Studs Up Skippers GW3

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Two gameweeks and a lot of questions already…a few key players are starting to emerge as bulletproof captain options though…especially 2 of them…and yes they both play in Manchester 🙂

The Top 3

1.        Sergio Aguero

What a start! He’s firing on all cylinders with already 3 goals scored and maximum bonus points earned both games. A home game against West Ham, a fairly attacking team, is a good reason to leave the armband on him. Actually as long as he keeps showing form like this, he’s my captain. Simple.

The pros: great form, plays for a high scoring team, home game
The cons: ?

2.     Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Well…what a start as well! And he was new to the Premier League too! He’s got the same track record as Aguero so far (the game is on between these two!), hence a great option as well. He’s playing away against a brave Hull City team which has actually shown some defensive relevance last week against Swansea.

The pros: great form
The cons: Hull only conceded a single goal so far, away game

3.     Ross Barkley

Ok I’m taking a bit of a risk here and you may argue he should be the punt (or just call me crazy). But still, the Toffee midfielder has been pretty sensational so far. In the CAM position that suits him so well, he’s already bagged  a goal, an assist and 3 bonus points. He’s burned us before with his inconsistency but with Koeman now in charge, this season could be the confirmation of his talent in the top flight! I’m backing him up against Stoke at home, after the Potters conceded 4 goals to Man City on their own turf.

The pros: good form, CAM position, great fixture at home
The cons: has been fairly inconsistent the previous seasons

The punt

Eden Hazard

A strong start for the Belgian midfielder as well with one goal and one assist so far. He’s finally back to being himself and that’s damn good news if you like the game of football (and don’t hate Chelsea’s guts haha). He’s playing Burnley at home which should be considered good fixture. However the Clarets have been pretty solid defensively so far (a clean sheet against the Reds’ impressive offensive armada last week!), with strong performances from their goalkeeper Tom Heaton. On the other hand the Blues look like they need a bit of time before they find their rhythm despite their 2 wins.

The pros: solid start from a former FPL god, good home fixture
The cons: the Blues don’t seem quite there yet

Thanks guys. Hope this has helped!

8 comments on “Studs Up Skippers GW3

  1. kingcolesy

    Lets hope Barkley fires.. for my latest trades sake 😀

    Planning a Shaw to Baines trade next week, might want some thoughts on that? It allows 2 big hitter mid(ozil+payet), 2 cheap mid over a 1 big mid hitter, 2 midprice(tadic/barkley) and one cheap structure. I don’t like to ever have a 5.5m benched player. Also have Stones. If I go with 2/0/2 structure then the decision really comes down to, whats better MUN with wat LEI, or MCI with BOU swa defensive fixtures and I think MCI is better. Who do you thinks more likely CS? Hope that made sense.

    OR I can swing Naughton out for Baines giving me the 2 Midprice Midfielder combo. What to do..

    Also, looks like my fav two subsidiary sites are up and running for this new season, for the summary of top 10k average scores, and for price changes.

    my team reads as 1.4m ITB
    Shaw Stones Friend Evans Naughton
    Hazard Tadic Barkley Ramirez Capoue
    Ibra Ag Negredo

    I think I can look to hold onto WC til GW8 when theres a two week break again.

    • bioedenhazard Post Author

      I will keep Shaw for now, especially with Mourinho style of play. There’s so many good midprice options in midfield too right now! That being said, when the likes of Sanchez, Ozil, Payet…start firing, it will be dangerous not to own another premium midfielder

  2. MCWizards

    Barkley in the top 3 and Hazard a ‘punt’. Imagine seeing that two years ago! Barkley was one of my first picked during pre-season but I cant take it off Aguero/Ibra and take that risk this early in the season. Aguero hasnt failed the first two weeks, he can keep it for the third as well!

    • bioedenhazard Post Author

      How do you even fit Lukaku in your team?! He was locked in for me before I finally decided I needed Ibra

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