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The international break is over, and Premier League is back! After being unable to post last weeks edition there is a lot to cover in this weeks stock market! Let’s get straight into it…

On the Rise


Stekelenberg – If anyone didn’t get a chance to see Stekelenberg’s performance on the weekend, I’d strongly suggest you go and take a look at the highlights from Everton’s draw with Man City. He was sensational in between the sticks, not only making 2 penalty saves but also making a string of brilliant stops, one notable save off De Bruyne still stuns me. He certainly deserved the 17 point haul, however that’s not going to be a regular occurrence. Everton’s fixtures are starting to take a turn for the worse so I’d be cautious with this trade.

Pickford – Due to Jakupovic dropping to the bench, Pickford is now the only 4.0 keeper likely to get consistent starts in the long term. He’s extremely handy bench cover and a trade I’d certainly recommend if you have no pressing issues. Don’t expect too many clean sheets from Sunderland however. (Thanks to Shaun for pointing out that there’s another 4.0 keeper currently starting, and he has some decent fixtures ahead… Lee Grant is likely to remain inbetween the sticks at Stoke until Butland returns, making him another alternative.)

Holebas – A goal and maximum bonus points saw Holebas pick up 15 points on the weekend, and considering that he’s a wing back and priced at just 4.5 the interest is understandable. However last weekend saw Watford pick up their first clean sheet of the season. I know it’s tempting seeing as most teams are struggling for clean sheets right now, however I can’t see that lasting. Personally I wouldn’t want to be stuck with Holebas when the top teams get their act together at the back.

Daniels – Charlie Daniels is another attacking defensive (If that makes sense) option to consider, priced at 4.9 thanks to his 3 goal 5 assist season last year. Once again Bournemouth’s lack of clean sheets is a concern, however they have managed to concede just 1 goal in their last 3 home games. If you’re after a rotation option then he fits the bill perfectly, I just think that’s a lot to pay for rotation. It should be noted that Watford and Bournemouth rotate quite nicely, so the previous two options could be a combination worth considering…

Walcott – Walcott was quite superb once again, however it could have been so much more. He took his two goals well but an absolute sitter and a 1 on 1 also went begging during a game in which he could and should have scored 3 or 4. Nevertheless he’s back to his best and in my opinion a no brainer at 7.9m. He has the most shots on target of any midfielder!!! There’s plenty of value in midfield midpricers this season and if I was you I’d be taking full advantage! The midprice forwards are a little less consistent and won’t be as rewarding long term.

Chadli – Chadli’s stats haven’t really stood out from the pack, but his returns are. He has managed 4 goals and 2 assists in 5 games at West Brom, taking a healthy 8 bonus points in that time. He’s clearly West Brom’s biggest threat and with penalty duties in his locker, 6.5 is a price tag that’s hard to resist. I avoided him due to their shocking few fixtures ahead, but early on that’s looking like a mistake. Yet another midfield option!

Stanislas – Remember this bloke? He was a jet at 4.5 for a couple of months last season, before succumbing to injury. It’s safe to say he has put that behind him and now presents himself as a genuine budget option at 5.5. Stanislas has managed 3 goals and 3 assists in just his last 3 starts, including a monstrous 21 point haul on the weekend. I don’t care who you are, with a return like that you’ll get noticed! Owned by under 1% of the competition this guy defines ‘differential’, I certainly won’t try and stop you trading him in… Solid option.

Alli – My radar has well and truly been beaten by Dele Alli’s recent return to form. In fact it’s not even that recent, his last month has been outstanding. He has failed to register attacking points just once since the start of October, including a late goal and maximum bonus points on the weekend. Tottenham are a team in-form and whilst Son has attracted the recent investment, Alli should not be ruled out as an option. Let’s not forget he managed 10 goals and 12 assists in under 2500 minutes last season, an in-form Dele Alli is not someone I would like to be up against in a head-to-head matchup!

Lukaku – I couldn’t believe my eyes when everyone wanted to jump straight off Lukaku as Aguero returned. Following 17 and 12 point hauls, one blank saw over 100,000 managers cut him loose. Lukaku has managed 5 goals, an assist and 47 points in his last 5 outings, averaging 2 bonus points per game. Everton look fantastic under Koeman’s leadership and Lukaku is thriving, he’s locked in my team and going absolutely nowhere! Gun.

Costa – Even has a passionate Costa hater, his form is too good to ignore. His previous lack of bonus points was a concern for me, however 7 goals, 2 assists and 3 maximum bonus point hauls from just 8 games is astounding. He was shut out of the game completely against Arsenal, but that aside he has been unstoppable. 10.2 is still great value, however I’m struggling to find a place in my side for him. The only option is a straight downgrade from Aguero, no thank you. Having said that, 2.8 is a lot of extra value….. Don’t tempt me.

Austin – Get in! I’ll call this a successful scouting mission. Having seen Austin first hand in the European and League cups, I penned him down for a 15 goal season. With 4 goals already to his name since that call, he’s well and truly on target. 6.5 is great value, however the Saints have a treacherous run of fixtures ahead.  They also have a European fixture this Thursday. Proceed with caution…



Foster – Due to West Brom’s horror run of fixtures I had named Foster in the losers, however the fact that he’s the third highest scoring keeper with just 2 clean sheets in 8 games justifies what we say about cheap keepers. There’s not many alternatives outperforming him, so for now he remains a solid option in between the sticks.

Jakupovic – Unfortunately Jakupovic seems to have lost his spot to Marshall, although the 6-1 drubbing on the weekend may change things. With Pickford starting and Jakupovic making his owners a handy 0.1m, it might be time to cash him in and bring in the Sunderland keeper. I’ve made that move with my free trade this week.

