Studs Up Skippers GW11

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GW10 was the GW of the heavy hitters: Aguero, Sanchez, Hazard & Lukaku all earned double figures scores. I’ll keep trusting them this week. By the way, remember that betting against Aguero is a dangerous game regardless of what you read in the press 🙂

The Top 3

1.        Sergio Aguero

You thought he was dead? He was out of form? Guardiola had issues with him? Hell I even heard rumours that he was gonna leave City for Paris Saint Germain come the winter break. Well there you go: 2 goals and 1 assist later (+1 assist in the game against Barcelona) he’s back to FPL stardom. He’s playing Middlesbrough at home too, so you better find a way to get him back in your team and give him the armband. Saying that he’s leading captain polls would be an understatement

The pros: came back with a bang, great fixture at home, will be the most popular pick by a mile for sure
The cons: you don’t think he’s back for good?

2.     Eden Hazard

So good to see this little guy back to being his incredible self. He’s on fire and filling his role as Chelsea’s chief playmaker. Three goals and 1 assist in the last 3, that’s the record. Playing the Toffees is never easy but I see him doing more damage. Remember though, not captaining Aguero is a huge red arrow risk.

The pros: great form, the chief playmaker for a high scoring team, home fixture
The cons: Not an easy fixture

3.   Philippe Coutinho 

After years of frustrating FPL managers and Liverpool fans with his inconsistency, he finally seems to have found his pace under Klopp. 2 goals and 5 assists in the last 6 games is a pretty good record but he does have his patches of blanks. As always with the Reds, there’s also the question of which midfielder is going to shine the brightest. Playing Watford at home is good but don’t forget Mazzari’s men have been surprisingly solid lately, registering 3 clean sheets in a row. That being said not many defenses can resist Liverpool right now.

The pros: very good form, high scoring team, good fixture at home
The cons: as usual with the Reds: who’s going to shine this time? Watford is pretty solid these days

The punt

Alexis Sanchez

He’s hardly a punt but since he has a derby to play (and a derby is always unpredictable) he’s not making the top 3. He’s the highest scoring player in FPL right now and there’s a reason for me

The pros: midfielder playing as a striker, the top scoring player in FPL
The cons: a derby is unpredictable

Thanks guys. Hope this has helped!

6 comments on “Studs Up Skippers GW11

  1. EmGee

    Cheers Bio. Charlie Austin worth a punt for the risk takers too against Hull who are currently conceding a league high 21 shots per game at home. Can’t go past Kun this week though

    • Bio Eden Hazard

      Yup absolutely. Austin would have been a more fitting punt than Sanchez strictly speaking. I just felt bad not having the Chilean featured given he’s playing at home against struggling Spurs.

  2. Ryan

    Have Chadli and it says he has a knee injury and miss one match. Does anyone know much about his injury? If he is definitely going to only miss one match then I don’t want to trade him out yet

    • EmGee

      Ryan, he had surgery on a minor knee issue and there are a few reports that he may be ready to return next week. WBA play at the end of gameweek 12 so it could be a quick turnaround.

      The statement from the club initially though was that he was in contention to return after the international break. I feel like they won’t rush him back against Burnley so he’ll miss the two weeks barring a miracle post-op turnaround. Hope that’s enough info for you to make a calculated decision

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