Studs Up Skippers GW7

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Hi all, quick one this week as work is keeping me very busy. Spoiler though…Aguero is not in the top 3!!!

The Top 3

1.        Alexis Sanchez

Great run of form for the Chilean Midfielder/Striker who returned double figure hauls 3 times in the last 4 games and 2 assists in the UCL this week. He’s playing Burnley away so fixture is good, despite the recent clean sheet against Watford.I’m a bit concerned about Walcott though, as he also seems in red hot form.

The pros: great form, midfielder/striker, good fixture (away)
The cons: can Walcott steal the show?

2.     Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Playing Stoke at home is a blessing these days. This is why Zlatan gets the nod despite United’s lack of form. The Red Devils really need a win right now and he’s known for being on top of his game against weaker opposition (ask the Ligue 1 teams!).

The pros: great fixture at home, flat track bully
The cons: form is not good recently (as is United’s), Rashford has been the one banging the goals lately

3.     Romelu Lukaku

Despite his blank in the last game I’m gonna give the 3rd spot to the Everton striker. It was a close call with Aguero (away at Spurs, without De Bruyne) of course but I trust the Toffees to bounce back from their loss to Bournemouth as they entertain Palace at home. Palace has been more attack-minded since Benteke came on board but they are conceding goals.

The pros: good fixture at home, focal point of his team’s attack
The cons: Everton just lost to Bournemouth without scoring a single goal (it’s just one game but it’s Bournemouth…)

The punt

Theo Walcott

This guy is making a spectacular comeback with already 3 goals and 2 assists in the EPL and a brace against Bale on Wednesday. Equally important, he’s getting consistent minutes! At a price tag of 7.6 he’s a steal if he can consolidate his spot as a regular. Great differential right now!

The pros: well pretty much the same as Sanchez
The cons: can he steal the show from Sanchez?

Thanks guys. Hope this has helped!

4 comments on “Studs Up Skippers GW7

  1. The Swan and Paedo

    So torn on Lukaku. Seems the obvious choice to me but then Koeman says he still has a bad toe which is a bit offputting. Did anyone see their game last week and if so was he moving ok and looking sharp?

    Also, it’s Friday night game so weekend could be over before it starts if he blanks.

    Tempted to punt on Payet or Firmino instead.

    • Liam

      He played 90 minutes and had a header extremely well saved by Boruc, he looked reasonably sharp.

      Bournemouth destroyed them in the first 20 minutes then Everton were on top for the remainder of the contest (from what I could see on the highlights).

      Boruc had quite a good game in goal to deny Everton time and time again although I only remember Lukaku having that one amazing opportunity. I am sure he had another one or two.

    • Bio Eden Hazard

      Mate I agree, just seeing that he still has his toe injury. I would then probably downgrade him and put Aguero 3rd. Cannot access my account to change the article from work unfortunately…

  2. The Swan and Paedo

    Decided I definitely don’t want a Friday night captain, especially as I can’t watch the game.

    Gonna take a punt on Payet, this feels like the week for a captain punt.

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