Stones – Amazingly Stones has managed an incredibly poor 12 points from 8 games this season. For all the dominance Man City have displayed, all their possession and all their victories, clean sheets haven’t been so easy to come by. 1.5 points per game?!?! So I did the only logical move anyone could make… I’ve traded Stones in this week. It’s only a matter of time before City start picking up clean sheets, and with Southampton (H), West Brom (A), Middlesborough (H), Crystal Palace (A) and Burnley (A) ahead I think the run may start now. Spurs, Arsenal and Chelsea look the best source of clean sheets however you’ll pay through the nose to get them in. I’ll stick by this call!

Antonio – Bilic is showing some serious weaknesses this season, none more so than his treatment of West Ham’s second most likely goal scorer. Antonio is first and foremost a right winger. END OF STORY. Instead he has been moved to right back, moved back onto the wing, moved up front, moved back to the wing, and now moved back to right wing back… What? Just play him on the wing and watch him enjoy a 10-15 goal season… It’s incredibly frustrating as an owner and I’ve had to dump him this week. Until Bilic gets his head on straight it’s hard to justify owning Antonio while playing in defence.

Capoue – Whilst he still remains a threat, I’m quietly fist pumping on the back of Capoue’s few blanks. As good as he has been this season, he has scored his 4 goals from just 7 shots on target. It’s just not sustainable, unless you’re Yaya Toure of course. He has only managed to create 7 chances this season, less than another similar budget alternative. He remains a great pick and a solid rotation option, but a consistent starter? I’m not sure he ever was one… (Guaranteed to now score this week)

Barkley – I missed the mark on this one, Barkley is still plagued by the same inconsistencies that seem to hurt him every season. We do tend to forget that he’s just 22 years old, however this season doesn’t look like it will be the one he puts it all together. After being dropped on the weekend you can’t afford to carry him, definitely trade.

Mahrez – Ranieri is seriously focusing on the Champions League, this time benching Mahrez against Chelsea. Perhaps he was fatigued after travelling over the international break, but it still surprises me. Of course Mahrez volleyed home midweek to maintain Leicester’s 100% European record but he needs to lift in the Premier League. A home clash against Crystal Palace may be his last chance for many… I’d give him this week to perform.

Vardy – Jamie Vardy has now once again become mortal. His plan of head down and try to smash the ball as hard as you can into the net isn’t quite working for him this season, making a mockery of his 10.0 starting price tag. Definitely trade for now… However he is a streaky player and could go on another scoring run this season. Monitor his form.

Ibrahimovic – Lastly it’s the big man who once again finds himself well and truly in the firing line. Zlatan has scored just once since his brace against Southampton on Matchday 2, averaging 3.2 ppg since then. Yes he has been unlucky, however considering Lukaku and Costa’s form, Aguero’s return and Zlatan’s 11.5 price tag it’s not hard to see why people are jumping overboard. In my opinion Ibra is still a great option, however there are also great alternatives for a cheaper price. Put it this way, I’m glad I traded him!

It would be rude not to mention the amount of penalty misses this week, round of applause to Aguero and Benteke for their negative returns, some doubled as captain. This game can suck. De Bruyne didn’t do himself any favours either (Although Stekelenberg had to be at his best to deny him on other occasions).

Player of the Week


Allen – Yes, Joe Allen is the player of the week. Heck he’s the player of the month! Priced at 4.9 having scored just 4 goals in his previous 4 Premier League campaigns, Allen has banged in 4 goals in his last 3 games. The question is can he maintain it? A quick look at the stats suggests he’s a solid alternative to Capoue. Both have registered just 10 shots this season, so I give you the same warning that I did for Capoue. Don’t rely on him scoring consistent points… He blanked in the first 5 gameweeks! However Allen has 11 chances created to his name in comparison to Capoue’s 7, suggesting there’s more of a creative threat to the Stoke midfielder. Allen anchors the Stoke midfield, playing slightly deeper than Capoue. However Allen’s assistant manager has backed him in for a 10 goal season, I do think he’s the better player of the two. At the end of the day 4.9 is back pocket change and if you can squeeze him in as a rotation option then I say go for it! Is he a must have? Most certainly not.

That wraps it up from me on a busy day at the Addicts! Enjoy the reading and good luck this weekend! It has been a couple of diabolical weeks so let’s hope for some better luck in GW9…

5 comments on “Stock Market – GW8

  1. jhking0313

    I disagree with your point on Holebas. Sure Watford won’t get too many clean sheets, but clean sheets are so rare this season (Only tottenham has more than 3 clean sheets so farthis season). Thus I think it’s best to go for a more attacking defender, and with Holebas you have the whole package. He takes most of Watford’s set pieces, and he is playing as a wingback.

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      I see where you’re coming from and we all have different views! I just can’t see that clean sheet drought lasting. He’d have to get some serious attacking returns similar to Van Aanholt to justify it. If you think he can manage that then by all means he’s a bargain!

  2. Hplate

    Re: Capoue vs Allen – Has anybody had a chance to look at the formation changes for Watford and Stoke?

    It seems that Watford for the time being at least have moved into a 4-3-3 and Capoue looks to be playing deeper than where he was playing at the start of the season.
    Meanwhile Joe Allen looks like he’s been bumped into a role just in behind the striker the last couple of matches after starting the season from a deep lying playmaker role. If Allen stays in the 10 role I think it’s a no-brainer to bring him in.

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