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FPL writers tend to prescribe ideas writer @liambednarski is taking a gestalt approach opening the door to the inner workings of his team.

FPL is full of people advising on strategies, transfers and starting line ups each week. It certainly has its advantages particularly for the ego of the writer but it doesn’t help with the complex situations we face within the game.

You would be hard pressed to find two people who have the exact same team let alone make the same transfer decisions. FPL is an individual game yet you are also competing against everyone else. For those that have ever graced the humble greens of a golf course you would be able to relate. You beat yourself up with every poor putt or transfer. A wild drive off the tee or an eight point hit gone wrong.

Essentially you are competing against yourself so my words of wisdom are

‘Go with your gut’

Remember that everybody makes mistakes and that there are few true experts of the game of football. Especially those with a fantasy football swing on things.

The Writers Side – GW13 Review

It was a strong haul of 78 points in GW13 with the virtue of patience being rewarded. A tidy rank of 73,709 has been achieved after 13GW with errors regarding strikers (selecting Vardy over Ibrahimovic, avoiding Lukaku, dropping Aguero in GW6, Avoiding Diego Costa, Selecting Bony GW8) being the most obvious so far this season.

The major decision of the week with two free transfers on the table was who to trade amongst a very settled squad. In the end Chris Brunt (4.9) made his way into the side for Johnny Evans (4.5). It was a difficult decision and honestly I forgot about Cedric (4.9) who dually returned an eight point haul.

Although GW13 could have been a disaster with the likes of Alexis Sanchez (11.3) and Sergio Aguero (13.1) on the trade table due to the two free transfers and the pending doubts about both of their roles.

Sanchez was under considerable pressure from Giroud for the central-striking role in the Arsenal side. After his less then energetic showing against Manchester United the previous weekend. Aguero was a doubt with a foot injury obtained in UEFA Champions League action during the middle of the week. With Diego Costa (10.6) in top form and the emergence of Harry Kane (10.9) allowing for reinvestment elsewhere.

In the end the decision to trade Alexis Sanchez (11.3) to Firmino (8.8) for ‘future planning’ was disbanded due to the attractiveness of the match against Bournemouth and the uncertainty surrounding Giroud securing the centre-forward role.This resulted in a welcomed captains haul of 28 points from Sanchez with Aguero recovering from his foot injury as expected to collect an impressive 12 point haul against Burnley.

Not so for former contributor Baysie Toff who unfortunately fell into that particular rabbit trap…

Christian Benteke (7.5) was retained due to the attractive nature of the fixture against Swansea although with the benefit of hindsight a trade to Charlie Austin (6.8) would have been better for team planning this week.


The Writers Side GW13 resulted in 78 Points

Transfer Reviews GW7 to GW13

Gylfi Sigurdsson (7.3) has been a stellar acquisition accumulating 29 points in his 4GW within the writers side with sensational fixtures to come. He was outshot by Jose Holebas (4.8) who accumulated 33 points in his first 4GW within the writers side.

Remaining patient with Eden Hazard (10.3) paid significant dividends within the writers side. His form single handily provided the green arrows between GW8-GW11 with the 4GW spell resulting in an impressive 49 points.

On the other side of that coin Zlatan Ibrahimovic (11.1) was a failure of a transfer with a four point hit in GW9 allowing for Sergio Aguero to return to the side (having missed his GW6 13 point haul against Swansea).

Raheem Sterling (7.9) had to go due to heavy rotation. The Liverpool was midfield far to impressive to not be involved. This saw Philippe Coutinho (8.5) transferred in GW11 instantly returning an 11 point haul.

The worst transfer was Wilfried Bony (7.3) in GW8. He wasn’t quite ready to perform at the highest level again. Charlie Austin (6.8) had been performing with hauls against Swansea, West Ham at the lowly price of 6.4.


The Writers Side Transfers GW7-GW14

The Overall Rank GW7 to GW13

The ‘Writers Side’ is at its high point after a rather successful GW13 sitting in the top 100,000 squads for the first time this season. This on the back of an even more impressive GW10 which featured Wilfried Bony’s (7.3) only haul of the season (13 points) to push towards a GW rank of 18,362.

The failure to acquire Charlie Austin over Wilfried Bony was a minor dent to the overall points tally (15 points). It was a major dent to team value though with the difference at price being 0.9 at the time it would have enabled a secure clash flow for delayed transfers and defensive upgrades. The room for error has well and truly reduced on the back of that mistake.

