jump the gun! I think Otamendi will almost certainly be the player to make way, give Stones and City some time. I reckon I’ll be bringing him in soon enough!

Payet – Hopefully no one on our site has been tricked by this, but Payet’s fitness concerns came back to bite him having picked up a slight injury the previous weekend. If this was Arsenal they would be slaughtered for rushing him back, in hindsight West Ham should have given him an extra weeks rest. The good news is that West Ham don’t believe it to be serious and he’s already back training. So, do you hold him? If you’re not wildcarding then yes, he’s certainly not worth a points hit! Dimi will be back and relevant very soon…

Mane – As I alluded to last week Mane picked up a shoulder injury in Liverpool’s incredible win over Arsenal. Having missed out last week away to Burnley, he returned to the side last night in Liverpool’s 5-0 rout of Burton Albion in the League Cup. There can be no denying that he was sorely missed last weekend and is looking the form Liverpool attacker. Liverpool’s next three fixture against Spurs (a), Leicester (H) and Chelsea (a) are discouraging, but we all know that Klopp loves a big game. Consider him at 8.9! Certainly don’t trade him.

Shaqiri – Shaqiri was another GW1 hero to suffer from injury in GW2. He’s close to returning this week so it’s wise to hold him this week if he’s in your long term plans. Keep a watchful eye on Mark Hughes’ press conference later in the week to see if he becomes available.

Tadic – Everyone is off loading Tadic, seeing his price fall to 7.4. I’m just sitting here laughing. Yes he hasn’t converted his performances into points (yet), however it has only been 2 weeks. All the signs are there. The ICT index is very handy to see how your players are actually performing on the pitch and Tadic’s stats don’t lie. He is comfortably leading the league for creativity, having already created 8 chances for his team mates. If only Shane Long could finish. He has also had 5 shots, and put the ball in the back off the net against United only to see the flag raised. Tadic also has set pieces and penalties in his locker. Stay patient, and I’m confident points will come. As a differential, he’s my boy this season.

Alli – One player who does need to go is Dele Alli. Seemingly another English player suffering from post Euro’s depression, Tottenham’s new signing Janssen started ahead of him on the weekend. You can’t afford to own a player who is struggling for a spot in the starting XI, especially given the amount of alternatives at that 8.5 price range or below. Trade.

Sanchez – Last week’s fears were confirmed as Sanchez was hardly seen once again against Leicester. Arsenal are desperate for a strike, and unless Wenger plays 2 strikers (He won’t) then Sanchez will return to his left wing role. Perhaps then we can see the best of Alexis, but 11.0 is a lot to pay. I’ve transferred him out. He’s one to bring in when on form and ride the wave!

Firmino – I didn’t see the game last week, however I’m more concerned that the Liverpool roller coaster is back. Mane was a big loss for them, so I’d give Firmino this week to prove himself. If he doesn’t score and you’re playing your wildcard, trading him out will be hard to resist. I’m still a big believer in Firmino so if it was me I would hold. Back in your research!

Carroll – Not so handy Andy has sold a few of us a pipe dream, myself included. When fit he is a beast, the problem is that he’s just NEVER fit. Negredo is a direct replacement for me this week, no brainer really. Shame.

Vardy – Is this the real Jamie Vardy? His owners must be questioning his worth when you see players like Ibrahimovic and Aguero stepping it up this season. With plenty of value around the 6.5 bracket and 2 gun premiums on fire, holding Vardy is not a luxury I believe you can afford. Time to trade.

Musa – Lastly Musa also loses out this week, having dropped to the bench for Okazaki. I think there’s huge potential for Musa to be great value, but as I keep saying you can’t afford to own a player without 100% job security!!! Trade.

Player of the Week


Ibrahimovic – There’s no doubting who dominated the headlines this week. It was a pleasure to witness Zlatan in action first hand, and let me tell you he is going to silence all those “Not proven in the Premier League” critics! Sure he doesn’t have 10 shots per game and tends to drop deep, but his positioning and willingness to help in the build up play only helps United to pick teams apart. I have no doubt Zlatan will add plenty of assists to his strong goal tally as well, making him FPL gold.

There’s one other factor that helps Zlatan… He’s an absolute beast in every sense of the word. If a cross goes into the United penalty box (Which it will a lot), there’s hardly a Premier League defender capable of beating him. It only takes once chance and he will make you pay. The sweetener? He’s on penalty duties. Yes please!!!!!! 3 goals from 5 shots says everything you need to know, Ibra is world class and certainly worthy of a spot next to Aguero in your sides.

I managed a much more respectable 67 points this week, and that was without Zlatan (After pumping him up all pre-season!). Things are looking up…

That should get you up to date! You can also enjoy Liam’s brilliant watchlist articles, we’re ramping up and here to carry you to League victories this season! Let’s keep up the high scoring, and of course let us know how you’ve been getting on in the comments. Cheers guys, I’ll see you next week!

18 comments on “The Stock Market – GW2

  1. George Templeton

    See what you said about Shaqiri and Alli. I also have Willian and Rhodes (neither played last weekend). Rather not use the wildcard now, but should I take a -4 this week. If I had to trade only one which should it be

    • boges11

      I am bad for taking a -4. It will hammer your overall ranking but if you don’t care about that and only league wins then you can use it to your advantage. I usually look at who I am playing and decide if I can give them a 4pt head start.

  2. Ryan

    Good stuff Matt. I hope Aguero does not hurt me as much as you’re predicting he will. I don’t actually want him to suffer an injury, but perhaps we could say it would be inviting the inevitable

  3. Mark P

    Great detail there Matt…. thanks.

    I’m playing a 3-4-3 and in the middle I have to choose between Capoue, Redmond, Lallana, Eriksen and Townsend. Who do I leave out ?

    Liverpool could be a tricky fixture for Spurs at home, and I was thinking Lallana is more likely to pick up points than Eriksen. The other 3 all play at home and I’m hoping that they will produce.
    For now I’m benching the Dane, but it’s a tough call.

    Any comments welcome. Cheers

  4. boges11

    Great stuff Matt. Glad you are getting to see quality games. Hopefully you will see the error of your ways and support pure red not that red and white rubbish. LOL. Maybe Zlatan can win you over.

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