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FPL writers tend to prescribe ideas writer @liambednarski is taking a gestalt approach opening the door to the inner workings of his team.

FPL is full of people advising on strategies, transfers and starting line ups each week. It certainly has its advantages particularly for the ego of the writer but it doesn’t help with the complex situations we face within the game.

You would be hard pressed to find two people who have the exact same team let alone make the same transfer decisions. FPL is an individual game yet you are also competing against everyone else. For those that have ever graced the humble greens of a golf course you would be able to relate. You beat yourself up with every poor putt or transfer. A wild drive off the tee or an eight point hit gone wrong.

Essentially you are competing against yourself so my words of wisdom are

‘Go with your gut’

Remember that everybody makes mistakes and that there are few true experts of the game of football. Especially those with a fantasy football swing on things.

The Writers Side – Wildcard Strategy

There are still a number of transfers to be made in the marketplace with GW4 not starting until Saturday 10th of September 11:30AM (London Time).

The transfer market is beginning to increase in speed as we approach the deadline so keep your eyes peeled for any final price movements before settling your team for the season ahead.

Eden Hazard (10.2) and Raheem Sterling (8.2) do look set for a double raise in price. These are players we wish to keep with the chances of profits elsewhere now extremely unlikely before the deadline.

Final Decision – Luke Shaw

Luke Shaw (5.6) is not set to rise before teammate Valencia (5.5) which is disappointing as it would have given us access to much needed funds.

The hope was that Shaw’s red / yellow flag would be promptly removed and the second price rise gained before I traded him off to Leighton Baines (5.5).

I have decided to back the Manchester United defender in the short term hoping that he secures another price rise before assessing the options in the market and making a regular not wildcard trade.

Final Decision – Gareth McAuley

His place appears secure within my FPL squad as the deadline approaches.

Dawson – McAuley – Evans – Galloway

The signing of Nyom who was quite a strong performer in Premier League last season does raise doubts about this defence moving forward.

Goalkeepers – Power Pairing

 I have settled on Foster (4.6) and Heaton (4.5) as they are the options most likely to rise in price within FPL moving ahead.

They have also been top of the watchlist since the opening week of the season. I see them both factoring highly in the goalkeeper table come seasons end.

Although I am considering moving Foster to Mandanda to secure an extra 0.2 within my team if Foster increases before the deadline.

Jakupovic (4.1) has been discarded with the signing of David Marshall (4.5) whilst Pickford (4.0) is a doubt with an extra goalkeeper being signed by Sunderland as well as a thigh injury for the youngster.

Bony vs Rondon

It is a battle between these two for a place in the wildcard team.

Rondon (6.5) is in good form with a number of shots on target although I don’t really like that most of them are headers (these are generally scored at a lower level of accuracy then regular shots).

I like that he is settled in the team as the main striker with the threat of Chadli likely to increase his opportunities to score.

Bony’s (7.3) fitness levels can be questioned although I expect him to play against Tottenham. It will also take him time to adjust to Stoke’s style of play and create combinations with his team mates.

With Rondon having favourable fixtures ahead including this week whilst Bony needs adjustment time. The West Brom striker is slightly ahead.

Cash in the bank is always a good idea especially in this case as the jump from Rondon to Bony could prove a handy one in the weeks ahead

The Writers Side – Other Transfers – Final Team

Only a last ditch effort to obtain some minor profits will stop me from taking this side into GW4. This is the final wildcard team.

I have moved on Ozil although it wasn’t 100% intentional due to shifting him out before a price rise took place.

A rather rookie mistake to go with missing out on Capoue at 4.6 but I feel its important that the community knows.

I don’t particularly like Cazorla but now that I am invested I am beginning to see the bright side of holding onto him. A tidy price increase next week would allow me to consider other options if a player can be found (Barkley at 7.7 perhaps).

Benteke (7.4) comes in as he looks to lead the attack for Crystal Palace by himself after Remy returned to Chelsea with what looks to be a two-month injury.

Capoue (4.7) comes in for Maloney (4.5) as his position is secure in the team and I quite like his attacking positioning this season.

It is strange because my instincts tell me that he will be moved to a deeper position because he was always played a certain role.

