The Forward Watchlist – Gameweek 6

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the watchlist

Continuing the new format @liambednarski reviews those forwards who returned points in GW6 in the hope of uncovering an early bandwagon. 

The Watchlist – Star Forwards –

Sergio Aguero (13.0) back with a bang to the delight of those who brought him back into their sides. The Premier League’s leading striker should be one of the first names on your team sheet. Buy.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic (11.5) the man mountain is a shot machine unfortunately he has not found the back of the net in the last few weeks. The market may have given up on him but we are FPL Addicts are smarter then the market, expect returns this week. Hold.

Romelu Lukaku (9.3) has been in great form over the last few weeks but is currently carrying a toe issue. He faces Crystal Palace next who have been diabolical at the back in recent weeks. Buy.

Diego Costa (10.0) he has been consistent but not at all worth the lofty price tag due to his love of yellow cards and combustive style of play. Diego is a classy finisher yet he is also rather injury prone, doesn’t take penalties with Chelsea suffering a dip inform. He has proven effective against Swansea for the umpteenth time but you really should be looking elsewhere. Avoid.

The Watchlist – Ponder –

Jermain Defoe (7.2) the veteran striker is once again looking to keep Sunderland in the top flight almost single handily. He is in top form with favourable fixtures ahead.

Predicting Sunderland is a fools errand and although I have always enjoyed his lethal finishing I can’t personally advise FPL investment. Monitor.

Other performances

Harry Kane (10.9) is injured whilst replacement Janssen (7.8) is struggling to score. Across at Leicester City Jamie Vardy (9.9) continues to stutter whilst Slimani (8.5) provides a different option. Liverpool’s Daniel Sturridge (10.0) collected an assist but his price is prohibitive given his bit part role at Liverpool so far this season. Avoid.

The Watchlist – Breakout Forwards –

Marcus Rashford (6.9) his abilities are there for all to see over his short career. He is a classy poacher, he knows where and how to score but he is still a rough diamond.

Having come out in the press this week and stated how he is going to be playing a role which requires defending, something new to him speaks volumes for his maturity and knowledge of his role in the team.

I have had my doubts due to his lack of minutes whilst playing for an excellent side his statistical profile is unnaturally high at the present time.

His not my personal taste for an FPL striker with question marks over the number of minutes he will play, his role and continual ability to adapt at the rather high price of 6.9. Monitor.

Charlie Austin (6.3) the former QPR star is beginning to find his feet in the Premier League once again. He has been on a scoring spree across all competitions even taking penalties in the process.

The concern for the striker is his degenerative knee injury which has to be heavily managed for the reminder of his career. Strong Monitor.

Salomon Rondon (6.6) looks to have settled into the Premier League with a strong start to his second season. Is a valuable selection as your third striker when the fixtures are right. Strong Monitor.

Odion Ighalo (7.3) awoke from his slumber with an impressive 11 point haul, a star FPL performer last season he is certainly worth monitoring as Watford embark on a favorable run of fixtures. Strong Monitor.

Callum Wilson (6.4) is still getting back to his best after an ACL injury and could be a worthy selection as the fixture list becomes favourable. Monitor.

Fernando Llorente (6.3) opened his account for the season but is not proving to be a valuable FPL player for Swansea. Light Monitor.

The Watchlist – Ponder –

Christian Benteke (7.6) scored a powerful header to show Palace fans what he is all about whilst picking up a single bonus point.

The money needed for Benteke can perhaps be better spent elsewhere although it is hard to establish this as fact in the short term. Monitor.

The Watchlist – Budget Forwards –

Abel Hernandez (6) hasn’t collected FPL points for a number of weeks now but is still the major threat for the Hull City attack. Light Monitor.

Adama Diomande (4.6) is being restricted to bench duties after all the late signings made by Hull. Avoid.

Sam Vokes (6) is leading the line in the absence of Andre Gray (6.3) but failed to get on the scoresheet as both of his sides goals came from set pieces. Light Monitor.

The Watchlist – Other Forwards –

Wilfried Bony (7.3) different start to his time on loan at Stoke City with the team suffering a major dip in form as he adjusts to his surroundings. With fixtures about to turn in his teams favour keep an eye on the Ivorian. Monitor.

Simone Zaza (6.6) for all of West Ham’s talk in the off-season the loan signing of Zaza alongside Calleri (6.9) was a weak one.

Having reviewed Zaza the signs are not promising. The Italian does not have the characteristics to be a consistent scorer at this level. Avoid.

If I have not mentioned a player you are interested in leave a comment and I shall reply with a short profile on my thoughts giving them a: Buy, Strong Monitor, Monitor, Weak Monitor, Hold or Avoid Status.


