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REMEMBER, IT’S ANOTHER FRIDAY NIGHT LOCKOUT THIS WEEK (6:30PM GMT). With another weekend of football suddenly upon us, it’s time to round up the Gameweek 7 action in this weeks stock market. There’s an international break next week so enjoy it!

On the Rise

Boruc – It’s the Bournemouth keeper who leads the way as far as goalies are concerned this week. It’s no surprise to me given I was considering him for next week as well, but perhaps impressive that so many are uncovering these gems. Foster has been a safe selection but West Brom aren’t exactly producing the clean sheet returns we might have hoped. Neither is anyone to be fair, but the Baggies fixtures are a major concern. Spurs (H), Liverpool (A), Man City (H), Leicester (A) are their next 4 opponents after this weekend. Bournemouth on the other hand are in good defensive form and have a much kinder run of a fixtures. A luxury trade but one that could pay off.

Bertrand – It should be no surprise that Southampton’s recent turn around in defensive form has coincided with Bertrand’s return from injury. 5.4 is a hefty price tag given the Saints hadn’t kept a clean sheet for 16 games prior to the past few weeks, however he does offer an alternative if you’re so inclined. Southampton’s fixtures are a worry though so I’d avoid for now.

Lallana – Adam Lallana has come into his own this season, thriving under Klopp’s high pressure game. Liverpool are dominating and as much as it may drive you crazy some weeks (See Firmino), overall they are incredible value. 7.2 is peasant change for someone of this quality, I’m torn between him and Firmino at this stage… Both should be great! Awesome pick.

Coutinho – I have long been a Coutinho doubter, but if he keeps this level of form up then I’ll be eating a fair serving of humble pie. He has started to turn his promise into end product and it makes for great FPL returns! I feel as though Coutinho is a barometer for Liverpool, so while they’re in-form he’s a great shout at just 8.1. Honestly take your pick, I try my best but there’s no hope I could pick a winner from Lallana, Coutinho, or Firmino at the moment! My money is still with Firmino.

Sanchez – WOW. From a lost cause to a must have in two weeks. It’s fair to say his first 3 performances as a lone striker were underwhelming to say the least, however its clicked for both Alexis and Arsenal. We always knew Sanchez had the potential to be world class, but I was still shocked to hear that he had scored 48 goals in his first 100 games for Arsenal. He’s a player that can go on hot streaks and then fall apart, however something feels different this time. Arsenal tore Chelsea apart on Sunday and it was mainly thanks to Sanchez’s (And Walcott’s) presence. Not only did they cut them open with decisive ball movement on the counter, they won the ball back in dangerous areas thanks to their pressing! I was at that game live and then again midweek against Basel and wow, that’s some of the best football Arsenal have played at the Emirates (Sanchez got another 2 assists on Wednesday, he could have scored 4 or 5). Alexis isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, he’s a centre forward to stay and I get the feeling my 20 goal prediction may finally come true! Now let’s remember he’s a midfielder. If I could put my credibility on the line it would be to say get Sanchez in! Simple as that. I couldn’t stand looking at my team without him and Aguero present.

Walcott – Continuing on from the previous paragraph, the Gunners look the team to invest in with form and fixtures hugely in their favour. Burnley (A), Swansea (H), Middlesborough (H), Sunderland (A) is just too good to ignore. So is Walcott’s form. If you take a look at his 2012/13 season (When I was a happy owner) it’s hard to believe how hard he had fallen. Here’s a tip for you, Theo is back baby! 7.6 you say?! You’re havin’ a laugh. He has had the equal most shots on target of any Premier League midfielder and must be considered ahead of Arsenal’s trip to Burnley.

Sterling – Sterling not worth 50 million you reckon? Based on his form this season he’s worth every single pound. Not only is he getting involved in games more often (No doubt under pep’s guidance) he has added end product. An in-form Sterling is a nightmare for opposition defences, he was an absolute joke against Celtic. Man City will keep scoring and Sterling will keep racking up points. With KDB now out injured doubling up on Man City is still an option, just treat yourself to an extra 2.1m!

Defoe – We all know Jermaine Defoe is a proven goalscorer and that’s exactly what you’re going to get. The problem is you’re likely to get 14 or 15 goals and nothing else (Aside from BP’s). To add to that, Sunderland are tragic. I just think there’s better options out there in that price bracket, especially in midfield. 115,000 people think otherwise apparently!

Aguero – I don’t really need to tell you what you already know do I? Aguero is amazing, he’s going at a goal per game over the last 12 months and is likely to crack the 30 goal mark if he stays fit. Sounds like a no brainer to me. Don’t go planning without Kun in your squad!

Austin – If you’re after a differential or some spare funds, then Charlie Austin could be your man. I’ve got to see a lot of Saints live this season and they’re a different beast with Austin on the pitch. Sure his finishing isn’t perfect, but he’ll get you goals. I’ve penned him in for 15+ this season and he made a good start on the weekend, getting a goal and assist. He’s also on penalties, there’s great value to be had here. You have my blessing, just remember to stay patient!

