Studs Up Skippers GW14

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Nothing is certain this year in FPL! Just when you’re thinking Aguero and Sanchez are not worth their price tag, whereas Firmino and Coutinho are pure gold…well…you know what happened. Anyways, better choose your captain wisely.

The Top 3

1.        Harry Kane

Probably his first time in the top 3 this season and he takes the top! His season has been hurt by injury (and probably fatigue from the Euro 2016) but he’s actually had pretty good returns with 5 goals in 8 games, including 3 in the last 3. Spurs form has been average lately but playing Swansea at home is usually good for goals. Indeed, the Swans conceded 11 goals in their last 4 games. The question  is whether or not Harry is finally back to his former self.

The pros: good form (last 3 games), great fixture at home, should be the focal point of Spurs attack
The cons: Spurs form is average, Kane only came back to the team recently

2.     Alexis Sanchez

What have I done…my wise arse move to trade him for Coutinho turned out to be a disaster. He’s still a class player but the issue is that he’s not consistent this season. However when he’s on a good day, he’s pure dynamite. It’s basically 2 points or double figures with him. To be honest, I would have given the second spot to Firmino if he didn’t have that bloody injury scare (due to the inconsistency of the Chilean).

The pros:  class player, midfielder playing as a striker
The cons: inconsistent this season

3.   Sergio Aguero 

What have I done…my wise arse move to trade him for Costa last GW turned out to be a disaster. And with Coutinho’s injury, the extra funds collected are useless! Oh well…  Yes he’s playing one of the best defense in the League (Chelsea) but when he’s in form he’s just unstoppable.

The pros: class player
The cons: very tough fixture

The punt

Roberto Firmino

He’s getting the punt treatment on account of being an injury risk. Keep in mind though that he scored more points when Coutinho wasn’t on the field last year! Mane is a good punt as well too. Or even Origi why not 🙂

The pros: advanced midfielder playing in a high scoring team, good fixture
The cons: injury risk, the Reds have more casualties than Arsenal these days

Thanks guys. Hope this has helped!

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      • Steven Sexton

        I aye aye captained Sanchez last week and for some reason chose Kane this weekend. I am going back to Sanchez next week i reckon now. Still gone from 1M rank to 700k with 71 and a player to come..not all that bad

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