The Writers Side Overall Rank GW7-GW13

The Writers Side Overall Rank GW7-GW13

The Writers Side – GW14 Transfer Thoughts

After being dropped regarding the speculation of a buy-out clause in his contract Wilfried Bony (7.3) has exited the writers side. Charlie Austin (6.8) has taken the mantle ahead of this mornings price rise to 6.9. Bony does face Burnley at home though which feels like a risky week for him to be making an exit. Given the heavy rotation by Hughes he could well and truly be back in the line up. The cash in bank was desperately required though. Charlie Austin was about to rise and Coutinho’s (8.5) injury is still to be dealt with before this weekends deadline.

Last weeks Johnny Evans (4.5) to Chris Brunt (4.9) resulted in no cash in the bank which is a dangerous strategy in FPL when you are struggling with your team value. Elsewhere I believe Tom Heaton (4.8) will return quickly to the side whilst Jordan Pickford (4.1) remains an able replacement as a shot stopper. Defensively speaking its running on the smell of an oily rag with no room to upgrade Pieters (4.5) at the end of Stoke City’s run of fixtures with Holebas (4.8) form dropping and Amat (4.1) just holding up the fort.

Hojbjerg (4.3) crushed me with a price drop shortly after obtaining his services and looks glued to my bench as squad filler fifth midfielder. It is a position I would love to upgrade on with the likes of Wilfried Zaha (5.4) but my budget is not forgiving this season.

Benteke (7.5) remains the biggest eyesore in my team with his unfortunate finishing not resulting in enough points given the price tag. A move to Jermain Defoe (7.6) looks the most likely although Victor Anichebe (4.6) would free up cash for defensive investment or a viable 5th midfielder.

 The Writers Side – Final Decision GW14

A move that should have been made many weeks ago with Wilfried Bony (7.3) out for Charlie Austin (6.8) ahead of todays price rise. The second transfer is a delicate one with Philippe Coutinho (8.5) sidelined for a significant period of time and strapped by cash options are limited.

Mane (9.2) and Payet (9.2) are off the table due to a lack of cash available with Firmino (8.8) looking the most likely replacement at this stage. It is a straight swap into the Liverpool attack who travel to in my view a Bournemouth team capable of conceding lots of goals to the bigger teams in FPL.

Riyad Mahrez (9.0) has lacked the ability to score in open play this season with three penalties to his name. Double-marked in a lot of games he has been unable to find Jamie Vardy (8.6) at all this season.

Henrikh Mkhitaryan (8.9) shapes as a massive differential for those looking to jump on an early bandwagon. He collected two assist this morning against a full strength West Ham after a strong showing in the Europa League last weekend.

Theo Walcott (7.9) and Pedro (7.3) have a chance although I prefer not to double up on attackers from the same sides. If Giroud does eventually take the mantle of central-striker I will be looking at Walcott to help fund an upgrade to a top striker to support Aguero in the writers side.

Note: For those at don’t own Gylfi Sigurdsson (7.3) he remains the top option to replace Coutinho (8.5). Buy.

The Writers Side GW14

The Writers Side GW14 Pre Coutinho Decision

The Writers Side GW14 Pre Coutinho Decision

0.5 Cash in Bank

1st free transfer used (Bony to Austin) with 2nd free transfer to be used on replacing Coutinho

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4 comments on “The Writers Side GW8-GW13

  1. templetontherat

    Sat Lukaku last week and I am going to take your advice on Coutinho to Sigurdsson. Should I take a -4 to go Lukaku—> Aguero. I already have Sterling in my side.

    • Liam Post Author

      Manchester City are taking on Chelsea in GW14 so I wouldn’t advise a trade of Lukaku to Aguero for -4 this week.

      In my mind it is the two best teams going head to head. Chelsea have been great defensively too.

      That said it’s extremely difficult to predict these matches so ‘go with your gut’.

      Having the spare cash in your side to move Lukaku to Aguero. I am left wondering what you think the other weaknesses are in your squad?

      • templetontherat

        GK: Grant, Pickford
        D: Daniels, Cedric, McAuley, Azpilicueta, Ward
        M: Sterling, Capoue, Coutinho (soon to be Sigurdsson), Sanchez, Maloney
        F: Benteke, Lukaku, Defoe

        I can see waiting a week to get rid of Lukaku because of what you said and I know at some point Grant as to go. I am reasonably happy with the rest of it though my D5 and M5 could be stronger.

        • Liam Post Author

          Sterling is the biggest trade bait within your squad given his rotation lately.

          Grant could be ok as a non playing GK until you really get a chance maybe in a wildcard to upgrade.

          The Aguero trade now would enable you to patch other issues next week certainly not the worst use of four points.

          It’s a delicate balance between current team and future planning as I mentioned above!

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