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FPLAddicts has made a major signing with the European Scout joining the ranks to discuss key matches from GW15 alongside FPLAddicts regular @liambednarski.

It is a great pleasure to announce our newest contributor the ‘European Scout’ from the Netherlands. His knowledge of football is a fantastic edition to the site. His a specialist on transfers so stay tuned for his articles throughout January.

Quick note: ‘The Watchlist’ will return in the near future it is a series which I know you really enjoy. I certainly enjoy bring it to you. We are currently working extremely hard behind the scenes. In the mean time I hope you enjoy this article with our fantastic new contributor.

In Review: Manchester United vs Tottenham

Will Harry Kane win the Golden Boot this season?

European Scout: Harry Kane (11.2) has had an excellent couple of seasons. He has scored a respectable seven goals this season having missed five matches through injury. Kane returned from his ankle injury in fine form scoring five goals in five matches to put himself back in the race.

It may be difficult for Kane given that Tottenham has failed to score more then one goal on a number of occasions this season. Janssen has failed to provide the right mixture of attributes to support Kane in his chase for the golden boot. Alexis Sanchez (11.7), Diego Costa (10.9) and Aguero (12.9) are on fire this season. I think this three will decide who will win the golden boot with Kane (11.2) and Ibrahimovic (11.2) as outsiders.

FPLAddicts: His certainly an outsider for the golden boot but he remains the go to option in the short-term with Aguero (12.9) currently suspended with Hull (H) and Burnley (H) in the next two matches. Buy / Hold Short Term

What do you make of Kane’s performance against United?

European Scout: Kane his performance was poor against United, his missed pass led to the goal for United. He wasn’t find in the right position many times, coming from the wing and not playing through the centre (A play style similar to Janssen). It gives Eriksen (8.3) and Son (7.3) lots of space but leaves nobody in front of the goal to score. This is why Kane has troubles in big games at times and fails to make an impact.

FPLAddicts: This is why we consider Kane a short-term asset even with penalties in his locker. Although he has an excellent goal scoring record the Tottenham side is currently unbalanced in the final third.

Who is going to score more goals out of Harry Kane (11.2) or Zlatan Ibrahimovic (11.2) in the remainder of the season?

European Scout: An interesting question because both teams struggle to score goals. Ibrahimovic could have a great connection with Mhkitaryan while he is getting back to his amazing form he had at Dortmund. Kane needs his connection with Dele Alli, Cristian Eriksen and Son to get his goals. Tottenham is creating many chances and there are many players coming in front of the goal this might make it difficult for Kane to score more goals.

FPLAddicts: Zlatan Ibrahimovic (11.2) is not finished as a fantasy asset this season with the January Window fast approaching the giant Swede has time left to leave a lasting impact on our FPL seasons. Monitor.

What are your thoughts on Mhkitaryan (8.9) ?

European Scout: As a Dortmund fan I have seen many great games by Mhkitaryan. I was surprised he was left out by Mourinho. I don’t think Lingard should not be in the XI he does not have the class and creativity that Mkhitaryan has. Unfortunately, Mkhitaryan felt out with what seems quite a serious injury on his ankle after a collision with Danny Rose. Mkhitaryan was great in the game against Spurs and created changes and was a plague for the Tottenham defense.

FPLAddicts: ‘Mhki Watch’ has been a staple this season but for all the wrong reasons. It continues to get worse for the Armenian with a injury robbing us of the talents witness first hand by the European Scout. Avoid.

Will he get United Season back on track?

European Scout: Mhkitaryan could be the key player for Mourinho to get the season back on track. Pogba should step up his game as well to create chances for Mkhitaryan and Martial. Mhkitaryan could change the tide for United but other players should step their game up as well.

FPLAddicts: Pogba (8.2) is yet to excel in a particular role in Mourinho’s side with the injury absenses of Mhkitaryan clearly hurting the sides balance. Expect Mourinho to get the chequebook out in January.

Do you rate either defense?

European Scout: I rate the defense of Spurs higher than the United defense. The return of Bailly could improve the quality of the United defense with Rojo a rather poor defender.

FPLAddicts: Fixtures are looking favourable for both sides but neither side offer the clean sheet security of Chelsea lead by Marcus Alonso (6.3). I suggest spending your money on Chelsea then looking for cheaper options elsewhere.

Liverpool vs West Ham United

Are Liverpool going to keep scoring lots of goals without Coutinho (8.3)?

Coutinho (8.3) is a big loss for Liverpool. He was a delight to watch alongside Firmino and Mane (9.3). It will become more difficult for Liverpool to create goals with the Brazilian out of the side. Although with Origi (6.7), Sturridge (9.7) and Wijnaldum (7.5) able to play up front they have replacements. That said Sturridge (9.7) is severely injury prone and Origi (6.7) is yet to prove his consistency.

During the winter transfer period Liverpool should sign a left back so Milner can come back on the midfield and Wijnaldum (7.5) or Lallana (7.0) could play up front.

FPLAddicts: Lallana (7.0) has been a significant miss alongside Coutinho (8.3) leaving the side fragile with Milner (6.6) OOP at left back instead of in the heart of midfield. Mane (9.3) has stepped up in his team mates absence with Origi (6.7) proving a capable budget option for our forward lines. Strongly Consider.

Will the Liverpool defense improve once new signings Matip & Karius settle?

Matip was a bargain for Liverpool he is simply amazing and has settled well in his first season in the Premier League. A minor mistake against West Ham aside he has been the rock that Liverpool needs at the back.

When Liverpool signed Karius I was delighted, however he is making some major mistakes that has cost Liverpool points. Against Bournemouth and West Ham come to mind. Hopefully he will step up his game and will show what kind of quality kind of keeper he is. That said I don’t like Mignolet who makes major mistakes as well.

FPLAddicts: Joel Matip (5.5) is a real threat from set pieces and an imposing figure in general although his partner in crime Lovern (5.1) often goes down injured leaving him vulnerable. Karius (5.0) is struggling to adjust with the physicality of the Premier League. Avoid.

Thoughts on Divock Origi (6.7)?

Origi is an amazing talent as a winger or a striker he constantly pressures defenders and is dangerous in front of goal. Klopp is the right style of manager for such a player.

FPLAddicts: The youngster is finding some real form in front of goal, occasionally lacking composure. He is a value buy given how many chances his team create. Strongly Consider.

Are West Ham United heading towards regulation?

West Ham is not this bad they have just had bad luck. I personally think that Bilic will turn the tide and West Ham will win three or four games before Christmas. Fixtures include matches against Hull, Swansea and Burnley.

They have an amazing team with good individual players with Payet (9.1) it was a real delight to watch the games of West Ham last season. Now it seems they have a lack of confidence and the defense is lacking somehow. Only Tomkins (5.0) left West Ham United and it should not have such a big impact on the team. A key player is injured as well Kouyate (5.1) who was playing very well last season is expected to makes his return just before Christmas.

FPLAddicts: West Ham were over performed last season and are crashing back to earth after exceptionally poor recruiting. The talismanic talents of Payet (9.1) and the athletic abilities of Antonio (6.7) can not be denied with favourable fixtures ahead. Just steer clear of that defence. Monitor.

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