Players are much more adaptable then they appear at the professional level so a positional adjustment should see him have a decent season FPL wise given the low price tag.

Love (4.0) and Amat (4.1) are in place as enablers although a replacement may be sort for Love before the deadline. It is a tough market in the 4.5-4.0 price bracket.



0.8 Cash in Bank

Unlimited Transfers due to Wildcard being Active

The Writers Side – Closing Note

It has been one of the more interesting international break’s in recent times with the transfer market really opening up the FPL game.

There are plenty of opportunities so keep your eyes peeled for ‘The Watchlist’ articles next week as well as the general adjustments to teams as the transfer window has now closed.

I hope these articles have helped with how to process a wildcard with valuable tips for when you activate your own.

Please discuss your final transfer decisions below with questions welcomed ahead of the deadline which is Saturday 10th of September 11:30AM (London Time).

31 comments on “The Writers Side – GW4 Wildcard Final Team

  1. The Swan and Paedo

    Hey mate,

    Firstly a huge thanks for all your great in-depth advice during this godforsaken Int break. I’m close to losing my job with the amount of time spent on here but it’s all good.

    By having both Shaw and Valencia and obviously Ibra as well it makes it difficult to get in Mkhitarian who could be an absolute BEAST. I know you are planning to move Shaw to Baines but if Mkhi goes crazy in the next couple of weeks it’s gonna be hard to jump on. I say this because I know you are super keen on him as well. This was the major reason I decided to ditch Shaw for Baines and stick with Valencia.

    What’s your Aguero plan or are you not getting him back?

    • Liam Post Author

      The cheeky browser switch up at work haha.

      Mkhitarian currently has a small injury so it will be a few more weeks before he gets going to say the least. He had only just started to accumulate bench minutes.

      Current Aguero plan is Sanchez (11.1 hopefully by then at least) to a low priced option say for example Maloney 4.5. That is 6.6 to upgrade Aguero from Rondon.

      That depends on cash in the bank with a little bit of cash flow it could work more in my favour if needed.

      Mkhitarian will put pressure on Ibra potentially if he starts picking up points. I find it rather difficult to have two attacking players from the same team.

      Also he just makes it a jumble in regards to United options. Its an easier game without him currently.

      Happy with Sterling and Ibrahimovic currently it provides more value then Aguero and Mkhitarian to the budget at least.

      • The Swan and Paedo

        Fair enough. I’m licking my lips at getting him for 9.0m in my non-Aguero team!

        I’m not sure I like the Heaton/Foster combo, especially with Love and Amat as def bench. They don’t rotate especially well- I looked at it myself and it looks pretty tough to decide most weeks which one to pick. I get what you mean about making money but I think it would be better to have a 4.0m backup GK and someone like Collins at D4 who can make some money and cover injuries. Love is dead and Amat may follow which would leave you very short of cover if a defender got injured. I would prefer to spend 9.5m on Cech + Pickford than 9.1m on those two.

        • Liam Post Author

          Pickford has officially been announced as the number one goalkeeper for Sunderland although Moyes said he was under pressure (check my twitter for the official source).

          Foster has just risen in price to 4.7 which means I can make the move now an gain a slice of profit either for Pickford or Mandanda.

          The extra cash from releasing one of the goalkeepers will go straight into the 4th defender for Love.

          Heaton-Foster is a 9.0 combination for me not 9.5. Good point on a premium GK though.

          Collins hmm will have to reconsider perhaps not looking forward to having his hamstring on my bench.

  2. Ryan

    Loving the work Liam, interesting WC team.
    I too believe that I have confirmed my WC team that will go into GW4.
    Includes 6 differences to yours (so 9 the same):

    Foster (Pickford)
    Walker, Baines, Shaw (McAuley, Amat)
    Hazard, Sterling, Barkley, Antonio (Capoue)
    Ibrahimovic, Lukaku, Benteke
    0.4 in the bank

    I was also tossing up a couple other set ups:
    Walker to Morgan
    Antonio to Ozil
    Lukaku to Bony
    Would leave 0.1 in the bank

    Walker to Love
    Antonio to Mane
    Would also leave 0.1 in the bank

    Any feedback would be appreciated

    • The Swan and Paedo

      I really like it as it is, except for the triple Everton. I would lose one of Barkley or Lukaku personally.

