Studs Up Skippers GW5

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The most tempting captain options continue to fail us with both Hazard and Sanchez amassing an impressive 1 point last game week. Well done if you punted on Antonio, Costa or Lukaku! GW5 sees plenty of potential suiters making the choice extra hard…

The Top 3

1.        Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Despite United’s defeat, he was in the goals yet again in the Manchester derby. That’s now 4 goals in 4 games, close to the he had with PSG actually (looking at you Zlatan haters :)). The Red Devils will be eager to get back on the victory train and a game against Watford, one of the worst defenses in the league, bodes well for that. Provided he doesn’t get injured tonight, he’ll be my man.

The pros: great form, good fixture
The cons: if he plays tonight this will be the 3rd game in one week

2.     Eden Hazard

Hazard may have blanked last week but it was away, so no cause for alarm :). He is a beast at home and Liverpool’s defense is a joke. Nevertheless it’s hard to know what to expect with Klopp’s men, especially against tough opposition. I’m choosing him over Costa because he’s more explosive. If you want an explosive midfielder, Sanchez away to Hull City (surprisingly solid thus far!) is a great choice as well…It was extremely frustrating not to see him start against Southampton but he’s back now. He even scored midweek against PSG although the Gunners were not really impressive and can thank Cavani!

The pros: great form, home fixture, Liverpool defense is not good
The cons: you never know what to expect with the Reds

3.     Romelu Lukaku

After he declared that he wasn’t fit yet at the beginning of last week, I decided to go for Benteke instead of him for my Aguero replacement. What a terrible idea, I almost puked when he scored a hat trick in 11 minutes…and at 9.0 he was such great value for money! Anyway, despite the very long dry spell prior to that hat trick, he signaled himself as a potential captain option. A home game against Middlesbrough makes it hard to overlook him. Keep in mind that he hasn’t always been the most consistent player though

The pros: exploded in last EPL game, good fixture at home
The cons: only had one prolific game so far and not the most consistent player

The punt

Christian Benteke

A move to Palace is exactly what Benteke needed… and it’s great for Palace as well as they were really struggling to score goals! Playing Stoke City at home is as good as fixtures can get, the Potters have conceded the most goals so far (10 goals). Strangely enough, they’ve done better away from home…8 of those 10 goals were conceded in the last 2 home games!

The pros: great home fixture
The cons: plays for a low scoring team, Stoke better away than home

Thanks guys. Hope this has helped!

8 comments on “Studs Up Skippers GW5

  1. Steven

    This is the team I’ve selected, thoughts?

    Pickford (Jakupovic)
    Shaw, Collins, Williams (Amat, Evans)
    Payet, Ozil, Hazard VC, Sterling, Fer
    Benteke, Ibra C (Rondon)

    Have I got it right?

  2. viper086

    No love for Sterling?

    I reckon he could be a great shout at home to Bournemouth. Unlucky not to get in the points last game and was good again in their midweek match. Man City are banging them in for fun at the moment.

    I am going for a bit of a differential as I reckon everyone will be on Zlatan. Man U were poor this morning, interesting to see if they can bounce back!

    • Bio Eden Hazard

      I hear you mate. I did consider the Man City midfielders indeed but I found it just too difficult to pick one (a bit like Liverpool). KDB was amazing against United while I didn’t find Sterling very influential. Then again I agree with you, he could come back with a bang, especially with such an enticing home fixture

      • viper086

        I have actually picked up Iheanacho for the week so considering him as skipper before using my wildcard next week to bring back Aguero.

        I would hate to miss out on Ibra if he goes bang though.

        Thanks for your thoughts

  3. mrgambino49

    To go against the grain, I’m considering putting the C on Baines. Everton have great home form defensively, Middlesbrough’s attack is very average, and there’s always the possibility of a penalty bonus. Plus, defenders earning clean sheets, in what is likely to be a low scoring game, usually pick up the bonus points. I’d say he earns at least 6, with a ceiling of 15 (goal + 3 BPs + CS).


    • Bio Eden Hazard

      I’m not a fan of captaining defenders. Even though Everton has been solid and is playing M’Brough at home, clean sheets are really hard to predict. Furthermore, a lot of attacking players have good fixtures this week (Hazard, Sanchez, Ibra, Man City…) and could explode. That being said, you should definitely follow your guts!

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