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 FPL writers tend to prescribe ideas writer @liambednarski is taking a gestalt approach opening the door to the inner workings of his team.

FPL is full of people advising on strategies, transfers and starting line ups each week. It certainly has its advantages particularly for the ego of the writer but it doesn’t help with the complex situations we face within the game.

You would be hard pressed to find two people who have the exact same team let alone make the same transfer decisions. FPL is an individual game yet you are also competing against everyone else. For those that have ever graced the humble greens of a golf course you would be able to relate. You beat yourself up with every poor putt or transfer. A wild drive off the tee or an eight point hit gone wrong.

Essentially you are competing against yourself so my words of wisdom are

‘Go with your gut’

Remember that everybody makes mistakes and that there are few true experts of the game of football. Especially those with a fantasy football swing on things.

The Writers Side – GW6 Review

It was a strong enough return of 59 points in GW6 after failing to bring in a Liverpool midfielder. A decent rank of 360,932 has been achieved after 6GW with errors regarding strikers (Ibrahimovic, Lukaku & Aguero) being the most obvious so far this season.

Tom Heaton (4.6) rewarded me and my profiteering on Ben Foster (4.7) with a clean sheet against a vibrant yet misfiring Watford. He has taken himself to the top of the goalkeeper rankings, hats off to you Tom.

The bandwagon of the season Raheem Sterling (8.6) continued his rich vain of form with a late strike to keep his points ticking over.

Alexis Sanchez (11.2) provided the surprise of the week single handily demolishing Chelsea with a 14 point haul. The captains arm band was taken away from him late in the piece almost as late as Christain Benteke’s (7.6) goal to save my blushes.

Rondon (6.6) rounded out the team with a goal whilst defenders across the league need to sit back and have a good hard look at themselves with a low number of clean sheets crushing defensive points this season.

GW6 59 Points

GW6 59 Points

The Writers Side – GW7 Transfer Thoughts

 After the rushed trade of Cazorla (7.7) to Antonio (7.3) in GW6. I was left with decaying assets elsewhere in the eyes of the market. Both Edin Hazard (9.9) and Zlatan Ibrahimovic (11.5) suffered massive drops in price in a short space of time.

Both have favourable fixtures ahead with Hazard (9.9) travelling to Hull City looking to get his season back on track whilst Ibrahimovic (11.5) hosts a Stoke City side in free-fall.

Having chased points last week with Antonio whilst missing the return of Aguero my team is left in a delicate position. Do I stick or twist?

Stick is the order of the day my general motto is to not chase points and I trust my judgment over the market. Both of my players face favourable fixtures whilst Aguero has an interesting road trip to Tottenham.

Rondon (6.6) is on notice with the last of his favourable fixtures away to a rather poor Sunderland team. I hope his last fixture with the All Star Gunners is one to remember.

The Writers Side – Final Decision GW7

With defenders being such an issue this season the GW7 transfer is not an easy one. Both Luke Shaw (5.5) and Leighton Baines (5.6) are unlikely to appear whilst Johnny Evans entertains his last favourable fixture for some time.

This decision is set to take me right up to the deadline with Holebas (4.5) the left back from Watford in the box seat to join my side for Luke Shaw (5.5) freeing up some much needed cash for the tough decision ahead next weekend.

The other players in the mix are Joel Matip (5.4), Clyne (5.5) and Lovern (4.9) of Liverpool as they face favourable fixtures, again for the injury prone Luke Shaw (5.5).

Alternatively Johnny Evans (4.5) could make way in a straight swap for Holebas (4.5)

GW7 Situation

0.3 Cash in Bank 

2 Free transfers 

1 Selection headache

GW7 Team Pre Transfer

GW7 Team Pre Transfer


7 comments on “The Writers Side GW7

  1. Lachie

    Have Baines and Shaw and no Free transfers. Feel I’m better off just saving the 4 points and holding both, playing Shaw on field and Amat covering if required. Thoughts?

    • Liam Post Author

      I agree with that decision, negative four points on defenders is unnecessary as they need to get a clean sheet to ‘break even’.

  2. Steven

    thoughts on this trade. ozil> sanchez, shaw>lenihan & jakupovic> grant for a -4 points hit. it would mean pickford is a perma-keeper and lenihan obviously a throwaway 5th def…

      • Liam Post Author

        I think you might be a little light at the back, given the low amount of clean sheets this season perhaps you can push your luck in that department.

        I would start Pickford with confidence.

        Sanchez is an interesting one if his role changes and his no longer the striker he may lose his ‘must have’ status.

        Remember to go with your gut.

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