      • Ryan

        Yeah, I understand your concern, but it seems to fit well in the structure I want. There are 2 things I could do to fix that and both would give me some Arsenal coverage:
        1) Walker to Morgan + Antonio to Ozil + Lukaku to Bony
        2) Barkley to Cazorla
        or I might leave it as is

        • The Swan and Paedo

          I don’t think I’d go Bony yet, give him a few weeks to get fit and then his fistures explode at GW8.

          Barkley to Cazorla is the obvious change but if you want Barkley just get him!

          • Ryan

            Thanks for the feedback to both you and Liam. I’m going to keep the 3 Everton players team for the time being. Barkley is the one of those three that I’ve had since the start so he isn’t actually a 7.7 in for me, but one who I’m keeping from previous weeks. Could always change him to Cazorla in a later week if that looks like a good move

    • Liam Post Author

      Other options at 5.0 include Huth, Janmaat, PVA, Stones.

      I think you should leave it as is. Having the option to downgrade Lukaku to someone like Bony will is ideal. Easier to trade down then trade up.

      Back yourself in I think and go with the team you have selected.

      Not a fan of Spurs at the moment I think you could take a punt on a 5.0 option but its totally up to you. High risk, High reward on that one.

  3. The Swan and Paedo

    I’m starting to lean towards 4-4-2 as a genuine strategy for the season.

    I am starting to think that Mcauley + cash is a better option than Snodgrass/Januzaj/Puncheon/Redmond/Rondon/Gray/Wilson etc

    There is also insane value in Shaw and Valencia, maybe Baines too.

    It is a structure which allows me to have Ibra, Kun and Hazard without the rest of my team being absolutely pathetic as a result. It also gives me access to the 9.5m mid category which could be vital as the season progresses.

      • The Swan and Paedo

        Current team:

        Heaton (Robinson)

        Shaw-Valencia-Baines-Mcauley (Amat)

        Hazard-Payet-Firmino-Sterling (De Roon)

        Zlatan-Lukaku (Diomande)

        0.9m itb

        -can actually get a decent team with Zlatan/Kun/Agueo by upgrading Lukaku and downgrading Sterling
        -if I choose to go without Kun I have access to Kane, Vardy and Sturridge which other teams won’t
        -Allows me a very strong midfield with access to 9.5m mids like Mkhi, Mahrez, Mane, Ozil etc
        -Can catch the price rises of Shaw + Valencia for next few months and maybe turn one into a Chelsea or Arsenal defender

        -The Shaw Valencia combo stops me getting Mkhi which I talked about yesterday with your team
        -Fairly weak bench although Swansea fans seem to think Amat is nailed. Not sure on Diomande going forward. As for De Roon, I believe he was the top CDM in serie A last season so surely he plays every week?
        -Structure doesn’t easily allow me to get any 6.5m strikers who go on a streak and also makes it very difficult to get Benteke/Bony
        -Could be difficult to jump on a bandwagon cheap mid like Janzaj

        • Liam Post Author

          Current team:

          Heaton (Pickford)

          Valencia-Shaw-Baines (Evans, Amat)



          0.0m Cash in Bank

          – I have capitalised all of my minor profits to maximise my team flexibility in the short term
          – traded in players (Sanchez, Cazorla, Benteke, Baines) that are likely to rise in price
          – Sanchez to Maloney & Rondon to Aguero will work to get Aguero back in
          – Will pick up the best 4.5 or 5.0 option for Shaw after he rises to 5.7

          – No cash in bank means I will likely have to use two trades next week and receive a minus four
          – two defenders from the same team is always a large risk especially against their title opponent
          – could miss out on extra cash gains from Foster & McAuley as they reach 4.9 in coming weeks
          – have avoided making a decision on Shaw which will cost me a trade to dispose of him moving forward

          • The Swan and Paedo

            Two years ago I started with Ivanovic and Terry which I think cost 7m and 6.5m. Over the first few weeks they kept conceding late goals and weren’t getting many attacking returns (Terry none at all). I wildcarded both of them out and they they went crazy finishing on 179 and 172 I believe.