Rashford – He’s the most talked about youngster in the Premier League and for good reason. England haven’t had a player like him for years. Before you go rushing Rashford in, I’d be careful. It’s a long season and he will likely get rested at some stage. Mourinho may also see him as a great impact substitute if he can’t quite squeeze him into United’s starting XI. Let’s remember there’s no rush for him. He is a classic goal poacher, but other areas of his game are lacking. He doesn’t create too many chances, which is exactly why he has accrued a paltry 17 points from his impressive 3 goals so far. What I’m saying is… I think there’s better options!


Baines – All was going well for Baines, that was until he pulled his hamstring. Having been ruled out against Palace on Friday and facing a trip to Man City next week, a trade looks on the cards. Coleman is an obvious straight swap. Shame.

Shaw – Is he injured? Is he ill? I’m confused. Things are going from bad to worse for Shaw owners, there’s only so much patience you can show. Surely he’s back this weekend… Maybe. I have no idea. Don’t take a hit for him, but a free trade might be well served here. Valencia another easy straight swap.

De Bruyne – OUCH! KDB continued his stunning form with 2 assists on the weekend, however a hamstring injury has put him out for 4 weeks. Luckily, Sanchez is the biggest no brainer trade of the year! It will be interesting to see how City fare without De Bruyne, it didn’t start well midweek against Celtic…

Hazard – Trading Hazard was (and still is) a huge risk, but things are looking exactly the same as last year. It’s just not happening for Eden, so much so that Conte dragged him after 60 minutes against Arsenal. 10.0 is a lot of cash to be sitting there wasted, especially with Sanchez on fire, a plethora of Liverpool midfielders to pick from, midpricers everywhere… You get the point. Costa looks the most likely Chelsea option and you guys know I’m not a fan of that! I’m not writing Hazard off, I’m just saying trading him to Sanchez last week has me sleeping comfortably. It’s a tough one, but I think there are better scorers than Hazard this season.

Lamela – Yeah, look. No matter how you dress it up, put glitter on it and make it smell all pretty… It’s still Erik Lamela. A Spurs teammate is stealing all the thunder and it’s well deserved! I’m going to presume everyone has jumped ship already!

Kante – He’s down to 4.8 and dropping… Apparently a fifth of the competition just discovered Kante is a defensive mid!

Iheanacho – Aguero to Iheanacho was a genius move, and a straight swap back to Kun makes complete sense. Huge congratulations to anyone who pulled that move off! He’ll be a star one day, but not quite yet… He’s still 19 remember!

Gray – As what expected, Andre Gray has been hit with a ban following his twitter fiasco came to light a few weeks ago. 4 weeks may be harsh but in my opinion it’s well deserved. What year is it again? You just can’t say those things (especially in public) even if you’re not a professional footballer! Keep an eye on his price once he returns, I’m sensing a cheeky bargain in a months time!

Ibrahimovic – Make no mistake, Ibrahimovic’s fall has had nothing to do with his form. At least it shouldn’t have been. However with Sanchez and Aguero looking deadly, justifying Ibra’s price tag is becoming harder and harder. It also may have something to do with the fact he was selected by 65% of teams… He’s clearly your best Man United coverage so if that’s what you’re after then I’d stick with him. Remember he’s still owned by over half the comp!!! Zlatan could make or break a lot of managers seasons, including mine.

Player of the Week


Son – Wow. Anyone following football in Australia would be a little less surprised than others by Son’s sudden rise to fame. He was simply brilliant in the Asian cup a couple of years ago and nearly won it single handedly for  South Korea. He has had to be patient at Spurs but it looks at though his big chance has arrived. In just 3 Premier League starts this season he already has 4 goals and 1 assist (Plus another goal in the Champions League), but it’s the underlying stats that are just as impressive. Sandwiched in between his 19 and 16 point hauls, he blanked. What did he manage in this game? SEVEN shots, 5 key passes and 6 accurate crosses… In fact during his past 4 full games he has contributed 21 shots and 14 key passes. All the indicators are ticking boxes. His ICT index also indicates his stunning form is no fluke, already registering an ICT score of 56. FYI Sanchez leads the way with 69.2, from 3 more games… It may be time to get on board the rising Son.

That’s it from us this week, good luck everyone! With an international break on the horizon let’s hope for some entertainment this weekend to keep us happy!

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  1. EmGee

    Thanks Matt! I remember watching Son in action against Stoke and was telling my workmates to watch this space. He was literally involved in EVERYTHING that Spurs did in an attacking sense, and boy can he whip in a corner with some heat on it! It’s a pity I didn’t take my own advice at that stage as I havent been able to shuffle my team and get him in. The fixtures are obviously the worry for him in the next few but his form has been remarkable, just when it looked like Spurs couldn’t buy a goal between Eriksen, Alli, Kane and Janssen.

    Slightly off topic for this thread (apologies) but I was looking at bringing in Monreal this week for some “cheap” Arsenal defensive coverage. He hasn’t got a whole lot of discussion this season but surely he’s a better option than Koscielny (injury prone) and Bellerin (too pricey) with only Gibbs “threatening” his spot. The only worry for me is that the trend on his price seems to be heading backwards? Is there something I have missed?

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