10 comments on “The Forward Watchlist – Gameweek 6

  1. MCWizards

    Are we all smarter here at FPL Addicts? I traded out Ibra a couple of weeks ago and so far it has worked out well but I know for a fact Ibra will start scoring very soon, but I think I’ll stick with the decision unless he starts banging in hat tricks week after week.

    Glad to have the watchlist back Liam

    • Liam Post Author

      I was saying we are smarter then the market in general terms not in relation to Ibrahimovic himself.

      Probably should have made that more clear.

      The market fluctuations are not always an accurate representation of a players actual FPL ability, just movement of the masses.

      In the case of Ibrahimovic well its a very difficult one as arguments can be made for and against the Swede.

      I don’t think there is a right or wrong answer at this moment in time. Football is a sport of such random events, it is rather difficult to predict in the short, medium and sometimes even long term.

      Well done on moving him on at an appropriate time for your team and obtaining a healthy amount of points from probably both Lukaku and Aguero 🙂

      Thanks for the kind words I am glad to be back, hope to be back to the regular schedule next week.

      It has been a little difficult catching up on a couple weeks of action some of my opinions may not be as current as they should be after a short break. Please bear with me.

      • MCWizards

        I see what you mean, especially early in the season the market can dictate everyone and anyone’s decisions and can almost change the path of someones season.

        If he can recapture his form from France in terms of goal scoring he might becomr an almost must have but hopefully it doesnt come to that stage.

        I think it wouldve been a little bit harder had Zlatan had some big returns so I guess the decision came with a bit of luck but yeah it worked a treat somehow, Lukaku didnt fail either!

        Dont worry mate, your ‘out of date knowledge’ is as goid and better than a lot of people, take whatever time you need!

        • Liam Post Author

          I was cursing Grant’s performance this weekend, the double save early in the match was painful to my FPL side.

          The result in real terms couldn’t have been any better though, rather enjoy when Manchester United drop points.

          Ibrahimovic has had a large amount of shots, I am actually amazed at how much of a shot beast he has been this season. He isn’t currently in the best vain of form but his getting a lot of chances.

          • MCWizards

            Ibra has been getting lots of shots in, but yeah bis conversion has been low. If hr had converted it wouldve been a much different story and I think I might be scrambling to get him back in.

            Keepers always seem to pull out their once a season performances against your attackers lol

          • Liam Post Author

            You have noticed something I haven’t who else played a worldly against my attack?

            Know my team better then I know it!

  2. EmGee

    Good to have these back Liam!

    Just a couple of points to add on Diomande, he has been in the starting line up the last fortnight v Arsenal and Liverpool but was hooked after Livermore and Elmo got reds I think?

    Definitely in the Arsenal game it was a reshuffle to replace a defender. I didn’t see the Liverpool game in full, so not completely sure whether the substitution was structural or otherwise, but he may have been a bit unlucky with his lack of game time in the last two

  3. tomlanders

    Hey guys – long time fan of the blog, first time commenting.

    Do you think Borja Baston will earn a starting spot this season with Llorente fit? I’m not too familiar with Swansea’s system but I know he’s got quite the goalscoring record and he is their record signing. He looked good yesterday and I’m sure they want to keep him involved. Just curious what your thoughts are. Thanks.

    • Liam Post Author

      Welcome tomlanders,

      Great to have you on board making your first comment. It is a good one too.

      I think Borja Baston will be the starting striker even when Llorente is fit.

      Swansea just replaced their manager so the system discussion is not one we can have unfortunately.

      They have hired Bob Bradley who’s most notable role was manager of the US National team.

      I have severe doubts on his ability to man manage some of the highest profile players in the world given his previous experience.

      Borja was a real threat on the weekend against Liverpool his energy was good, being his first start his fitness wasn’t quite at the required level. He got tired / lazy and failed to close Liverpool as the game went on (which made it easier for Liverpool to attack).

      Borja is fairly priced at 6.9 in FPL his not going to provide great value unless he has a barnstorming season which is unlikely but certainly possible.

      Llorente does come at the more comfortable price tag of 6.3 but he is not the player he once was, his reputation is extremely high, essentially he is a ‘name’ but is past his best.

      I was excited like many when Swansea initially signed him but after looking at his performances over the last couple of seasons (and the start of this season) his not going to score a lot of goals.

      His career looks over but you never know what a playing system can do to a player. Sigurdsson (7.2) has responded extremely well to the last couple of managers he is the player I will be watching for an upturn in performance at Swansea.

      Keep an eye on Borja though.

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