            I feel that Valencia and Shaw could both be similar in that they play for Mourinho, don’t have CL to worry about and have lots of attacking potential. I don’t think they can necessarily go 170+ but can easily be a combined 300+.

            So while I may not keep Shaw either I am not bothered about having two from the same team if the team is good enough

        • Liam Post Author

          Diomande is someone I strongly recommend against Stuani is a better prospect at 5.0 and is even set for a price rise.

          I know that will damage your cash at bank but Stuani could even score this week.

          I doubt Diomande will be involved.

          Good call on Firmino I am strongly thinking about Liverpool cover but I think I will let it play out and pick up the best option in time.

          Cazorla is already on borrow time in my team.

          I would like Barkley but I can’t afford him unless I make the difficult call on Shaw now (miss his 0.1 for a risky 4.5 or 5.0 option).

          • The Swan and Paedo

            Interesting. I did some research on Stuani and it didn’t seem like he is nailed every week and could be a rotation risk. Is also back late from WCQ and may not play today which would kill off that price rise.

            It would also mean that it’s harder for me to shuffle my team around in the near future.

            Hull fans seem to think that Phelan won’t drop anyone immediately as they have played so well but eventually him and one or two others will probably make way for new boys. Do you see him as a squad rotation player or dropped and never to be seen again?

            Other options are Barrow and Grabban, don’t know too much about either’s long term prospects though.

          • The Swan and Paedo

            Another idea is to go Baines to a 4.5 and bring in Rondon/Gray/Wilson reverting to a 3-4-3. This makes it much harder to get Kun in though.

    • Ryan

      Definitely back yourself in if you think that will work. With my team you commented on above I am planning on having the ability to use it as a 4 at the back in any given week if I feel that is the way to go for that week

  4. George

    Damn!!! Only if i did use the wildcard!! The players i was going to bring in: Koscielny, Antonio, Cazorla, Capoue, Walker all among the points! Missed out! Might have to trigger it now before any price rises?

    • Liam Post Author

      Antonio has already gone but in price and Capoue will go up at the next chance.

      Unrelated but Heaton is expected to rise in the next 24 hours as well.

      The others not so soon.

      I am hoping Santi goes up this week I might move him on to someone else.

      The lack of Liverpool really hurt this week.

      • George

        Yeah. Keeping Firmino finally paid off for me!
        So if I use my wildcard I can still do just about everything I was going to (just that i’ve missed out on the big points haul this week):
        Feghouli -> Antonio
        Redmond -> Cazorla
        Ramirez -> Capoue
        Stones -> Walker
        Friend -> Koscielny
        Negredo -> Abel Hernandez (this could be my sneaky POD one as Hull’s fixtures begin to open up soon and he looks good, otherwise he will be a bench player for me)

        Only issue is figuring out how to get Aguero back in. I will have 0.5 left in the bank. I would probably need to eventually downgrade a defender to a 4.0 and a midfielder to a 4.5 i guess.

        • Liam Post Author

          Sounds good George. Activating a wildcard is a tough call I don’t think anyone could have imagined all of those transfers scoring points in the one week.

          I would normally say to not be overly biased on recent matches but you had them in your mind before this week.

          Walker does not have a great history of attacking returns which is surprising given his right-back role and the way he moves forward.

          I would perhaps look elsewhere with him.

          Can’t argue with the other transfers though.

          • George

            So I would’ve scored 106 this gameweek and be in the top couple of thousand if i triggered my wildcard haha. Instead i scored 56. At least the one transfer I did complete (Aguero -> Lukaku) worked out very well this week!

          • Liam Post Author

            Hindsight Bias is a powerful detractor in these situations.

            Who is to say you would have made those exact trades only with the flexibility of a wildcard you could have completed many more then the ones suggested.

            Great trade to Lukaku well done.

            Be wary of looking at your ‘mistakes’ too hard as football is quite random and it will make you quite fatigued.

            My advice is to think long term. I certainly need to having only picked up 38 points this week on a wildcard.

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